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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

1.1 This website is operated by Compado GmbH.

Company information:
Compado GmbH
Uhlandstraße 171-172
10719 Berlin

1.2 We do our best to keep the privacy of our website users safe.

1.3 This policy applies to where we are acting as controller or processor of personal data.

2. We may use cookies on this website. Read more about this in our cookies policy.

3. Usage of personal data

3.1 We may possess personal data when a user sends a message through the website contact forms. We are then in possession of the information given in the message. We will delete the information that we have received through contact forms within 45 days.

4. Sharing your personal data with others

4.1 We will not share your personal data with anyone.

5. Storing your personal data

5.1 We will store your personal data with password protection at secure servers.

5.2 Sending information over the internet is not 100% secure. The hacking of data can occur.

6. Links to Third Party Properties.

6.1 This website links to third-party websites. In some cases, we are affiliated with these third parties. Data associated with clicking on the links of these third-party properties, as well as any personal information you provide to such properties, is provided to the third party and not this website. We have no influence or control over these third-party websites and their privacy policy. You are advised to read their privacy policy and terms of use.

7. Access and deletion

7.1 If you would like to review or delete any personal information that we may have about you, please contact us. Processing your request may take up to 20 days.

7.2 For identification you will be asked to provide a photocopy of your passport to prove your identity.