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5 Best Free VPNs for Egypt (for Safety & Streaming)

Do you need to find the best VPN for Egypt? Yes, you do. The Egyptian authorities impose various forms of internet restrictions. For example, website owners have to obtain licenses before hosting sites in the country. The authorities then monitor and ban some of these websites.

Furthermore, some social media platforms are also blacklisted in the country. Notoriously, voice and video calls are banned in the country. That means that platforms that offer voice and video messaging options such as WhatsApp and Skype only have limited functionalities.

Beyond all these, it is also worrying the level of surveillance residents have to go through. So it is safe to say that internet freedom is not at its best in the country. This is why a VPN is very important. Additionally, a VPN will help you access content specific to Egypt if you’re outside the country.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) creates a secure tunnel for your internet traffic, keeping you safe from government tracking. It also provides you with several other benefits.

You will typically find paid providers and free VPN services. This review looks at the latter, offering suggestions on the best ones to consider.

Top Recommended Risk-free VPNs for Egypt

Before we go straight to the free services, we would like to suggest two risk-free VPN services you may want to consider. A risk-free VPN service acts like a free provider. The difference is that you will have to pay before using the VPN. However, you then get a risk-free window period to use the service and request a refund. You will be able to use the full features the VPN provider has within the money-back window. Here are two strong suggestions you may want to consider.


ExpressVPN devices


  • Number of servers: More than 3,000
  • Speeds: Unlimited
  • Server locations: 160 in 105 countries
  • Maximum devices supported: 5
  • 24 live chat: Yes
  • 30-day money-back guarantee: Yes


  • Fastest VPN out there
  • Strict no logs policy
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Few discounts
Visit ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is unarguably the best VPN option to consider for Egypt. The provider has stellar security features, awesome unblocking capabilities, and great speed. It serves all your needs while you are in Egypt.

This provider boasts 3000 servers in 94 countries and 160 locations. You will be glad to know that some of the servers are in Egypt. Hence, if you need an Egyptian IP address that is encrypted, then you can connect to these servers. Alternatively, you also have powerful servers in other locations. With this array of options, you can unblock websites and social media platforms restricted in Egypt.

Furthermore, this provider takes security very seriously. It uses the AES 256-bit encryption pattern to secure its servers. In addition, it has a network kill switch and prevents DNS and IP leaks. More so, ExpressVPN is one of the providers you can trust its no-log policy. Based in the British Virgin Island, you can expect the provider to be under no compulsion to share your details.

ExpressVPN has a 30-day window within which users can try out the service before requesting a refund. It allows users to connect 5 devices to a single account. Also, the provider has apps for the major device types. You can install the VPN on a router to improve its reach. Read our ExpressVPN review here.

  • Pros: Fastest VPN out there; Strict no logs policy; 256-bit AES encryption;
  • Lowest price: $6.67


NordVPN devices


  • Cryptocurrency accepted? Yes
  • Simultaneous connections: 6
  • Dedicated IP-addresses? Yes
  • Servers: 5342 in 58 countries


  • Lots of pricing options
  • Netflix support kept up to date
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Slow app
Visit NordVPN

NordVPN is another provider we recommend for use in Egypt. It has all of the features ExpressVPN has and then some. Unfortunately, the provider only covers paid subscribers. However, there is a reliable money-back guarantee you can use for 30 days. So if you are looking for a VPN for Egypt, you can scarcely do better than NordVPN.

NordVPN has about 5200 servers in 60 countries. Unfortunately, you will not find Egypt in this impressive line-up. However, there are wonderful servers in various other locations you can connect to to evade surveillance in Egypt. NordVPN even has some servers in South Africa, perfect if you need a server in an African country.

This provider boasts of some special features that improve its security ratings. The provider has double VPN servers that encrypt users’ traffic twice. It supports the Onion over VPN option, has obfuscated and P2P servers too. This is in addition to the AES 256-bit encryption technology the provider uses, which is the best in the game.

NordVPN allows you to use its service risk-free for 30 days. Within that window, you will be able to connect 6 devices to your one account. Furthermore, you will not have problems finding a compatible app for your device as NordVPN has apps for the various device types, including iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, and Linux devices. Read our NordVPN review here.

  • Pros: Lots of pricing options; Netflix support kept up to date; 256-bit AES encryption;
  • Lowest price: $3.71

Best Completely Free VPNs for Egypt

Here is a roundup of the best free VPN services you can try out for Egypt.


