Does NordVPN Work With Netflix Japan? (Updated 2024)

Does NordVPN Work With Netflix Japan? (Updated 2024)

Among streaming services, Netflix is arguably one of the best. It has spread its branches almost everywhere, reaching as far as West Africa, covering the better part of Europe, and even Asia. It has several hundred choices of original shows for its users. With all these mouth-watering pieces of content, it is no surprise that it is the first choice of several million people around the world for entertainment.

However, in spite of all that makes it great, it has a particular downside to it. It restricts users to consuming content in their geographic location alone. That is, if you are in the United States and you want to watch really good anime on Netflix Japan, you would be unable to simply because you are in the US. This is a huge bummer because it clamps down on your internet freedom. Fortunately, that restriction can be bypassed with a VPN known as NordVPN.

Today, there are many Virtual Private Networks in existence. Some offer their services for free. Others commercialize their services and request a fee. One of the best Virtual Private Networks today is NordVPN.

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Does NordVPN work effectively with Netflix Japan?

The fastest answer to this question is yes. However, it would not do complete justice to your curiosity as there are so many other pieces of information that need to be shared.

In January 2016, the ban that Netflix (generally) issued on Virtual Private Networks came into effect fully. Apart from preventing people from viewing their content in a different country, they were out to ensure that you could not do so even with a Virtual Private Network. Now, a lot of people thought that Netflix could not pull off that ban. There are several hundred Virtual Private Networks in existence with several thousand servers cumulatively located around the entire world. On these servers are several hundred IP addresses to bypass Netflix’s restriction. When you put all these into consideration, even you would doubt Netflix’s ability to pull off its ban effectively.

Netflix VPN ban typically looks like this.

However, since 2016, they have been quite effective in carrying out that ban. They have identified some of the most well-encrypted Virtual Private Networks and banned their IP addresses. With every passing day, they continue to add more to their list. At this point, there is not a single doubt that Netflix is indeed capable of enforcing their ban.

Several Virtual Private Networks have put in maximum effort into bypassing that ban. Unfortunately for them, Netflix’s tech team has found a way to ensure that their efforts fall flat. Thankfully, there are still Virtual Private Networks in existence that can bypass that ban and allow you to view content regardless of your location.

One of such Virtual Private Networks is NordVPN. NordVPN has been able to keep its head above the water for quite a while now with Netflix Japan. There have been complaints here and there that when trying to access Netflix Japan with NordVPN, some servers do not work. However, a closer look reveals that there are indeed several servers on NordVPN’s list that work quite well in streaming content from Netflix Japan.

NordVPN safely unblocks Netflix Japan from all countries.

So, if you are wondering what the answer to the question is, it’s a yes. The process of finding a server that would work very well with Netflix Japan might be a bit tedious. Regardless, NordVPN can bypass Netflix Japan’s restriction to allow you to stream content how you like.

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How exactly does NordVPN help you view content on Netflix Japan?

To help you understand the answer to this question fully, permit us to take you through a train of thought. On the internet, there is such a thing known as a geo-restriction. It is a term that refers to the method of restriction used by some websites, applications, pieces of software, etc. It prevents people from consuming content on them outside authorised locations. For a geo-restriction to come into place, a few relatively simple steps occur.

Here is how geo-restriction works. Your browsing on the web is essentially your internet-enabled device communicating with a server. That server acts as the host of the website or application that you are trying to access online. The server proceeds to read your device’s IP address. Your IP (Internet Protocol) address is a unique set of numbers assigned to your internet-enabled device. It acts as the unique ID of sorts for your device. When the server reads your IP address, it discovers your location. If your area is outside the approved location on the server, you would not be able to consume the content of the site hosted that server. It’s unfortunate but it is quite simple.

Netflix Japan basically does the same thing to you. You want to watch this fresh new anime. Perhaps, the latest episode of Shingeki No Kyojin. You try to access the site from outside of Japan. Netflix Japan’s server sees your device requesting permission to access its content. It checks your IP address and sees that you are not in Japan. Afterward, you are denied entry. The sad addition to this is that with Netflix Japan, you are even more restricted because their ban prevents you from using a regular Virtual Private Network. The ban is possible because they have been able to identify and block servers and IPs of those VPNs.

NordVPN has many servers in Japan for getting a Japanese IP address.

With over a hundred and forty servers in Japan, NordVPN has been able to work around the ban. Where other Virtual Private Networks fall flat, NordVPN offers an option. All you have to do is subscribe to NordVPN, start the app, pick a server in Japan and try. A few servers on NordVPN might have gotten blocked, but with over 140, Netflix Japan doesn’t quite have everything yet. A little bit of trial and error might be required. However, it is still worth it as you would find servers that work eventually.

