5 Best VPNs for Disney Plus (to Stream Anywhere)

5 Best VPNs for Disney Plus (to Stream Anywhere)

It is often advisable to use a VPN while streaming on Disney Plus. The first reason for this is to enhance your security. A VPN generally works to keep you safe while you are on the internet. The other reason is to avoid throttling. Some Internet Service Providers mischievously throttle the streaming speed of their users. This is to prevent them from streaming large files. However, perhaps the most important use of a VPN with Disney Plus is for unblocking geo-restrictions.

While Disney Plus is available in some countries, there are other countries where it is not yet available. The provider plans on adding more locations with time.  However, at the moment, it means that users in places where it is not available cannot access the platform, even if they pay for a subscription. It also means that if you travel to a place where it’s not available, you won’t be able to watch your favorite shows and movies. A VPN offers you a way out of this challenge.

In this discussion, we show you the best VPNs to consider for use with Disney Plus regardless of your location.

Top Recommended VPNs for Disney Plus

After a thorough examination of some of the best VPN providers in the market, here is a trusted list:


ExpressVPN devices


  • Number of servers: More than 3,000
  • Speeds: Unlimited
  • Server locations: 160 in 105 countries
  • Maximum devices supported: 5
  • 24 live chat: Yes
  • 30-day money-back guarantee: Yes


  • Fastest VPN out there
  • Strict no logs policy
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Few discounts
Visit ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN tops our list and for obvious reasons. This provider is a user’s delight. It is specifically fashioned to ensure that users have a pleasurable experience with its service. Its superb unblocking ability makes sure that there is no geo-block it cannot get around. As you will expect, ExpressVPN allows easy access to Disney Plus, regardless of your location.

With 3000+ superfast servers in 120 locations, ExpressVPN maintains global coverage. These servers deliver content with unbeatable speed. They are also useful for getting around geo-blocks. More so, you can torrent files safely with this VPN, with no risk of your data being compromised.

Security is also locked in with this provider. It runs a private DNS to limit the possibility of data leaking. Furthermore, it has a kill switch and allows for split tunneling. All of these are in addition to the standard AES 256-bit encryption model that it uses and the support for secure protocols.

ExpressVPN allows you to use 5 devices on one account. It also affords you unlimited bandwidth, so you can stream and surf to your heart’s content. If you are looking to access Disney Plus, it directs you to the fastest server in your choice location. A 30-day money-back guarantee window affords you the liberty to change your mind at any point.

  • Pros: Fastest VPN out there; Strict no logs policy; 256-bit AES encryption;
  • Lowest price: $6.67


NordVPN devices


  • Cryptocurrency accepted? Yes
  • Simultaneous connections: 6
  • Dedicated IP-addresses? Yes
  • Servers: 5342 in 58 countries


  • Lots of pricing options
  • Netflix support kept up to date
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Slow app
Visit NordVPN

Coming a close second to ExpressVPN is NordVPN. This provider is also well-regarded in the market. It has consistently maintained its status as a trusted VPN to deliver quality service. As expected, it offers you a route to access restricted content on Disney Plus.

NordVPN’s global server count is at 5400 and is stationed in 59 countries. Its servers are also regarded as some of the fastest in the industry. At the same time, they keep you safe while you go about your online business. It encrypts its servers with the AES 256-bit encryption model. You also get the benefit of routing your network twice on the servers. Furthermore, you get the option of switching to an obfuscated server for heightened security, a dedicated IP address solely for your security, and zero leaks.

This provider is located in Panama. The country is a privacy hub. It is not a part of any privacy alliance such as the 14-eyes network. Thus, there will be no danger that the authorities will demand access to your data. In any case, NordVPN also maintains a strict no-logs policy. This assertion has even been confirmed by the auditing firm PWC.

You will find compatible apps for whatever device that you use. NordVPN has apps for Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows devices and extensions for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The provider allows you to use 6 devices on one account and gives a generous 30-day period within which users can request a refund. For streaming on Disney Plus, NordVPN states that its servers work just fine in any of its locations.

