Does ExpressVPN work with Netflix? (Updated for 2021)

The use of VPN services have increased dramatically over the recent years. What was once only a technology intended for Internet privacy has grown into so much more. A majority of users of this technology today enjoy the benefit of removing geographical barriers on content online.

It is a normal practice for TV shows and movies to be sold to unique distributors within each country. These distributors then have the exclusive rights to show the content in the respective country. That does not mean they have the rights to show it globally necessarily, which means that International streaming services, such as Netflix for instance, distribute different content depending on the country.

This means that a person in Germany has a completely different selection than a user in the U.S. Despite the fact that they pay more or less the same price, the user in the U.S. has a much greater selection of titles at hand. This can seem unfair to many, and therefore VPNs have been used frequently to pretend that one is located within the U.S.

While the practice of connecting to an American IP address has worked for many individuals in the past, Netflix have fought strongly against this practice to protect the content of producers. That means many VPNs have been virtually stripped away the opportunity of surpassing the geographical restrictions with the use of a new IP address.

For instance, almost all free VPN services fail to work with Netflix. While they claim to be able to, this is only on occasion, and not consistently. In order to consistently work with Netflix, a VPN service such as ExpressVPN should be utilized. This service has been deemed one of the best in the market for many years.

In almost every VPN test out there, ExpressVPN can be found holding one of the top two spots, only beaten by NordVPN on occasion. This is due to their excellent product offering within the VPN market. In this article, we will examine closely whether or not ExpressVPN works with Netflix, which stands out as one of the most important deciding factors for users today.

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How does ExpressVPN perform with Netflix?

While Netflix has many similar TV shows and movies across geographical borders, their library varies from country to country. Between European nations, the variations are normally based on a few native language shows and movies here and there. It is the variation compared to the U.S. that is significant.

American Netflix carries a library that is up to 5 times as large as some European countries. Since some pay more, or at least the same, as the Americans, many want to have the same access as users of American Netflix. This is where the use of a VPN comes into the picture, and it is essential for the VPNs rumor that it works with Netflix.

ExpressVPN impressed us in our test, and without exception, it was able to give us full access to American Netflix. For the low price of the service, gaining such an increased amount of titles on Netflix must be considered a fantastic deal. But the good news are not limited to gaining access to American Netflix.

ExpressVPN is able to surpass the geographical restrictions of Netflix as a whole, not just the American version. That means UK Netflix, Australian Netflix, German Netflix, Spanish Netflix, and Dutch Netflix all worked through the use of the service. That truly means that ExpressVPN opens up a world of Netflix.

The best part of it all is possibly that you do not need to pay extra to receive access to this content, and it is completely legal. Your Netflix subscription in your country counts worldwide, no matter where you travel, whether physically or through the VPN. Furthermore, no use of VPN is illegal in and of itself, unless the action is illegal to begin with – which watching Netflix certainly is not.

By using ExpressVPN to watch Netflix, you stand much more flexible to watch the content you want to. If your favorite show is not available in your country, but in the U.S. for instance, just simply connect to an American IP address. Through ExpressVPN, you are guaranteed access to all of Netflix`s titles, not just one country`s selection.

Why Use ExpressVPN For Netflix?

Claiming the ability to provide access to American Netflix is something many VPN services do. Unfortunately, testing shows that many services fail at this. Especially bad are free services, and in fact a lot of paid services are even inconsistent. Nothing is more annoying than awaiting to watch your favorite show, only to have the VPN fail.

That is why using ExpressVPN, which has continually been proven to work through VPN testing, is one of the best options out there. Not only does ExpressVPN surpass the geographical restrictions that Netflix sets forth, it also passes the IP address ban that the service has used against VPNs in the past few years.

Speed tests show that ExpressVPN has very fast speed.

Furthermore, a just as important aspect of a VPN is the limitation of reduced Internet speeds. Because of the fact that a VPN connection means all your traffic is routed through an extra external server, the speed will be reduced. ExpressVPN however is a market leader in limiting this reduction to its absolute minimum.

After all, when you want to sit down and watch your favorite TV show on American Netflix through a VPN, it does not help if the VPN allows you to watch the show if it is lagging and leaves you with a bad experience. Therefore, picking a VPN service such as ExpressVPN is essential to your experience with the show.

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How Do I Connect to American Netflix Through ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is one of the most widely used VPN services. Not only is this attributed to their product offerings, but their easy-to-use interface also holds a large part of the responsibility for this characteristic. Connecting yourself to American Netflix through ExpressVPN actually only takes a few minutes from registration.

Your first step will of course be to register, choose a subscription, and then download the program to your computer. Here, it is worth to note that ExpressVPN certainly is one of the cheaper options in terms of their product offering. Furthermore, the installation goes by quickly, and it is easy to follow.

Once downloaded, ExpressVPN runs on a simple interface. Within their user interface, you have access to thousands of servers in pretty much every country you would need access. Pick one of the American IP addresses to log onto one of these, and you are now appearing to be located within the U.S.

This transition will happen in seconds, and your old IP address will now be hidden. As far as Netflix knows, you are just visiting on some random American IP address. Following, you will have access to American Netflix, just like any other American resident would. You will also be able to gain access to Netflix content for several other prominent countries.

ExpressVPN Netflix Troubleshooting

No matter how good a service is, bugs and mistakes are bound to happen. What really matters in these situations is that the service offers easy troubleshooting. There are several alternatives for you to troubleshoot when ExpressVPN for some reason will not work with American Netflix.

1. Find a New IP Address

Chances are Netflix blacklisted the IP address you just attempted with their service. This rarely happens to prominent services such as ExpressVPN, but Netflix`s battle has been scaled up to target VPNs at a more serious level. However, this is usually solved by something as easy as finding a new American IP address within the program.

