CyberGhost Review

“CyberGhost is a strong VPN provider that delivers a solid product at a reasonable price”.





CyberGhost is one of the business´ best VPN services. Today, they are serving more than 30 million users all over the world who wants anonymity, secure browsing and last but not least access to everything on the internet. CyberGhost is taking part in growing a market that has already grown a lot just in the last few years.

Privacy has never been more in the spotlight, and security considering the latest cyber-attacks is also important. Furthermore, the growth of streaming services has led illegal downloads to decrease in popularity and people want to remove geo blockings for streaming. In this review we will explain how CyberGhost can help with all of this.

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CyberGhost was founded in Romania back in 2011. That makes CyberGhost not a new nor an old actor. In other word, CyberGhost is somewhere in the middle, which suits them well. They are a service that has good experience from the market, but also contributes with innovation.  

CyberGhosts home page

Censorship is CyberGhost´s largest enemy and they fight for what they call the human right of access to all of the internet. With 70 professional employees, CyberGhost delivers a complete alternative for a VPN service. From developers to customer service representatives, CyberGhost works around the clock to deliver.

This work deserves a closer look, and this is exactly what we will do in this review. We will look closer at CyberGhost´s relations to anonymity, security, number of servers, speed, stability, pricing, user friendliness and customer service.

We will also answer whether or not CyberGhost gives their users access to American Netflix and how well they can deliver international TV. All in all, we will share all the important aspects of CyberGhost, so you can decide if this service fills your needs.

Anonymity and security

Romania joined the EU back in 2007 and in this case CyberGhost is a part of EU jurisdiction on data storage. However, CyberGhost say they do not do any kind of data logging and since no users has reported any incidents there is no reason not to believe in this.  

CyberGhost promise full anonymity through so-called double-encryption where your traffic is routed through two servers before it reaches its goal. In this way you can browse without worry, which is the goal when using a VPN online.  

CyberGhost has a strict no logs policy

When no one can hide your IP-address this also includes the government in a variety of countries as well as third parties. Hiding your IP-address through a VPN tunnel makes the information you send back and forth kept inn this tunnel. Sometimes security measures have to be done.



  • No logs policy
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Apps for mobile devices and routers


  • No free option

This is why CyberGhost offers their users 256-bit encryption. As you have probably read before, this is the encryption grade that the American army uses. There should therefore be no doubt that CyberGhost technology keeps you safe.  

The combination of anonymity and security is very important, as this is the foundation behind a VPN. It is however also important because CyberGhost should keep you at peace while you do what you want. This makes CyberGhost an excellent way to remove all worries when it comes to your browsing.

Selection of servers

A large selection of servers is a different criterion when it comes to choosing a VPN. This is because you don´t want a VPN that not only worries about anonymity and security, but also one that has good access of removing geo blockings.

That is why there is probably good news that CyberGhost is at the top of the game when it comes to a selection of servers. Today the service offers over 4000 servers in 60 different countries spread over all continents.

CyberGhost has servers all over the world

Most VPN services contain servers from all continents, but not all can brag about the number CyberGhost offer. With 60 countries you are guaranteed to find more than just the US, United Kingdom, Germany and Norway. If you look for a certain TV-show that is only aired in one country, you can find a server to connect there.

CyberGhost helps you overcome most geo blockings. With such a large selection of servers you can open blocked content on YouTube, such as the Champions League finale that is aired for free in the UK every year.  

If you for example struggle with a blocking of Facebook and YouTube at work, you can connect to any servers you want and open the opportunity you are looking for.

Short and sweet, CyberGhost offers many good servers. This also has a big effect on the next point, speed and stability of their services.

Speed and stability

If you are going to use a VPN, a lot of factors have to fall into place. You should be untraceable and anonymous, and you need a selection of servers big enough so you can connect to any country you want. There are however extra factors that provide for a better experience.

Very few want to compromise just to use a VPN. Speed and stability are two factors that are essential for a good experience, if you are just browsing, streaming a show in HD or maybe play a game that requires quite a lot of data.

CyberGhost is one of the VPN services who invest a lot into technology so that as little speed as possible is lost when your traffic is routed through an additional server. It is possible to avoid this, but CyberGhost is a service who minimizes this as much as possible.

Especially speed is important because this involves whether or not you will experience lagging. When choosing a VPN, services such as CyberGhost should be an absolute priority if your aim is to stream or game through VPN.

Stability is also an important factor that cannot be avoided in this review. Even if most VPN services offer good stability and you rarely lose connection to a server, it is still an important thing to mention with CyberGhost – they have quality servers that always keep you connected to a VPN.  