ProtonVPN devices


  • P2P support? Yes
  • 30-day money-back guarantee? Yes
  • Country of origin? Switzerland
  • Servers: 600+ in over 40 countries
  • Simultaneous devices: 5


  • Professional support
  • Modern interface and apps
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Lesser known provider
Try ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is our first consideration of the best free providers for Egypt. ProtonVPN has a paid plan option. With this option, you get access to servers in 55 countries, 10 devices simultaneous connections, and advanced features for protection. However, the free offer is equally impressive. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Firstly, ProtonVPN allows users to access servers in 3 locations – the United States, Japan, and the Netherlands. These servers give you options to choose from if you need to swap out your IP address. More so, connecting to any of the servers encrypts your network, making you impervious to government snooping or any form of attack.

ProtonVPN has its headquarters in Switzerland. This means that the provider abides by all Swiss laws regarding privacy. It also is a no-log VPN. Hence, it neither retains nor shares your details with third parties. Thus, even if the Egyptian authorities request your details, there will be nothing to give up.

There is a lot to love about ProtonVPN. First, it does not have data or speed limits. Thus, you will hardly be cut off whether you are downloading content or watching videos online while in Egypt. Furthermore, unlike many free services, you will not have to deal with ads or malware when using ProtonVPN. More so, you can use this service for as long as you want.

  • Pros: Professional support; Modern interface and apps; AES-256 encryption;
  • Lowest price: €4


Hide.me devices


  • Number of servers: 2000+
  • Server locations: 75 locations
  • Maximum devices supported: 10
  • 24 live chat: Yes
  • 30 day money back guarantee: Yes


  • Has free option
  • No log policy
  • Secure connection
  • Not very cheap
Try Hide.me

Hide.me is another paid provider whose free plan is worthy of mention. The service is designed to cater to every need users will have. The free plan has above-average features. Hide.me is a satisfactory service to use to evade surveillance and have a fantastic internet experience while in Egypt.

Hide.me gives you access to servers in 5 countries. Unfortunately, Egypt isn’t one of those. However, these servers give you an IP address to access video and voice calls on various social media platforms. It also gives you the room to connect to videos and movies geo-restricted in Egypt. You’ll be glad to know that the free servers support P2P file sharing, too.

You only get 10GB of data monthly. This might not be enough for streaming movies for a long time. However, if you only need to browse the internet while in Egypt, the data amount will suffice. In any case, you can renew this balance every month indefinitely.

This service does not bug you with ads or malware. In addition, the provider does not log details of your online activities on the platform. It is easy to set up and use the service. The provider requires only the barest minimum when you sign up for the service. This further secures your privacy and security.

  • Pros: Has free option; No log policy; Secure connection;
  • Lowest price: €4.99


TunnelBear devices


  • Cryptocurrency accepted? Yes, bitcoin
  • Dedicated IP-adresses? Yes
  • Simultaneous connections: 5
  • Locations: 28 countries


  • Unlimited browsing
  • Account manager
  • Military grade encryption
  • Free version allows only 500MB data
Visit TunnelBear

TunnelBear is another VPN service we recommend for use while in Egypt. Unlike the other two considerations discussed, this provider allows you to use all of its premium features. However, that is possible as long as the 500MB you are allowed subsists. Not to worry, this data balance is good enough for use for a short while in Egypt. Thus, if you are planning a short trip to Egypt, you should consider using this service.

This provider allows you to access servers in 41 countries. Connecting to a server in any of these locations gives you an IP address compatible with that region. Similarly, your network gets encrypted with the AES 256-bit encryption pattern. This locks in your security.

This provider has other special features you may want to consider. For instance, you can click on bearsmyip.com to confirm that your IP address has indeed changed. Furthermore, the provider’s Vigilant mode works like a kill switch and shuts down your network if the VPN connection drops. Finally, there is also the GhostBear mode that hides the fact of your VPN use. This is important because some Internet Service Providers (ISP) monitor users’ traffic and block those under VPN coverage.

You can connect 5 devices to one account. The provider has servers for the major device types. There is a responsive customer care system if you run into challenges using the service.

