How to Setup NordVPN with uTorrent (2024)

How to Setup and Use NordVPN with uTorrent

Torrenting has become popular over the past few years. This isn’t surprising because it’s a platform for internet users to connect and share files freely.

However, torrenting operates on a sharing-technology that reveals your digital information, such as your IP address and other personal data. So, to protect your information from getting into the wrong hands, you need to use VPN services.

Setting up a VPN is pretty easy and this article will walk you through the steps.

Setting up NordVPN on your device

NordVPN remains one of the top VPN service providers with several features to improve user experience. It also comes up top on many popular sites and is rated as the best VPN for torrenting according to Reddit. This includes an app that makes it easy for you to connect and enjoy torrenting without many technical issues. However, you would have to do the proxy setup if you do not have the app. Here’s a guide on how to set up and use NordVPN with uTorrent if you do not have the NordVPN app.

  1. Select and open uTorrent on your device. Click on the ‘Options’bar and navigate to ‘Preferences’.
  2. Under Preferences, click on ‘Connection’. Then, navigate to the Proxy Server box. Select HTTP or Socks5 for the type.
  3. Fill in Proxy with a NordVPN server address that supports ‘P2P’ sharing. To do this, open a new page in your browser to access NordVPN’s server picker. After locating the server picker, click on ‘show advanced options’.
  4. After that, navigate to ‘Select server type’ and pick P2P. Then, go to ‘Select security protocol’ where you will choose HTTP or Socks5 depending on the Proxy server type you chose earlier. After this is done, you will see the recommended server. Return to the uTorrent page and fill in the recommended server to the Proxy bar.
  5. Navigate to the port bar. Fill in 80 if you are using HTTP and 1080 if you are using Socks5.
  6. Tick all boxes listed under the Proxy Server and Privacy Policy section.
  7. Fill in your NordVPN username and password in the required spaces. Then click ‘OK’ to confirm the settings, and you can start enjoying secure torrenting.

Why should you use NordVPN with uTorrent

VPN services ensure you have the needed security to enjoy your torrenting effortlessly. And as mentioned earlier, NordVPN is one of the top providers for Torrenting. NordVPN offers you several benefits through its impressive list of features. Some of which are given below.

1. Impenetrable data security

Like most torrent platforms, uTorrent operates on P2P file-sharing technology. However, while this eases the process of getting your favorite content, it also leaves you open to exploitation. It records details of your personal information and, in some cases, make them public. Examples such as those mentioned earlier are your IP address and location.

However, your information is protected by military-grade encryption with NordVPN. This means that your data would remain inaccessible to all external parties, like your ISP, hackers, and even government. Also, NordVPN has a CyberSec feature to ensure that you don’t visit malicious websites that seek to mine your data illegally.

2. Protects your identity on the web

Ordinarily, torrent clients, and the internet as a whole operate on systems that expose your identity to others. Instances of these are when your torrent client records your browsing activities and so on, to its insecure database. It’s important that users stay safe while downloading torrents because it’s not always as straightforward as many people expect.

NordVPN, on the other hand, ensures your details are always private, even for prying eyes like those of your ISP. The provider offers you features like a ‘Strict no-logs policy,’ ‘Automatic Kill Switch,’ and ‘DNS leak protection.’ The Strict no-logs policy ensures that your torrenting activities are never recorded. On the other hand, the Automatic Kill Switch and DNS leak protection act as extra layers of security to protect your data traffic.

NordVPN also offers double encryption, which will route your traffic through two servers.

3. Unrestricted access

NordVPN not only protects your data but shields you from all restrictions that accompany torrenting or any use of the web. This could be geo-restrictions, censorship problems, and even bandwidth limit issues.

NordVPN has about 5900 servers in 59 countries all over the world. All the VPN’s servers are super-fast. So, you don’t have to be worried about being denied access to your favorite content because of your location. Better still? You get an improved connection on access.

Best deals you can get using NordVPN with uTorrent

To enjoy secure and seamless torrenting with NordVPN, you would have to create an account and subscribe to one of the VPN provider’s plan. NordVPN has several plans that you can easily select from according to your preference. Here’s a list of those plans:

  • 3-year plan: On NordVPN’s 3-year plan, you get to save a whopping 70% on subscriptions. The package comes at a rate of $3.49 per month.
  • 2-year plan: Here, you get to save 58% on your subscriptions, which is less than the discount on the 3-year plan. This package comes at a rate of $4.99 per month.
  • 1-year plan: The yearly plan is the last on the list of NordVPN’s long-term subscriptions. It saves you 41% and comes at a rate of $6.99 per month.
  • 1-month Plan: NordVPN’s monthly plan is the least package offered by the VPN provider in terms of duration. You don’t enjoy any discount on your subscription, and you are charged at a rate of £11.95 every month.

NordVPN assures its subscribers that there are no hidden fees beyond the initial subscription rates. So, you do not have to worry about extra charges. Also, the provider offers an impressive 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans. That way, you are sure of a full refund on your money if you do not like its services. Read up on our full NordVPN review today.

In conclusion

Torrenting provides you with an excellent opportunity to access and share your favorite content through the internet. However, it doesn’t have to come at the cost of your privacy and security. Thanks to NordVPN, this is guaranteed. With the VPN, you can enjoy the best torrenting experience on uTorrent.