  • Pros: Lots of pricing options; Netflix support kept up to date; 256-bit AES encryption;
  • Lowest price: $3.71


Surfshark devices


  • Free trial? Yes
  • Simultaneous connections: Unlimited
  • Ad blocking? Yes
  • Servers: 1000+ in 61 countries


  • No footprints
  • Allows torrenting
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Not the fastest
Try Surfshark

Surfshark has been around for a relatively shorter period than the other two VPNs previously discussed. However, it has managed to become so good as to endear itself to a lot of customers globally. What you will find with Surfshark is attractive security features, great streaming speed, and so much more, all at an affordable cost. You will be glad to know that this provider is excellent for use with Disney Plus.

This service has 3200 servers in 60+ countries. This is an improvement from the number it previously had. These servers are optimized for speed and deliver content without the slightest buffering. Thus, you can rest assured that you would not get frustrated by slow speed while you stream movies or TV shows on Disney Plus. Furthermore, this provider is great for torrenting and P2P file sharing. If this interests you, you will be glad to know that Surfshark has you covered.

Surfshark also does not shirk its responsibilities when it comes to security. You will find the AES 256-bit encryption on whatever plan you are on. Similarly, its CleanWeb feature blocks out ads, the kill switch kicks in if your network fails, even momentarily, and the camouflage mode protects you even from your ISP and government agencies.

This provider has compatible apps for most device types. Besides, it allows a user to connect as many devices as possible to one plan. This gives no limit to the reach of your account. There is a generous 30-day money-back window which you can utilize at any point within the window.

When it comes to unblocking Disney Plus, Surfshark is emphatic about its prowess. Users can connect to any compatible server to unblock the streaming channel. Remarkably, this provider states that all of its servers are useful for unblocking the site.

  • Pros: No footprints; Allows torrenting; 256-bit AES encryption;
  • Lowest Price: $2.49


ProtonVPN devices


  • P2P support? Yes
  • 30-day money-back guarantee? Yes
  • Country of origin? Switzerland
  • Servers: 600+ in over 40 countries
  • Simultaneous devices: 5


  • Professional support
  • Modern interface and apps
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Lesser known provider
Try ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is a mid-tier provider with excellent security features. As an up-and-coming VPN service, it may not have the elaborate features that some of the others on this list may possess. However, it makes up for this by providing affordable pricing plans, including even a free version. Even more so, this provider is tested and trusted to unblock Disney Plus regardless of your current location.

At the moment, ProtonVPN has 1200+ servers in 55 countries and counting. This is not a large spread. However, you will find the popular countries that Disney Plus is available in. Thus, you can connect to a server in such locations to take care of your needs.

This provider has a strong leaning towards security. It boasts a slew of features that make sure the security of its users is at its peak. It utilizes the AES 256-bit encryption model and excellent VPN protocols such as IKEv2/IPSec and L2TP/IPSec. It also has other amazing security features.

When it comes to unblocking Disney Plus, ProtonVPN tackles this challenge head-on. It reveals on its website that it unblocks the platform on its Plus and Visionary Plan (Basic Plan subscribers are unfortunately ineligible for this benefit). Upon signing up, installing, and running the app, the user connects to any Plus server located in any of the Disney-Plus-compatible countries. You can identify these servers because they have a P icon identifying them. These servers are available for macOS, IOS, and Windows device users. It is still in the beta-testing stage for others.

This provider allows users to connect 10 devices using one account. There is no cap on the amount of data you could expend on the platform. Finally, there is a 30-day money-back window you can explore.

  • Pros: Professional support; Modern interface and apps; AES-256 encryption;
  • Lowest price: €4


CyberGhost devices


  • Connected devices at once: 7
  • Automatic kill switch? Yes
  • One click connect: Yes
  • Servers: 5900 worldwide


  • No logs policy
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Apps for mobile devices and routers
  • No free option
Try CyberGhost

Completing this list is CyberGhost. This is also another provider that has been around for quite some time. Remarkably, it has retained the features that brought it to the limelight all those years ago. As a premium top-tier VPN provider, you can trust that CyberGhost will grant you access to Disney Plus without the slightest glitch.

