Watch iQiyi Outside China and Taiwan With a VPN

Watch iQiyi Outside China and Taiwan With a VPN

Over 500 million people use iQiyi every month to stream movies, TV shows, music videos, cartoons, documentaries, and more. It is an outstanding Chinese-based video streaming platform with a variety of programs. Many have seen iQiyi as the “Netflix of China.”

However, there’s a firewall on the platform that prevents those outside China and Taiwan from accessing the content on iQiyi. iQiyi only has the right to air those programs in China and Taiwan, so it is inaccessible to people outside the regions. 

Fortunately, with a VPN on your device, you can access iQiyi wherever you are in the world. A VPN can hide your regular IP address and give you a Chinese one. You can then use this IP address to access iQiyi from any part of the world. 

How To Watch iQiyi Outside China and Taiwan With a VPN

With a VPN, you can get a Chinese IP address and bypass all geo-restrictions on the iQiyi platform. Follow these steps to access iQiyi from any part of the world. 

1. Download a VPN: You first need to download a reliable VPN on your device. There are varieties of VPNs available. However, you need one that has good security features and has been proven to grant access to iQiyi from any part of the world. You can use any of the VPNs we recommend.

2. Select a Server in China: Since iQiyi is a Chinese platform, you’ll need a Chinese or Taiwan IP address to access it. Open your installed VPN application, and choose a server in China. 

3. Visit iQiyi and Start Streaming: Now that you have a Chinese IP address, you can visit the iQiyi platform and stream any video of your choice. 

Top VPNs for Watching iQiyi Outside China

Here are the top five (5) VPNs to use in watching iQiyi outside China and Taiwan.


ExpressVPN devices


  • Number of servers: More than 3,000
  • Speeds: Unlimited
  • Server locations: 160 in 94 countries
  • Maximum devices supported: 5
  • 24 live chat: Yes
  • 30-day money-back guarantee: Yes


  • Fastest VPN out there
  • Strict no logs policy
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Few discounts
Visit ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs to use in watching iQiyi from any location across the globe. It has a good reputation for bypassing geo-restricted content or censorships and provides exceptional security features to help protect you from possible online threats. 

The VPN has over 3,000 servers across 90+ countries including Hong Kong and Taiwan. You can change your IP address to one in Hong Kong (China) or Taiwan and access any of your preferred iQiyi content with ease. You can stream conveniently with the VPN, as it has speedy servers that won’t affect your internet connection.

While streaming your favorite show on iQiyi, you are assured of good online security. ExpressVPN uses the AES256-bit encryption model to provide a secure connection that is impossible to penetrate. It also has protocols like OpenVPN, IPSec, IKEv2, and others. Moreover, there are extra features like a malware protector, kill switch and leak-testers. 

The VPN provider also allows P2P file sharing/torrenting and has a split-tunneling feature. You can use the split-tunneling feature to access iQiyi alongside your local sites. It also has all essential privacy policies to keep you anonymous while you surf the web. It has a strict no-log policy, which means that it won’t share or save your data. 

Furthermore, ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee offer. With this offer, you can access iQiyi, then get a refund afterward. The VPN service is compatible with most devices and allows a simultaneous connection of up to five (5) devices.

  • Pros: Fastest VPN out there; Strict no logs policy; 256-bit AES encryption;
  • Lowest price: $6.67


HideMyAss devices


  • Speeds: 20 Gbps
  • Money-back guarantee: Yes
  • Activity logs? No
  • Locations: 190+ countries


  • Best server database on the market
  • No-logs and kill switch policy
  • Multiple device protection
  • Expensive short term plan
Visit HideMyAss

HMA is one of the oldest VPNs in the industry. It is known to help bypass geo-restrictions on iQiyi, and provide great security. It does not interfere with your internet connection speed and allows you to access content that is blocked in other parts of the world. 

The VPN service has 1100+ servers in 190+ countries. Some of these servers are in Beijing, China. You can easily obtain a Chinese IP address and comfortably access iQiyi to watch your exclusive cartoons, movies, or series. It offers a 20 Gbps connection speed, so you can stream without experiencing slow buffering. 

HMA is a part of the popular AVAST Secureline company. You can be assured that it offers some of the best security features to keep your online connection secured. It uses the military-grade AES 256-bit encryption model and has security protocols like OpenVPN. HMA also has an automatic kill-switch, DDoS protection, and other features to protect you against data leaks. 