Pricing and trial period

Where all VPN is quite cheap compared to the value, they give you as a consumer, price is still a good way to separate two equal actors. CyberGhost is definitely a favorite for many as they have reasonable and low pricing that makes their service worth it.

CyberGhost splits their subscriptions in to 4 different options. They offer 1-month, 1-year, 2-year and 3-year subscriptions. The latter is also only offered by NordVPN. Since longer subscriptions always have better prices, CyberGhost joins the group of the cheapest on the market with their 3-year subscription.

CyberGhost offer some pretty slick prices

For 1 month, the price is just over $10 a month, but this is just for that one month. If you choose a 1-year subscription, the price drops to $5 per month. For 2 years the price drops further, and it will only cost you $3 per month for a subscription.  

If you choose to register for a full three years, you get the price down to $2.50 per month. This means that with a 2- or 3-year subscription, CyberGhost will cost you less than $0.1 per day. This is a price that few other services can match.

Furthermore, CyberGhost offers a money-back guarantee. It is standard to give a 30-day money-back guarantee, but CyberGhost offers 45 days. That means you can use the service for free for 45 days and then ask for a refund.

User friendliness and customer service

A reasonably priced quality service with many servers is useful to have. But if it´s not user friendly for all people, beginners to experts, this is no use. CyberGhost has chosen to make their servers one of the easiest to use on the market, so even those who don´t know the difference between an IP-address and a server can benefit from the service.

CyberGhost delivers from the first moment you see it, which is their web sites that has a very easy setup. It won´t take you long to understand what they offer and as soon as you start the program, you understand what they can offer you, especially if you are a beginner with low understanding of how a VPN works.  

If you should need help, CyberGhost has the largest help selection in all of the VPN business. They have a massive data base that offers guides on using CyberGhost on all units and their respective operative systems, as there are tiny differences.

You should also note that CyberGhost has a bunch of help articles. Customer Service is also important for CyberGhost as one of the leading services and they live up to their reputation by providing help through live chat, phone and e-mail. As a whole, Customer service is a discipline CyberGhost knows well.

CyberGhost for Netflix

If you look beyond the aspects mentioned above, there are some other reasons why someone would choose one VPN service over another. One of the many reasons why someone would choose a VPN service is to avoid the geo blockings that Netflix has, because this service has blacklisted a lot of IP-addresses coming from VPNs.

CyberGhost has many US servers that you can use with Netflix

CyberGhost is one of the VPN services that repeatedly gets access past Netflix´ «shield» against IP-addresses from VPNs. They really deliver on their promise of giving everyone access to American Netflix, that has the most content.  

This is not only limited to American Netflix, as CyberGhost is known to get past geo blockings in any country. A good tip is to look for which country Netflix drops certain series, so you can use CyberGhost´s large selection of servers to connect to this country and get access to the content.

Watch international TV overseas with CyberGhost

Watching TV from our home country is something we desire when we are overseas. As soon as we go on holiday or move abroad, we realize how much we miss it. CyberGhost can help you as they offer good servers in most countries. Streaming services, but also videos from newspapers or on YouTube may have geo blockings. With CyberGhost you are always certain you can get past the geo blockings, no matter what it is that is blocked.

Advanced functions

The first advanced function worth mentioning at CyberGhost is that you can get a dedicated IP. This will cost you $4/month on top of your subscription, but it may be worth it if you are looking for something like this. Not all services offer this, so CyberGhost is quite unique on this aspect.

CyberGhost blocks both commercials and dangerous malware for you. There are many add-ons to Web Browsers that offers this, so the function is not that unique. It is more so the way CyberGhost deliver this service that is unique. CyberGhost lets most of the job being done on their side of the table, so that this process doesn´t slow your speed down.  

Furthermore, CyberGhost offers a function that removes cookies completely. Some cookies may be helpful, such as a web site that remembers your passwords or language, but the majority of these are just surveillance hidden under a statement that it is supposed to customize your experience online.

Last but not least it is worth mentioning that CyberGhost lets you choose between protocols such as OpenVPN, IPSec, and PPTP. If you want more advanced settings, it is possible to look at this closer in the app by yourself, as CyberGhost lets you customize pretty much anything you could want.


CyberGhost is a real contender to services such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN. The service that was founded in Romania back in 2011 has over 30 million users worldwide today. A lot of the foundation of their growth comes from their work on keeping their user´s privacy.

Their many servers give the users good flexibility. With over 4000 servers in over 60 countries, you can get access to all the content you could want. American Netflix, international TV – you name it!

Based on factors such as anonymity, security number of servers, speed, stability, pricing, user friendliness and customer service, CyberGhost looks like one of the most solid alternatives in the VPN business today! 


“CyberGhost is a strong VPN provider that delivers a solid product at a reasonable price”.