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Our score: 9.6

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"Of all the providers we've tested, NordVPN is the one that gives you the best value for money"

"Of all the providers we've tested, NordVPN is the one that gives you the best value for money"


  • 9.6

    • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
    • Customer Support: 24/7
    • No Log Policy: Yes
    • Servers: 5342 in 58 countries
    • Works On: All platforms
    • Lowest Price: $2.99

    NordVPN is one of many VPN services in a market that is overflowing with alternatives. In the last 5 years alone, the market has completely exploded, and most of us has come to the fact that a simple anti-virus program is not enough in the battle to keep us safe.

    This is not far from the initial intention of VPN services – which was to secure transactions for businesses. NordVPN has grown out of the company market and is today one of the most respected providers of VPN services. This is why this company deserves a thorough review!

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    NordVPN is a VPN service that was launched back in 2012. The planning of it started back in 2008, when four childhood friends set a goal to free the internet. They had had enough with the internet being closed off in authoritarian governments and that geo blockings and other limitations were put into action.

    NordVPN has servers all around the world. Here is the main menu.

    To this day, NordVPN is still doing what they started with, which was to free the internet. However, it should be underlined that the use of VPN back in the day was mostly reserved for businesses who wanted to make secure transactions. In the later years however, private individuals who wants a well-protected privacy online has dominated the business.

    NordVPN has been a central actor of this growth. Where many actors within the VPN business has come and gone, NordVPN has been a central and steady actor. There are many reasons for this, but their ability to keep their current customers happy, but also innovate to attract new customers are both important factors.

    The homepage of NordVPN

    Today, NordVPN offers their VPN services to computers, tablets, phones and gaming consoles. With their service you can hide your original IP-address, and then log in to a server with a different IP-address. This gives you a lot of benefits which we will talk more about later.

    In this review, we will look at aspects such as anonymity, security, number of servers, speed, stability, user friendliness and customer service. We will also look at how NordVPN handles providing Netflix overseas as well as TV.

    In the end we will look at a few advanced functions that gives those with special interests a closer look at NordVPN. In the end, you as a reader will be left with a sense of whether or not NordVPN is a service that can meet your needs. Keep on reading to see why NordVPN can be the right choice for you!

    Anonymity and security

    The basis of why VPN has grown so much the last few years is anonymity. Many might think that people want to be anonymous online to do criminal acts without a trace. This is a very narrow sight on the situation. Most people who uses services such as NordVPN are law abiding citizens.


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    It is actually legal to use VPN, and this is particularly useful in terms of anonymity. NordVPN hides your IP-address in the same way as other VPN services, but it is their non-logging conditions that are the best. This is a problem with some services, and if the services log your activity, there is no point with a VPN at all.

    Since NordVPN is currently based in Panama, they have the opportunity to bypass jurisdictions from the EU and the US, problems that other VPN-services in these regions face. NordVPN places strict requirements on anonymity and they promise in their terms that none of your activity will be logged, sent or sold to other parties.

    NordVPN has a very effective kill switch.

    Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that NordVPN also offers popular functions such as double encryption and Kill Switch. The former sends you through to different servers, so you are kept total anonymous. The second disconnects you in case the VPN service fails, so your original IP-address is not shared.

    The security is top notch here, especially with the double encryption. NordVPN has 256-bit encryption, a grade of encryption that is getting more popular among the leading actors within the business. Actually, this is the same degree of encryption that the American army uses for their documents.

    The whole point of a VPN is to keep you anonymous and secure, and this is why it´s nice to see that NordVPN is dedicated to this. Too many services want to make money selling information revolving activity and few makes security an important aspect. With NordVPN however, you are always secured.

    Selection of servers

    There is a massive selection of servers to route your traffic through at NordVPN. In total, NordVPN has about 6,000 different servers in each continent, except Antarctica! The servers are spread over a little over 60 countries, but these numbers are increasing steadily.

    First and foremost, it should be mentioned that the large selection of servers, even in the smallest countries, provides a fast and worry-free connection. You shouldn’t have to look long for servers at NordVPN, as these come in a huge variety. Choose from country-based lists, then cities. NordVPN also provides you with other useful information about the servers.

