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Surfshark FAQ – Your Guide to Surfshark

We answer the most pressing questions in our Surfshark FAQ because we know you need the latest and most important information about one of the best VPN services in the world. If you’re a new VPN user or an experienced one, we’re sure your biggest queries will be answered below.

1.    What is Surfshark?

Surfshark is an immensely popular and high-quality VPN provider in many countries around the world. This service offers more than 3,200 servers in 95 countries using RAM-only servers and offers high-grade security functions such as DNS & leak protection, a no-logging policy, and several secure tunnelling protocols.

2.    How to use Surfshark VPN

Customers can protect their data and secure their traffic by using using the Surfshark app for specific devices, the Surfshark extension for particular browsers, and by installing the VPN service on a home WiFi router.

3.    How to Cancel Surfshark VPN

Surfshark users have the right to cancel their paid subscription at any time of their choosing. There are two ways to cancel your subscription. The fastest method is to contact customer support via the 24/7 Live Chat function. Simply request a cancellation and an agent will help you through the process.

You can also request a cancellation using the Customer Request Form on the Surfshark website. It may take a day or two to receive a response though. If you are in the middle of a Surfshark free trial period, you’ll need to cancel your subscription before the trial ends to receive a refund.

4.    What does Surfshark VPN do?

Surfshark provides individuals with a high-quality VPN service that encrypts traffic so that your data is secure from cybercriminals. The service also helps with ISP throttling, can prevent unwanted ads and trackers, and can unlock geo-locked content such as the video library of popular streaming services.

5.    How good is Surfshark VPN?

Surfshark is widely regarded as one of the best VPN services in the industry today. This service continues to operate from a jurisdiction that values internet privacy and the servers at Surfshark offer multiple 1GB ports, as well as 10GB ports.

With fast servers, a great ability to access geo-locked content, and industry-standard security, Surfshark VPN is an excellent service. Want to learn more? Be sure to check out our full Surfshark review by TechShielder.

6.    How much does SurfShark VPN cost?

There are three plans available at Surfshark with three different price points. A single-month plan at Surfshark will cost $12.95, while a full year works out to be $3.99 per month. The largest plan offers 24 months at a rate of $2.30 per month. The 24-month contract is also refundable if you cancel within the first 30-days.

7.    How many devices can be used with Surfshark VPN?

Firstly, you can connect an unlimited number of devices using the Surfshark VPN app and with no bandwidth limitations, the number of devices shouldn’t affect your connection speeds either. Surfshark VPN can also be used on macOS, Windows, and Linux computers, and both iOS and Android devices.

Surfshark also offers extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, and also allows gaming consoles to connect via Hotspot or your home router.

8.    How to Use Surfshark VPN on Firestick

The Amazon Firestick can convert almost any TV into a smart TV. However, it can suffer from geo-location issues but Surfshark can help in that department. The best way to set up Firestick and use Surfshark is to download the Surfshark app on your Firestick. This is easily completed by accessing the Amazon App Store.

Simply open the Surfshark app on your Firestick, log in to your account, and choose a server. Alternatively, you could also set up Surfshark on your home router and simply have the Firestick connect to your home network whilst your VPN is on.

9.    How to set up Surfshark VPN on a Router

Surfshark can be set up on numerous routers but you will either need to consult a guide or have some technical know-how to do so. Begin by opening the router administrative or configuration panel. Locate the VPN client tab – if one is not present, then your router cannot be configured for a VPN without first installing additional firmware.

Next, follow the SurfVPN guidelines to configure your specific device type. Surfshark offers guides for several router types including DD-WRT.

10. How to use Surfshark VPN for Netflix

Surfshark is one of the best-performing VPN services for streaming video platforms and for getting around geo-locked content. To access a streaming service with a different IP address, simply choose a server from within the Surfshark VPN app or browser extension.

To learn more about how Surfshark does work with Netflix, just read our full guide at TechShielder.

11. Where is Surfshark VPN based?

Up until late 2021, Surfshark was based in the British Virgin Islands which was significantly advantageous owing to the relaxed privacy and data laws in that jurisdiction. Now Surfshark is located in the Netherlands which, thankfully, still has no obligatory data retention laws either.

12. Who owns Surfshark VPN?

In 2021, Surfshark merged with Nord Security – the parent company of competitor NordVPN – however, Surfshark continues to operate independently from the Nord brand.  

13. How to use Surfshark VPN on Smart TV?

Surfshark can even be used on various Smart TV devices. To set up and use Surfshark on an Android TV, we recommend downloading the Surfshark app via the Play Store from within the Android TV dashboard. Once installed, you can log in to Surfshark via the app and choose a server to connect to.

The best easiest way to use Surfshark with an Apple TV is to simply install Surfshark on your home router and have the Apple TV connect to that network. Otherwise, you’ll need to go down a slightly more lengthy route of setting up Surfshark via Smart DNS on your Apple TV.

Experience Surfshark Today

Surfshark is easily one of the most competitive VPN providers in the industry and has proven to work around geo-locked platforms, support P2P networking, and ensure nobody will be snooping on your traffic. Head to and trial the 30-day moneyback guaranteed plan to experience over 3,000 fast and secure servers.