In discussing the features of this provider, a great starting point is its server count. It has 6800 servers in over 90 countries. This broad server range is quite beneficial for a lot of purposes. In the first place, it gives you a wide range of options to choose from. If Disney Plus is restricted in your current location, you can connect to a server in a compatible country to have instant access. Furthermore, you will get to experience zero lags because, ostensibly, there would be no congestion with such a large number of servers. Besides, you can also find servers for special purposes in this list. For instance, CyberGhost has “No Spy” servers, a category especially useful in restrictive countries.

This provider is wonderful for carrying out restricted activities. For instance, you can torrent files anonymously with this provider. In the same vein, its servers are powerful enough to get around geo-blocks and other such restrictions. If you seek to stream content from sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, you can do so easily with CyberGhost. This is what assures you that the provider can indeed beat the encryptions on Disney Plus, too.

You get the option of choosing from one of three affordable plans that CyberGhost offers. It gives a 45-day money-back guarantee window, greater than what the other providers allow. Furthermore, there is a seamless customer complaints system that solves your complaints as quickly as possible.

  • Pros: No logs policy; 24/7 live chat; Apps for mobile devices and routers;
  • Lowest price: €2

Factors to Consider While Choosing a VPN for Disney Plus

The encryption system on Disney Plus is so tight that it isn’t every VPN that can unblock it. Furthermore, some can do so but not efficiently. Thus, you need to carry out thorough research to confirm that any provider you settle for actually does the job well. Here are a few factors to consider while narrowing down your list.

1. Unblocking Ability

You need to confirm that the provider’s VPN servers can indeed unblock Disney Plus. Providers will typically reveal if they unblock the site or not. If the service is mum on the subject, you can take that as evidence that it does not carry out this function.

Additionally, the number and spread of these servers are also quite important. As a general rule, the higher the server count, the better for you.

2. Streaming Speed

Lags and buffering will definitely make for a less-than-ideal experience. Thus, speed is an important box to tick when it comes to unblocking Disney Plus. Generally, VPNs reduce your speed somewhat when you use their service. However, the best ones make sure the speed gap is negligible. Run a speed check on the provider’s website to ensure it keeps up to its own part of the bargain.

3. Compatible Apps

You would be unable to use the VPN service if it is incompatible with your device. Do confirm that the provider indeed has apps that work with your device.

4. Pricing

The ideal provider should be pocket-friendly. Even if it isn’t, the plans should be what you can afford. Thus, go through the provider’s pricing and plans to confirm that it is something you can afford.

5. Security

The primary job of a VPN is to keep you safe. Hence, even while you stream content on Disney Plus, you would want to be sure the entire time. Check out the security features of each provider before subscribing.

How to Set Up and Use a VPN on Disney Plus

The specific steps may vary from one VPN provider to the other. However, the general steps are as follows:

  1. Get a Disney Plus subscription. This may be different from your regular Disney Subscription.
  2. Get on a VPN plan also.
  3. Download and install the VPN application. The installation process is straightforward. Simply follow the prompts, and you are good to go.
  4. Select a server in the country you want. Some VPNs will nudge you towards a particular option, generally using speed as a consideration.
  5. Confirm that your IP address has changed to reflect your location as that of the connected country. Some apps and websites are useful for this purpose. A quick Google search should reveal what you need to know.
  6. Head over to your Disney Plus app and run the app. You should have access to the restricted content now.


For Disney lovers, Disney Plus offers the rare privilege to binge all their favorite shows and movies without hindrance. However, the worrisome problem of geo-restrictions shows up if you are outside of the coverage area. A VPN offers a means to evade this challenge. It also offers other incidental benefits. Here, we’ve discussed some of the best VPNs for Disney Plus.