    NordVPN has servers all over the world.

    NordVPN gives you some of the best conditions for removing geo-blocks as well. We will go into more detail on both Netflix and TV abroad later in this review, but if you want other content that is geo blocked, then you are almost completely guaranteed to see this.

    Should you be from another country outside the EU, where you in no way see the content due to geo-blocking, a VPN can help you with access. By routing traffic through a server in the respective country, NordVPN allows you to open up the part of the internet that is closed to so many.

    Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that the selection of servers has a great effect on both the speed and stability of the servers. In fact, the more servers that are offered, the better each server will be when they are not overcrowded. NordVPN stands out in particular for speed and stability.

    Speed and stability

    Any VPN service will lose some speed. This is unavoidable in the degree that your traffic is routed through a server where the speed is reduced. What makes a VPN service good, like NordVPN is that they minimize the loss of speed so it´s not even noticeable for you.

    It is probably most important with good speed if you are streaming tv-shows and movies in HD: NordVPN has no trouble with this, and the service delivers one of the best options with good speed. You don´t even notice that the speed has been reduced.

    Speed is also important with gaming etc. If you are getting a VPN service, you shouldn´t have to make a lot of compromises to get the quality you are after. NordVPN gives you the speed you need, but with all the possibilities a VPN provides.

    Stability is almost as important, even if NordVPN has the Kill Switch, which protects your original IP-address if NordVPN stops working, NordVPN has always delivered stabile access for their users. Stability is one of NordVPN´s biggest strengths.

    Before you choose which servers to connect to, you can look at the stability and speed for that exact server. If you look at these numbers, NordVPN is most definitely amongst the best services in the business. This is an important factor with the service, as is little point of a VPN if it doesn´t work in a good way! 

    Pricing and trial period

    NordVPN offers 4 different plans to its users. Here, just like any other VPN service, it pays off to choose longer subscriptions. NordVPN, on the other hand, stands out in that they give their users as many as 4 different options, one of which counts for a full 3 year-subscription.

    All prices at NordVPN are in US dollars. If you order a monthly subscription, the price comes to just under $10, which is relatively expensive, but this is common when choosing short subscriptions. On the other hand, a one-year subscription is greatly reduced to around $6 a month, a discount of 41% from the original price of a monthly subscription.

    NordVPN comes with some pretty slick deals.

    It is only at the 2- and 3-year plans that one can really save money. If you choose a 2-year subscription, NordVPN costs just over $3 a month, while for a 3-year subscription it costs just over $2. At the latter, you get a 75% discount from the original monthly price.

    Despite the fact that NordVPN is considered one of the very best in the industry, with this monthly price of the 3-year subscription they are also among the cheapest. After all, you get full anonymity, a wide range of servers, good speeds, and much more for under $1 a day. There is a price that it is hard to argue against that is really good!

    NordVPN also joins the range of VPN services that give its users a money-back guarantee. At NordVPN, this guarantee today counts for 30 days, so if you are not satisfied with the service, you can ask for your money back within this period.

    In practice, the trial period means that you can get NordVPN free for 30 days as you can ask for the money back. Beyond this period, however, it pays to continue with NordVPN rather than finding a free service, but it is good to have this trial period.

    User friendliness and customer service

    NordVPN offers their content in a range of languages.  The user friendliness is quite good. A lot of this is due to the fact that NordVPN is a simple program to navigate. The organization is good, and beginners can connect to an IP-address without having to go through the advanced functions. NordVPN actually offers a one-click alternative to connections.

    Furthermore, the slightly more advanced features are actually relatively easy to get to and to use, as NordVPN has both good help articles and good customer service. FAQ, an overview of frequently asked questions with answers, as well as customer service over live chat, email, and phone, is also very good here.

    Customer service here is available in several languages, so you don’t have to worry about advanced terminology in English. You will also be quickly answered, and by trained, professional representatives who are experienced with the type of questions you are most likely to have.