To maintain your privacy, the VPN service has a strict no-log policy. It will not save your real IP address or your online activity. You can browse anonymously, and keep your data untraceable. 

You can use the VPN service for free with its 7-day free trial offer. This offer allows you to test out the features of HMA before subscribing. Additionally, the VPN provider offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

HMA VPN allows up to five connections at the same time. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Android, and even routers.

  • Pros: Best server database on the market; No-logs and kill switch policy; Multiple device protection;
  • Lowest price $2.99


CyberGhost devices


  • Connected devices at once: 7
  • Automatic kill switch? Yes
  • One click connect: Yes
  • Servers: 5900 worldwide


  • No logs policy
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Apps for mobile devices and routers
  • No free option
Try CyberGhost

You can watch all your favorite TV shows on iQiyi from anywhere in the world with CyberGhost. It bypasses censorship in countries like China and empowers you to browse the web securely and privately.

The user-friendly VPN has over 6,900 servers in 89 countries, including China. You can get a Chinese IP address within seconds and unblock all programs on iQiyi. Its servers are also fast and would enable you to stream videos without experiencing slow buffering. 

CyberGhost has exceptional security features that protect you from cyberattacks. It has 256-bit encryption, kill-switch DNS protection, IPv6 leak protection, and secure protocols like OpenVPN and IPSec. It also has a malware protector and allows torrenting/P2P file sharing. You can use the internet with the confidence that CyberGhost will prevent all forms of cyberattacks while giving you access to iQiyi. 

The VPN provider also has a split-tunneling feature, so you can use it to access iQiyi, alongside local sites in your area. Furthermore, the provider has a strict no-log policy. It won’t log your online activities or sell them to any party. 

CyberGhost offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. You can use all its features for up to 45 days then request a refund on your subscription. The VPN service is compatible with all major devices and has 24/7 customer support via live chat. It is mobile and desktop friendly and allows a simultaneous connection of up to seven (7) devices.

  • Pros: No logs policy; 24/7 live chat; Apps for mobile devices and routers;
  • Lowest price: €2

Factors To Consider When Choosing a VPN for Unblocking iQiyi

In choosing the right VPN for unblocking iQiyi outside China and Taiwan, you’ll need to consider these things. 

Location of server

Since iQiyi is only available in China and Taiwan, you’ll need a VPN with servers in any of those countries to access it. No matter how exceptional a VPN provider claims to be, if it doesn’t have a server in China or Taiwan, it won’t bypass the blocks. 

Security and Privacy 

Security is an essential factor to consider. While accessing iQiyi, your VPN service should be able to protect you from cyber-attacks or online threats. Look out for a VPN provider with military-grade AES-256 encryption, key protocols like OpenVPN, and other security features. It should have a kill switch, malware protector, and other features to keep your online activities completely anonymous. 


You also need to check the VPN speed when choosing. It will be frustrating to stream on iQiyi and experience slow speed or long buffering. Ensure the servers are fast and do not affect your local internet connection. 

Cost of VPN

You should also consider the cost of a VPN when selecting one. If you only need the VPN for a short period, you can search for one with a free trial or money-back guarantee offer. With the money-back guarantee offer, you can use the VPN service during the stipulated time, then get a refund on your subscription if you want one. 

Can I Use a Free VPN To Access iQiyi Outside China or Taiwan?

If the free VPN has servers in China or Taiwan, it is possible to use it to access iQiyi. It is, however, rare for a free VPN service to have servers there, and if you find one, it will still come with numerous flaws. Using a free VPN to access iQiyi outside China isn’t advisable. 

Since free VPNs have limited servers, the traffic gets congested easily and affects your internet speed. You may end up spending several minutes trying to stream a show. 

Even with a China server on a free VPN, you may still be unable to stream on iQiyi. Some IP addresses on free VPNs have been blacklisted and automatically blocked from accessing iQiyi. 

The security features of free VPNs are also not at their peak. You can’t guarantee your online safety with them. Since they are free, they typically do not have the quality feature premium VPNs have. Some of them have also been known to spread malware on devices. 

We recommend that you use a premium VPN instead to access iQiyi and secure your online activities. 


The only way to access iQiyi outside China or Taiwan is with a reliable VPN service. It will help you bypass geo-restrictions and protect you from cyberattacks on the web. Your online activities will be anonymous and secure with a quality VPN service. This article looks at how to use a VPN to access iQiyi outside China. Follow the steps to get started.