Can You Get a NordVPN Lifetime Access? (Updated for 2021)

NordVPN has become one of the most popular VPN services in the current market. They offer a large selection of servers, high connection speeds, and the ability to bypass geographical restrictions and VPN bans for instance. Overall, the service is one of the best in the market, which has led to their great growth.

When buying a subscription for a VPN service such as NordVPN, many individuals like to look for a bargain. As you examine VPN services more closely, you are rewarded with great discounts if you sign up for a longer period. Some individuals sign up for several years and receive quality VPN service for a few bucks a month.

To top this, some VPN services even offer lifetime access. For a lump sum as low as $20 or $30 bucks, you can get lifetime access to some VPN services. That sounds like a good deal in the long run, but there are many downfalls to this. Usually when something sounds too good to be true, it is just that.

Because a VPN service needs continual income, the preferred option is a subscription. Normally, a lifetime access option will only lead to an overflowing of users on the servers. That is why NordVPN does not offer a lifetime access option. However, they do have several other interesting offers that you can partake of.

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Different NordVPN Offers

While you cannot get a lifetime access to NordVPN, their offers give good deals that still make it quite a beneficial service to subscribe to. You can pick between a 1 month, 1 year, 2 year, or even 3 year subscription. Among the more popular VPN services in the market, NordVPN is actually one of the few that offer up to a 3 year subscription.

Their offers gradually provide greater discounts the longer you sign up for. With 4 different alternatives, NordVPN also leaves you rather flexible to sign up for the length that you prefer, rather than just offering monthly or annual subscription alternatives. We have listed the 4 offers from NordVPN below.

1 Month Subscription

The 1 month subscription with NordVPN is a good option if you want to test out the service. After all, they do offer a 30 days money back guarantee, meaning if you do not think the service is the correct choice for you, you can simply back out towards the end of this subscription.

1 Year Subscription

Most people will try to aim for longer subscriptions, but not everyone wants to commit for several years. If you are currently in need of a VPN, but you are not too sure what the future will bring, then a 1 year subscription will be a good option. The money back guarantee of course applies to this subscription as well.

2 Year Subscription

If you are really looking for a bargain, then the 2 year subscription helps you save 58% on the monthly cost as compared to the 1 month subscription. That is quite the discount, and many people pick the 2 year subscription, as it is really cheap, yet not too long for them considering future needs.

3 Year Subscription

If you are an avid user of VPN services, you might as well shoot for the longest option. While NordVPN does not offer lifetime access, a 3 year subscription could at times feel like a lifetime. With the 3 year subscription at NordVPN, you save 70% as compared to the price of the 1 month subscription.

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Long Subscriptions Are Better Than Lifetime Access

When looking for a bargain on a VPN service, there is no doubt that picking a longer subscription is beneficial. Even if you were not using the VPN 3 years from now, the 70% discount would likely make up for this anyways. A long subscription is always preferred, as it is the average cost over time that defines your budget.

Why would you not want a lifetime access then? There are a few reasons for this. The first reason is simply that there are very few VPN services that offer this in the market. NordVPN and other popular VPN services have refrained from it, which should signal that it is probably not a practice that will ever catch on. If you get a lifetime access to a VPN service, it is likely not a quality service.

NordVPN does unfortunately not offer a free trial, but offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Another prominent reason for picking longer subscriptions, as hinted to earlier, is that you do not know your needs for the future. Innovations happen fast in the world of technology, and who knows what the next big thing will be. While VPN services are likely to stick around for the foreseeable future, we simply do not know what the next 20 or 30 years will bring.

That also goes for your personal life, and whether you will feel the need for a VPN service moving forward. Some individuals simply seek VPN services for shorter periods, whereas others are avid users for practices such as accessing Netflix. Regardless, the longer subscriptions from NordVPN are a better option than the lifetime access.

Does Lifetime Actually Mean Lifetime?

Another point to draw upon is whether lifetime access actually means lifetime. The intention of VPN services offering such a deal is certainly to give the user their service for a whole life, but is that actually feasible? The answer is likely no. As mentioned earlier, the reason NordVPN and other popular VPN services offer only subscriptions, is that they need continual income to support their offering.

A lifetime access will first and foremost lead to several people signing up right off the bat, but down the road these numbers will decrease significantly. The large amount of people instantly signing up will lead to overcrowding of the servers. Unfortunately, the VPN service will not have a significant income in the years to come in order to upkeep the servers.

