70% Off NordVPN Coupon Code: Valid for 2024

NordVPN Coupon Code: 70% Off (Valid for 2024)

All too often, industry commentators, and even your typical tech channel on Youtube, enjoy comparing NordVPN with the likes of ExpressVPN. This is actually quite understandable. Both of them are at the top of the game and are industry leaders on several fronts. Both have poured in an inordinate amount of time and energy into developing their services.

Unlike many VPNs which focus on only a few features or others that seek to be the jack of all trades but the master of none, both NordVPN and ExpressVPN have managed to do both through sheer force of organization and will. But like in most competitive markets, NordVPN has strived to find a niche in order to differentiate itself from ExpressVPN.

That niche is its pricing system. Now, as premium VPNs, both NordVPN and ExpressVPN carry a monthly subscription that is noticeably above the market average. However, NordVPN has strived to create a pricing mechanism that very generously rewards loyalty. The longer the length of the subscription, the lower the per unit cost will be.

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Pricing system

NordVPN has different prices

NordVPN is going all out this year, putting new subscription tiers and strengthening previous ones by offering ever deeper coupons. All of this is part of an overall effort to be more commercially accessible than ever before. Including the standard monthly subscription, NordVPN has a total of four pricing tiers.

Standard monthly Subscription

NordVPN’s standard monthly subscription will run you $11.95 a month. Now this might be a bit more than most other VPNs, but most other VPNs also do not have military grade encryption software. With a premium around the equivalent of a specialty coffee drink a month, the quality that you receive in return makes it worth every penny.

The Annual Package

The one-year subscription is billed at the beginning of the one year plan and pushes down the monthly cost to a modest $6.99. Although this takes away some flexibility, if you find that NordVPN is an optimal fit for you, it only makes sense to stay around longer and have them reward you accordingly.

The Two-year Plan

The plan next in line lasts for a full two years, with the monthly cost averaging out to just $4.99. This package is very well suited to those who are dead set on having NordVPN as their permanent online security provider. If that describes you, NordVPN is more than happy to make it worth your while.

The Three-year Juggernaut

The three-year subscription plan is NordVPN’s big enchilada. Before you sign up for this plan, it is advised that you make absolutely sure that you want to use NordVPN’s services and think nothing else is better. If that sounds like you, the monthly cost for this three-year plan drops all the way down to just $3.49, a full 70% below the standard monthly package.

30-day money-back guarantee

In order to show their sincerity, NordVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their subscriptions without much fuss or hassle. This takes away just about all risk from the customer because if it turns out that the service was not to your liking in anyway, NordVPN will give you a full refund.

Do I Need A Special Code To Enjoy These Coupons?

The quick answer is that you do not require any codes of any sort to avail the special prices on any of the subscription packages. When you decide on signing up for a subscription, the prices shown are exactly what you will be charged for and nothing more.

NordVPN is committed to being as straightforward with customers as possible. Because NordVPN is set on being at the vanguard of the online security business for many years to come, it certainly does not want to jeopardize that vision by shortchanging customers for some miniscule short term gain.

On top of that, coupons have a habit of landing providers into trouble. Most of this trouble stems from the fact that coupons are generally time sensitive in nature. When a coupon is past its use date, it can no longer be used. Customers who fail to observe this, and end having their coupon rejected for this very reason, can nonetheless get quite upset.

Regardless of who is at fault, this could mean some bad press for the merchant, which is preferably avoided. As such, NordVPN prefers to offer the coupon rates for their longer term plans to anyone who wishes to sign up for said plan, thereby avoiding any chance of that type of negative coverage completely.

NordVPN also seeks to be as commercially inclusive as possible. A big part of this is to provide pricing that is as universal and indiscriminating as possible. It is for this and many more reasons that NordVPN provides its coupons across the board and makes them permanent, so that any potential customers are not hit with any unpleasant surprises.

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Does NordVPN Have A Lifetime Subscription Option?

It might disappoint some die hard customers, but NordVPN does not have a lifetime subscription option. However, that does not come without reason. The thing is, lifetime subscriptions have gained a rather negative reputation in recent years. This is mostly due to the actions of a few unscrupulous parties.

When a provider of a service says their product has a lifetime guarantee, they almost never specify whose lifetime they are talking about. Unfortunately, this usually means the lifetime of the company selling the product or service. And companies that have these sorts of guarantees or subscriptions have a nasty habit of having short lifetimes.

As such, the stereotype of lifetime guarantees and subscriptions being a hallmark of shady organizations is fast becoming real. So, even if a company such as NordVPN would like more than anything to satisfy this niche in the market that customers want filled, the negative impressions would outweigh any positive sales outcomes.

Having said that, it must be stressed how generous NordVPN already is towards their most loyal customers. If you take a look at the difference between the overall price tag between their two-year plan and three-year plan, it amounts to about the same as a specialty coffee for an extra year. You can read more about lifetime VPNs in this article.

Additional Information About NordVPN

NordVPN is well-known as one of the few VPN services that has military grade encryption software in order to give them an edge over the competition in the security conscious segment of the market. NordVPN has been able to devote an almost obscene amount of resources to the point where they rank near the top of almost every metric.

NordVPN has chosen Panama as their base shop. This might sound a little odd, until you realize that Panama is located squarely outside the long arm of the Five Eyes international intelligence apparatus. What this entails is that NordVPN cannot be forced to spy on its customers regardless of their respective nationalities.

NordVPN has an astounding 5600 servers in 59 different countries around the world. What this means for the streaming aficionados out there is that you can access the optimal IP addresses for your streaming purposes using the massive selection afforded by NordVPN.

Because NordVPN has such a high density of servers for each location, they are basically immune to network hiccups. If for whatever reason a server is taken offline, there will be plenty of others to pick up the slack so that customers enjoy smooth sailing around the clock. NordVPN is also one of the few VPNs that have successfully overcome the infamous Netflix VPN block.

When it comes to technical support, NordVPN has a pretty stellar lineup. They have on their support page a very comprehensive and helpful troubleshooting guide that has thought of almost everything. If customers need more help, there is also a live chat feature that enables them talk to a real person.


All in all, NordVPN represents a nearly unbeatable player in the online privacy protection space, having mastered several aspects of VPN craft by displaying an uncompromising commitment to the quality of their service on every imaginable front. With sparingly few exceptions, NordVPN is becoming increasingly lonely at the top of the VPN league table.

While recognizing both the desire of their customer base for longer and more couponed subscription packages whilst at the same time acknowledging the reality of the negative precedent set by dud VPNs with regards to lifetime deals, NordVPN has been able to strike a beautiful balance with some of the longest subscription terms in the business.

With such deep and attractive coupons that reward customer loyalty and attract bargain hunters at the same time, it is no wonder why NordVPN is conquering multiple market segments from the penny pinchers to the understandably paranoid security conscious professional who deals with sensitive information on a daily basis.

Ultimately, as the tone of society becomes more that of nosiness and information mining, it makes ever more sense for every netizen to avail themselves with the proper protection online so that nothing can come back to haunt them, and NordVPN has positioned themselves almost perfectly to provide the peace of mind we all deserve to have.

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