  • Pros: Unlimited browsing; Account manager; Military grade encryption;
  • Lowest price: $3.33


Trust.Zone devices


  • Complete anonymity? Yes
  • Unblocking of all websites? Yes
  • Pricing options: 4
  • Servers: 164 in 80+ zones
  • Free trial: Yes


  • Military grade encryption
  • Bitcoin accepted
  • App for mobile devices
  • Lesser known provider
Try Trust.Zone

This is a small VPN service that nonetheless offers excellent protection to users. It has gotten positive reviews from various quarters. It primarily offers paid options. However, it gives you a 3-day free trial period or 1 GB of data, whichever ends first. Therefore, we are confident in recommending this provider for use while visiting or living in Egypt.

This provider does not have servers in Egypt. However, it has in other 98 zones. You can connect to any of these to access banned websites and any other content unavailable in Egypt. Furthermore, the servers allow you to bypass the restrictions on messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Skype. This provider is proficient in bypassing geo-restrictions. Hence, asides from content blocked in Egypt you can access restricted content on platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, and so on.

More so, this provider encrypts your service with the AES 256-bit encryption system. This hides your online activities from the government, your ISP, or even hackers. There is also the OpenVPN and L2TP encryption protocols. Trust.Zone operates a strict no-log policy. This means that it does not retain or share the data of users of its platform.

You can also decide to add some more security features. For instance, you can get dedicated IP addresses, DDoS protection, and an additional 3 connection ability. However, that is only possible if you decide to get on a paid subscription.

  • Pros: Military grade encryption; Bitcoin accepted; App for mobile devices;
  • Lowest price: €3

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield devices


  • Unlimited data? Yes
  • Simultaneous connections: 5
  • Military grade encryption? Yes
  • Servers: Over 3200 in 80+ countries


  • Unlimited HD streaming
  • Blocks malware
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Unreliable support
Try Hotspot Shield

The last free VPN provider we recommend for Egypt is Hotspot Shield. However, it is not the least by any estimation. This provider claims it is the best free provider in the market currently. Furthermore, it states that there is no catch when you use its service. We agree.

Hotspot Shield has servers in multiple global locations but allows free users to connect only to the United States. The servers are primed for speed and security. Hence, they can deliver without severely impacting your regular internet speed. But more importantly, they offer you an alternate IP address if you wish to evade the geo-restrictions imposed in Egypt.

Users get 500 MB of data to use daily, renewable indefinitely. This is a great offer, especially if you aren’t a heavy internet user. More so, the fact that you get this offer indefinitely is certainly a plus. More so, you get the fastest speed possible, courtesy of the Hydra protocol Hotspot Shield uses.

In addition, Hotspot Shield uses the AES 256-bit encryption mechanism. The United States army even uses this military-grade encryption pattern. Furthermore, this provider does not log details about users’ activities on the service. It even makes available a transparency report periodically.

The provider has apps for the major device types. However, you can only connect one device to your free VPN account.

  • Pros: Unlimited HD streaming; Blocks malware; 256-bit AES encryption;
  • Lowest price: $6.99

Frequently Asked Questions About VPNs for Egypt

Is VPN use legal in Egypt?

This is an important question for anyone looking to use a VPN in the country. Unfortunately, it is not really straightforward to use a VPN in the country. The authorities monitor and ban IP addresses protected by VPNs. Some laws prescribe some punishment of up to 1-year imprisonment if found out. To stay better protected, you may want to use a paid VPN service that offers obfuscated servers that can beat government surveillance. A perfect suggestion would be ExpressVPN, the premium risk-free VPN service discussed above.

How can I use a VPN for Egypt?

First, you need to decide on the VPN service you want. Then you will need to pay for a plan if you are considering a risk-free provider. Then you can download and install the VPN app compatible with your device. Next, you can set up your account, toggling settings to your preference. Finally, you can then connect to a server in any location you desire. That way, you will be able to evade the internet blocks in Egypt. 

Is a free VPN a good fit for use in Egypt?

Although the discussion here has been about free VPN services, we believe that a free VPN may not always measure up when it comes to online security in Egypt. A free VPN service has several shortcomings, which make it less than ideal for Egypt. For one, free providers typically have a limited number of servers. This does not give you a lot of options. Also, free providers may not have stellar security features to evade the blocks the Egyptian authorities employ. Finally, some free providers could even compromise your safety by selling your data to third parties. Therefore, we recommend using a risk-free VPN service instead.


If you love internet freedom, then you should use a VPN while visiting or living in Egypt. There are both paid and free VPN providers to consider for use in the country. This review looks at the best free VPN services compatible with Egypt. Hopefully, you will no longer be confused when looking for the best provider to settle for.

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