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WebOS, also known as LG WebOS, is a Linux operating system for smart devices like Smart TVs, and has also been used as a mobile operating system. An example of a Smart TV that makes use of this OS is the LG TV. Many users worldwide would like to make use of a VPN on their WebOS devices for different purposes. For example, gaining access to streaming apps found on these devices may depend on what location an individual is in. Some regions and countries are geo-blocked and the only way one can get access to these sites, is through a VPN.

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A Virtual Private Network, or VPN for short, is extremely useful at the very least. This is especially so when you consider the amount of insecurity and challenges of freedom faced in today’s internet space.

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Over the years, the internet has diversified and given us the ability to do a lot of things. Some use it for networking, others for relaxation, others to keep track of the activities of specific individuals and others for criminal, fraudulent activities. With the host of activities carried out on the internet on our many devices, including Smart TVs, we leave a trail for cybercriminals, the government, and other prying eyes to follow. This is why it is essential to arm yourself with a Virtual Private Network. With a VPN, you’ll have safety, privacy and security as you surf the internet.

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The world we live in today is a highly information-driven one. Corporations, organizations, governments spend millions of dollars to acquire that information. They then go on to use those pieces of information to make critical decisions for their benefit. However, a lot of corporations and even individuals go too far with it. To cut the process short, they acquire your information illegally and use it in ways that could affect you negatively.

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NordVPN is a Panama-based VPN provider that is very big on privacy. The service is among the big and famous names in the VPN industry and has many excellent features, a total package that is worthy of all the accolades that its users give it in their reviews.

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All over the world today, there are sites that clamp down on your online freedom. A lot of them refuse you access to their content based on your geographic location. This type of restriction is known as a geo-restriction.

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The Xbox One is big on cloud storage and staying online. While you can play offline games with it, most of its users use it to play online games. There are games played as a match with competitors in foreign countries. And, as with any other device that is regularly online, your Xbox One needs protecting.

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Among streaming services, Netflix is arguably one of the best. It has spread its branches almost everywhere, reaching as far as West Africa, covering the better part of Europe, and even Asia. It has several hundred choices of original shows for its users. With all these mouth-watering pieces of content, it is no surprise that it is the first choice of several million people around the world for entertainment.

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Only a few streaming services can compete with Netflix today. With its massive marketing and widespread branches, Netflix has been able to reach virtually every corner of the world. Alongside their excellent content, they have great customer services. When you think of all this, it should come as no surprise that they are loved by so many.

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Xbox is a video gaming console brand, which provides realistic graphics for games. It is owned and developed by Microsoft. You can connect the game console to a television or any other display media. Originally called the DirectX Box, the console was intended to be the first game system created like a PC, but with all the flexibility and power of a gaming rig.

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VPNs are becoming increasingly popular in many countries. It's a safe means of surfing the internet, playing games, and watching movies that many people have embraced with open arms. Apart from their use as a tool to connect to the internet anonymously, VPNs help to unblock geo-restricted content.

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If you’re searching for a VPN that offers quality and premium protective services, it’s no doubt that ExpressVPN is the right choice for the job. It has remained at the top of the VPN ladder for a considerable amount of time and it’s known for being reliable and trustworthy. ExpressVPN offers over 3000 servers in more than 160 locations, and has a whole load of security protocols to use. It supports a lot of the available major devices with a reliable standby customer support service.

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The internet, as we know it today, is a free place with vast amounts of information stored within. However, with that freedom comes a few disadvantages.

How to Set Up ExpressVPN on Samsung TV

ExpressVPN is a tested, trusted, and reliable Virtual Private Network used with many devices all over the globe. It is compatible with most devices except a few; for example, Samsung TV. This issue is because most VPNs, including ExpressVPN, are only compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices. Samsung Smart TVs have a different operating system called Tizen OS, which they started using in 2015 after they discontinued the use of the old Orsay operating system.

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The fact that many Smart TVs today are very susceptible to hackers and malicious sites is no longer news. This is simply because these Smart TVs can connect to internet services and also because we carry out some online-based activities on them that may attract some cybercriminals. If you’re reading this, you probably already knew this, and this is why you’re searching for protective measures to keep your Samsung Smart TV from online harm.