ExpressVPN has extremely many US servers

All you need to do is disconnect from the current server, and following choose a new American IP address from the list provided by ExpressVPN. When you visit Netflix over again, there is a high probability that you will be able to access the content. If not, more in-depth steps might be necessary to regain access.

2. Have You Cleared Your Cache In a While?

While blacklisted IP addresses are normally the way Netflix blocks you from geographically restricted content, it is not the only way. For instance, they also utilize cookies in your browser. When you visit websites, these give away certain information about you as a visitor. For instance, it can tell a website that you have visited from 3 different countries within hours.

This could raise a red flag with Netflix, and therefore it pays off to delete your cache every now and then. Some individuals think cookies are great in a web browser, as they for instance remember what you watched last, what you favorite genre is, and so on. But if it is at the expense of watching American Netflix with ExpressVPN, then clearing the cache should be a priority.

3. Utilize Your Customer Support

ExpressVPN is known for its excellent customer support. Therefore, you should not be afraid to utilize it. For instance, there could be an issue in your DNS settings that cause the block of Netflix. Few people know how to fix this, but with access to the ExpressVPN customer service over phone, email, and live chat, you can get the guidance you need within seconds.

Other Good VPN Services That Work With Netflix

If for some reason ExpressVPN will not work with Netflix, there are other options out there. Due to the fact that ExpressVPN offers a 30 day money back guarantee, one could request this money back and spend it on one of the other good options out there. NordVPN and Surfshark are two other great services that consistently work with Netflix.


NordVPN is the only VPN service that consistently fight for the top spot in the market with ExpressVPN. These two giants fight for customers looking to gain access to American Netflix and so much more. NordVPN will guarantee you access to content worldwide, no matter what streaming service you might prefer.

This VPN service also offer some of the fastest servers in the industry. As a user, that means you will not need to make a compromise on speed. Nothing is worse than looking forward to watching a show through a VPN, only to experience it lagging all throughout. Using NordVPN, you do not need to worry about that. Read a review of NordVPN for Netflix here.

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Surfshark might not be as praised as ExpressVPN and NordVPN, but in terms of working with Netflix, this VPN is certainly one of the best in the business. With worldwide servers, notably a large portion in the U.S., access to American Netflix has never been a problem with Surfshark in our experience.

This VPN service also delivers consistently high speeds for their servers. That ensures that users of Surfshark gets the absolute best experience when streaming content on Netflix for instance. Surfshark does not compromise on accessibility, flexibility, quality, nor speed. This is a great VPN service if watching American Netflix is your aim.

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ExpressVPN For Watching Netflix On Phone and Tablet

While most individuals use VPN services only for the computer, ExpressVPN also give you the options of connecting to the VPN on both phones and tablets. This means that you can also stream American Netflix on your other devices. If stuck without a computer, that is no problem, as ExpressVPN works just as optimally on other devices too.

This also means that you are free to choose what suits you best according to your situation. If you end up choosing the app for Android or iOS, it should be noted that it is extremely easy to use. Furthermore, the phone app also keeps the same high speed and quality connections for the VPN.

This Is How Netflix Catches You Using a VPN

Have you ever wondered how Netflix knows that you are using a VPN service? When you connect to an IP address in the U.S. for instance, and try to watch American content on Netflix, a message such as “you seem to be using an unblocker or proxy” could end up displaying on your screen.

In this case, Netflix has simply just caught you with your pants down. That does not mean you cannot use a service such as ExpressVPN to regain access. As mentioned earlier in the article, you could for instance just find a different American IP address with the same service. But how does Netflix even know that the address is American in the first place?

Well, the answer lies in the IP address itself. Every IP address is given to us by our ISP (Internet Service Provider). All websites can see our IP address. Do not worry however – it does not give off any other information than approximately where you are residing. The logic behind this is to show you geographically targeted options and content.

For instance, Netflix will notice if you visit their site from Spain. In this case, they would translate their menus into Spanish, and the currency would be the Euro rather than USD. While it can be practical that websites know your IP, it is of course impractical in the way that you are blocked from some of the best content out there.

ExpressVPN simply lets you hide your original IP address and take on a completely different one for the opportunity to manipulate websites such as Netflix. Notice however that this is not illegal on your part. While Netflix does fight against VPNs, it is not a battle fought by Netflix themselves really, but rather the people from behind the content itself.

Streaming Issues With Netflix Through ExpressVPN

If you experience streaming issues, these could be related to ExpressVPN, or they could simply also be the fault of your Internet, and potentially Netflix themselves. Sometimes simply refreshing the website helps. A quick fix could also be to shut down the browser, or even the computer itself.

Sometimes however, we forget that we were connected to Netflix before we activated the VPN. In order for the VPN server to have any effect in this situation, we need to refresh the site such that we are visiting with the new IP address attached to our visit. Only then will ExpressVPN have a chance to work its magic.

If for some reason no IP addresses in one single country works, you could try to find another country that has the desired content on Netflix, and find a server here instead. Maybe you would be surprised at the increased quality of connections in some countries out there.

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ExpressVPN Works With Netflix

If you would like to see American Netflix, there is no doubt ExpressVPN would be among the best options in the market. This VPN service prides itself on a vast amount of servers worldwide, where the selection in the U.S. certainly is among the most impressive ones.

All you need to do here is to pick an American IP address from ExpressVPNs list and click connect. Within seconds, you will be connected to the IP address, and for a service such as Netflix, it will appear as if you are visiting from the U.S. In this way, ExpressVPN provides an ability for all to gain access to American Netflix.