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At TechShielder, we take pride in creating honest and impartial content for you. We will not persuade or coerce you to favor any product or service. We present our views objectively to help you make informed choices if you eventually decide to choose any of the services listed on our site.


Our team of technical writers, reviewers, editors, and resource persons are well-schooled in the area of cybersecurity and online privacy. You can rest assured that we know and thoroughly understand the facts presented to you. We have years of tech-related expertise and are eager to share this knowledge with you.


Our goal is to bring you information on services and new products that grace the technological world. Our radar is cybersecurity-related products and services. Our choice is to serve you unreservedly and bring you the utmost satisfaction. We go the extra mile to ensure that we meet your needs, always!

Our experts

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Haakon Hess is a programmer extraordinaire. His dedication to work at Techshielder makes him an excellent fit for the team. Haakon brings his knowledge about making our programs and website work to play and executes ideas excellently with other members of the technical team. In addition, he has vast experience in coding, preventing security breaches, and ensuring the smooth functioning of Techshielder.
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Mats Rossing is our technical programmer at Techshielder. His passion for technology and expertise in programming is a unique trait we can’t resist. Mats enjoys what he does, like he has programming encoded in his DNA. He ensures that our websites and programs are bug-free and has an expert touch in analyzing and flushing out security flaws for the smooth running of tech-related programs at Techshielder.
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Lasse Walstad is a versatile online entrepreneur and co-founder of Techshielder. His keen interests in many industries have spurred him to start numerous online businesses that have made him relevant in the digital world. Lasse is an investor and promoter of everything you need to know about staying private online. His interest in the world of online privacy kick-started his research in cybersecurity which helped birth Techshielder today.
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Cuong Do Dai is the man of the people at Techshielder. His background as a sales manager and head of relations, makes him the perfect manager for our PR department at Techshielder. Cuong also firmly serves as Chief of Staff at Techshielder. His sense of judgement and understanding of his responsibility qualify him to be in charge of key interviews with security experts.

About us

Technology is all around us; there’s hardly anything you do today without the aid of technology. Even more, we cannot mention technology today without talking about the internet. The internet has largely boosted many tremendous technological advancements. Unfortunately, despite its many benefits, there is one main challenge that web users have yet to fully conquer — The issue of Cyber Safety.

This is what TechShielder aims to address.

TechShielder was created to bring easy-to-understand information about technology and cybersafety to the world. It is becoming glaring that internet users are no longer safe in cyberspace. Cybercriminals, agencies, the government, and many other unauthorized persons actively seek to access your online information for selfish or criminal purposes, leaving you at risk.

But that’s not you anymore. TechShielder seeks to remove you from this risk.

At TechShielder, we provide you with information about online security products and services that will serve as protection against the barrage of cybercriminal activities and other snooping bodies looking to use your information illegally.

Our goal is to guide you through the process of staying safe online while also introducing you to new concepts about cyberspace in plain terms. Over the years, we have created numerous topics and articles that address your technological pain-points. These articles are easily comprehensible and based on tests and experiments that we have carried out to ensure the utmost accuracy.

The VPN industry is our primary focus; however, we also discuss other topics, including antivirus, suspicious third-party sites, password managers, online anonymity, and lots more. Our reviews are in-depth and expertly analyzed, touching on various aspects of cybersecurity news, products, and services. 

Our knowledgeable team is passionate about technology and wants to share this knowledge with the world. Many members of our team have deeply-rooted backgrounds in technology and are simply interested in bringing their expertise to demystify technology for you.

At TechShielder, our ratings are fair and unbiased. We present you with hard facts about products and services to help you decide on choosing any of these services faster and with less hassle. We go through the stress of testing the services ourselves, so you don’t have to.