Following, a VPN service without subscriptions will simply not be sustainable. It is likely that the service will either end up offering very low quality servers, or simply go out of business as they will not have a significant source of income to rely upon over the years. Therefore, lifetime will very rarely actually mean lifetime.

Lifetime access will likely just remain a dream for the big time savers. In order to keep a quality VPN service running, there is a need for a steady income source that can support the costs of delivering the service. Anyways, on the consumer end of things, the cost of a VPN with long subscriptions is so low that taking the risk on lifetime access does not even make any sense.

Why did NordVPN Remove Their Lifetime Access Offer?

While NordVPN does not offer lifetime access, they actually did at one point. So what led NordVPN to remove their lifetime access offer? The answer lies in the previously mentioned downfalls of a lifetime access offer on the VPN service end of things. NordVPN simply realized the practice was not sustainable.

As theorized, the VPN service experienced a quick overcrowding of servers, as everyone wanted the bargain that the lifetime access was. Unfortunately, that is never a good thing for a VPN service, and NordVPN retracted their offer before it was too late. Instead, the service banked on offering longer subscriptions to its users.

It simply made more sense to offer long subscriptions, and while NordVPN does not have their lifetime access offer anymore, their subscriptions up to 3 years are some of the longest in the market. Usually, people will be happy to see up to 2 year subscriptions with other services.

While you will not be able to make a lifetime access bargain with NordVPN, that is probably for the better. NordVPN tested it out, and they found that it simply did not work. You can however still make a good deal by picking the 3 year subscription, which is a much more safe option for you anyways.

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Why Choose NordVPN?

NordVPN is recognized as one of the best VPN services in the current market for many reasons. Quality offerings in terms of server selection, connection speeds, price, and the ability of unblocking, are all prominent features of this service. Also, they are known to be one of the best in terms of privacy standards.

The service runs its operations from Panama, which is a country without data retention laws. While you can surf anonymously with most VPN services, some are under jurisdiction that enforce them to retain data which can later be shared with authorities. NordVPN ensures you full privacy at all times.

NordVPN has one of the best apps we have seen so far.

In total, NordVPN allows you to connect to a total of over 5,500 servers in over 60 countries. This vast selection of servers gives you the opportunity to access the whole Internet. For instance, you could access American Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or simply a streaming service in your home country if you are residing abroad.

The vast amount of servers also results in servers that are freed up in terms of capacity, meaning you will have great connection speeds. NordVPN is known to be one of the few VPN services that really will not affect your original connection speed, even though you of course redirect your traffic through an external server.

These high connection speeds will come in handy when accessing American Netflix for instance. NordVPN ensures that watching HD streams is not a luxury afforded to your regular Internet connection. Furthermore, NordVPN is known to both bypass the Netflix VPN ban, as well as the Great Chinese Firewall.

NordVPN works great with streaming programs like Netflix.

Finally, a nice perk with NordVPN, as mentioned earlier, is that it is a very cheap service. Despite no lifetime access, the service allows you to sign up for up to 3 years, a subscription alternative that makes the monthly cost extremely low. On top of this NordVPN also offers a 30 days money back guarantee, letting you test out the full capability of their VPN service, essentially for free.

The Cost Of a Quality VPN Service Justifies a Subscription

There are a handful of VPN services out there that offer lifetime access, but as a rule of thumb, one should refrain from using these. Normally, the VPN services that offer lifetime access are looking for a quick buck. As their business model is not sustainable, you are not likely to actually get a lifetime access.

That is after all why NordVPN removed their lifetime access offer. Instead, the popular VPN service chose to stick with a wide offer of subscription alternatives, one of which will last you up to 3 years. For a consumer, this is actually a much better alternative than a lifetime access offer, because it ensures the VPN service will persist over time.

While some might see the potential to save big bucks on a lifetime access offer, the reality is that the VPN service will likely either dramatically reduce their quality or simply cease to exist over time. Anyways, the subscriptions offered by NordVPN offers such steep discounts the longer you subscribe, that this is the preferred option.

Paying a few bucks per month for a 3 year subscription with NordVPN is a much better option than risking it with a lifetime access option with other VPN services. The functions and features offered by NordVPN can help you stay secure, anonymous, and of course give you access to tons of content online.

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