Whichever server you choose would then change your IP address, give Netflix Japan the impression that you are browsing from Japan. Afterward, when Netflix Japan wants to block you, it would have no reason to. As such, you have full access to all its content using NordVPN.

Why exactly should you choose NordVPN instead of others?

Apart from being able to provide access to Netflix Japan, there are several features that NordVPN offers. First of all, NordVPN has one of the largest amounts of servers in the world with over 5400 servers planted across more than 59 countries around the globe.

When you buy a product or subscribe to a service, especially long term, would it not be an excellent idea for it to be able to meet multiple needs instead of just one? Well, that is precisely what NordVPN does. With that many servers dispersed across the world as such, NordVPN can give you quite a lot of choices. So, you might want to stream movies and shows on Netflix Japan. You may also want to browse securely and privately in the United States of America. Perhaps, you even want to be able to do both. Regardless of what you want to do, with over 5400 servers around the world, NordVPN has you covered.

NordVPN has servers all over the world

Another significant part of this excellent Virtual Private Network is that it allows a simultaneous connection of six devices upon subscription. That is, when you subscribe to NordVPN’s plans, you would be allowed to use up to six of your devices with that subscription. Assuming you have up to four devices, including, but not limited to, your two smartphones, your tablet and your laptop, you would still have two more spaces that can be filled. More screens to watch Netflix Japan for you and your pals.

The best part about being able to connect up to six devices is that you get to subscribe at very affordable prices. They have a pricing system that gives you discounts based on how long you plan to stay with them. This means that the longer you want to subscribe, the higher your discount would be and the lower they would charge you per month. Besides, they have a very attractive thirty-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee allows you to pay for their services, and try it out for thirty days. If during your first thirty days of using the VPN service, you find out that it is not all that you want it to be, you can simply request a refund, and you would get one ASAP. It’s just that simple.

Besides all that we have mentioned, NordVPN is very thorough and trustworthy when it comes to your security and privacy. For your protection, they used an advanced encryption system that has 256-bit keys. This is the highest level of protection in the tech world. It proves to be so reliable that even the most prominent countries and organizations use it in encrypting their data, including the United States of America.

Apart from that too, they have a unique feature known as Double VPN. The feature takes the Virtual Private Network through the “stress” of routing all your information and encrypting it twice. This helps ensure that things are meticulously done, and your security cannot be compromised. There is also the killswitch which cannot go off to ensure that if your VPN goes off, your safety does not get compromised.

NordVPN has functions like double VPN, Dedicated IP, Onion Over VPN, etc.

Now, you might be wondering why we said NordVPN is trustworthy. A short and straightforward story would explain that. If you are familiar with the internet and how some countries are with it, you would know that Russia is a country that is very strict with its internet space. It aims to protect itself and its citizens in every manner possible from any threats that could arise from using the internet. Unfortunately, in doing so, it sometimes clamps down on its citizens’ freedom.

Some time ago, Russia mandated NordVPN to allow it backend access to their servers. This meant that they would be able to view everything that happens within those servers. Rather than bend to the Russian government’s will, NordVPN responded by taking out all their servers from the country. If a brand that puts its customers’ safety before its benefit isn’t trustworthy, we do not know what is.

All of these things that we have listed are the reasons we could mention for you to try out NordVPN. There is still much more NordVPN has to offer you in terms of speed, privacy, and so on. In our opinion, it is one of your best bets if you are looking to bypass Netflix Japan’s ban and get some extra security on the internet.

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Can you use a free VPN to bypass Netflix Japan instead of NordVPN?

As good as any paid product is, it is still not quite as attractive as its free counterpart that offers the same services. The sad part, however, is that there is hardly any free Virtual Private Network out there that can compete with the services of paid VPNs, much less NordVPN.

So, you cannot use a free VPN to bypass Netflix Japan and get access to the content you want to. You could try. Experience, after all, is the best teacher. However, as you would realize, free Virtual Private Networks are not quite equipped to go toe to toe against Netflix Japan. Even if they have servers that have not been identified and banned by some miracle, there is still the strong possibility that your security would be compromised. All in all, a paid VPN is still a much better option if you want to use a Virtual Private Network. It involves spending a bit of cash, but it is a necessary investment if you ask us.

In conclusion

Netflix Japan offers much in terms of content made available to users. However, it is also quite limiting as you can not ordinarily view it outside Japan. Only a few Virtual Private Networks can bypass that restriction and give you access. As we have explained in this article, NordVPN is one of the Virtual Private Networks that help you use Netflix Japan.