    On the whole, it should be emphasized that the experience of NordVPN is generally very good from the download to the software until you surf through their VPN. Connecting to a new IP address is simple and requires only one click, which is why this is a VPN service that is a good alternative even for beginners.

    NordVPN for Netflix

    An important aspect for many with a VPN is that it should be able to remove the geo blockings that streaming services have. Since Netflix picks up on your IP-address, a VPN should be able to pass their geo blockings. However, Netflix is picking a fight with the VPN services and many of their IP-addresses has been blocked.

    NordVPN usually works with Netflix

    NordVPN is one of the few services that seems to guarantee access to for example American Netflix every single time. Since American Netflix has such a large selection, it is of great value to international users. It is also worth mentioning that Netflix also offers a lot of unique content in other countries as well. For example, the show The Big Bang Theory was for many years only available on Belgian Netflix.

    Note that you still have to pay for a Netflix subscription, but a whole new world of content is opened when you remove the geo blockings with NordVPN. You can even register with services that are not yet released in your country.

    Watch TV overseas with NordVPN

    Sometimes, what is more important than accessing international content is being able to access content from your home country when abroad. NordVPN gives you the possibility to do this through their servers. This is also relevant to other content. Newspapers for example, are available, but videos may be geo blocked.

    NordVPN is therefore a perfect service that gives the opportunity to watch TV from your home country abroad.  You will always have access to content from your home country through NordVPN if you are on holiday or if you work or study overseas.

    Advanced functions

    For those who are particularly interested, NordVPN also offers advanced features if you want an extra layer of security, among other things. These are features that are also included in the subscriptions, so that they do not cost anything extra. However, they must be activated on their own.

    For example, NordVPN offers so-called Onion Over VPN servers. The Onion Router, or TOR as most people call it, is a program popular to use for surfing the dark web. Onion Over VPN servers give you all the benefits of TOR combined with all the benefits of driving traffic through a VPN tunnel.

    Dual VPN, or dual encryption as we mentioned earlier in this review, is also a special feature that NordVPN offers. This feature allows you to use two servers to route your traffic. So, your traffic is sent to a server first to be anonymized and encrypted, before it is passed through the exact same process again before the target.

    NordVPN comes with many advanced functions. Here is some of them.

    Furthermore, it is worth mentioning to those who share a lot of files online that NordVPN offers servers that are specially optimized for P2P technology. This is the most widely used technology for sharing files online, and NordVPN has optimized its servers to handle the speeds and stability required by this particular process.

    The very best feature of NordVPN, on the other hand, is their dedicated servers. In practice, a dedicated server is an IP address inside a VPN that is only to be used by you. This means that you are always guaranteed a perfect connection, and uptime and speeds will never be a problem.

    This type of service is something rare to see in the market, and only the very best offer great deals here. Note that it does cost close to $60 per year, but if you want completely private traffic on your own and need a dedicated IP address, this can definitely be worth it.

    NordVPN offers many exciting advanced features at all, and these are also easy to use. Few of these are delivered by other players at the top, and in fact many of these are also targeted at Norwegians specifically. NordVPN gives you some of the best advanced features in the market, so the service is also suitable for those who require a bit more of a VPN!


    NordVPN, that came of the market back in 2012 has since their launching been viewed as one of the most popular VPN services. There are many reasons for this, but in general NordVPN scores high on pretty much every factor.

    Amongst other things, NordVPN offers the most servers on the market. This secures good speed and stability which is important when you want to watch Netflix or TV from your home country.

    Security and anonymity are also great with NordVPN. The services deliver 256-bit encryption amongst other things, which is the same level as the American army. Furthermore, your privacy is secured as Panama, NordVPN´s home country, is outside of EU and US jurisdiction.

    For around $2, if you choose a 3-year subscription, you can get NordVPN´s services delivered daily. For under $0.1 a day you can get all the functions mentioned above, including the advanced functions. The price and range of functions are hard to match, which is why we recommend NordVPN greatly!

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    "Of all the providers we've tested, NordVPN is the one that gives you the best value for money"

    "Of all the providers we've tested, NordVPN is the one that gives you the best value for money"


  • 9.6