StrongVPN Review

“StrongVPN is your fast and easy solution for navigating a truly open internet.”


Very good!


Very good!

With numerous VPN providers in the market, it’s difficult to tell which the good is from the bad. Well, StongVPN, one of the most-picked providers, is here and it might just be what you need. If you’re looking for a VPN service that works well wherever you are, then you need to hear this out.

StrongVPN, as its name suggests, is one of the services that really is a stronghold. It has been commended by different companies such as T3, LifeHacker, CNet, even the NBC. From their feedback, their service clearly is something we might be missing out on.

In this review, we will be discussing StrongVPN; what it is, how it works, and how well it is compared to other providers.

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StrongVPN History

StrongVPN is one of the early players of the VPN game. It was founded back in 2005 and is under the conglomerate of Strong Technology LLC. Since then, they’re headquartered in Lake Tahoe, one of the most historic and oldest locations for tech companies based in the United States.

StrongVPNs home page

Assembled by a team of Software Engineers, Programmers, and Cybersecurity experts, StrongVPN really is what its name suggests. For more than two (2) decades, experts of StrongVPN are confident of their craft; they’ve been working on computers, the internet, and VPNs for more or less 20 years.

Since then, their goal hasn’t changed – to provide a secure internet connection with freedom and flexibility.

Security and Privacy

We’re not kidding when we tell you that their privacy policy is listed as more than 1,500 words. Most people don’t even bother reading it; but they need to. To help you understand that more, though, in summary, what they’re trying to tell in that policy is that they do not care about who you are and what you do; since day one (1), they’ve kept no logs or record of all internet activity.

StrongVPN for Windows

The only things they need from you would be minimal information; information like your name, email address, and payment information – nothing more, nothing less. Moreover, they don’t allow third-party applications and programs on their service for optimum privacy and security.

The reason why millions of people chose StrongVPN is because of their promises. Similar to other VPN providers, StrongVPN promises to work hard to avoid different types of leaks. Well, based on the tests we’ve made, they really are keeping up to their promises.

We haven’t seen any evidence of IP or DNS leaks on any of their thousand servers globally; making them one of the safest providers to ever set foot on the market.

They also utilize military-grade AES 256-bit encryption – the same encryption used by government agencies and banking facilities. It’s the type of encryption that is almost impossible to decrypt or break.

StrongVPN also comes with a Kill Switch, making your experience much safer.

Network and Server Selections

StrongVPN boasts of their medium network of Gigabit servers. They have over 950+ servers in about 35+ countries in 59 cities around the world. It seems a bit less than the top-rated VPN providers but they’re more secure – how? They’re more secure because they are more monitored and maintained.

StrongVPN different protocols

Along with that, StrongVPN provides a total of 59,000+ IP addresses for different types of servers and usage. You can be confident that no intermittent or dropped connections will occur; all the while keeping your internet traffic hidden and encrypted.



  • “Best location” option
  • No speed limit
  • Best encryption available


  • Not the most servers

They have an average server network and to be frank, it’s few compared to the top VPN providers in the market. But, they’re lowkey; and they keep a keen eye on all of their servers to avoid any type of leaks and infiltration that could endanger the privacy of their clients.

Internet Censorship

If one of your primary reasons why you want a VPN is to access geographically-blocked and restricted websites, then you might want to consider StrongVPN. StrongVPN takes pride on having the most accesses to streaming services. In fact, they claim to be the “best VPN service for streaming.”

It can give users accesses even to the most sophisticated streaming services such as Hulu, HBO, Sky Go, and Netflix. In our tests, we were able to use US and Japan Netflix; the two (2) most popular Netflix libraries in the world.

One major drawback, though, is its inability to access Canadian, French, and UK Netflix. Users who prefer watching Canada, France, and UK-only Netflix content might feel disappointed.

We also tried accessing BBC iPlayer on each UK server available. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get past through the firewall. All their UK servers aren’t allowing us any access to BBC iPlayer at all. Overall, Japanese and US-only Netflix are available; it’s still two-thumbs up in terms of streaming restricted content.

Device Compatibility

We were shocked when we found out that StrongVPN works on many different ranges of devices. In fact, it’s the only VPN service provider we know that allows a total of 12 connections under one account/license.

StrongVPN for iPhone

Meaning, you can share the StrongVPN access/license to your family members without having to subscribe again. Major devices such as MacOS, iOS, Windows, Android, and Google Chrome are among the devices it supports.

For each platform, users are given an extensive step-by-step guide on how they can setup StrongVPN. In addition, instructions to set it up with a home router are also available! You can definitely be carefree on how you would be setting it up because it’s literally given to you. There are about 30+ videos on how to set it up in different devices so you won’t have to look elsewhere!

Connection Speeds

We hate to compare it to other mid-ranged VPN providers in the market but StrongVPN’s connection speeds were fantastic. With its inexpensive cost, you won’t really expect much from it in terms of speed. But their speeds were above-average.

A few years back, they’ve received a hefty amount of feedback about their sluggish speeds. They used that as a leverage to improve; now, their speeds are comparable to the top VPN providers in the market with prices over-the-roof.

In the test we’ve made, we saw a tremendous improvement in each server as we changed. On average, the connection they were able to provide was only 4% slower than the regular connection speeds provided by other VPN clients.

Many people choose StrongVPN in terms of connection, too; why? Because even if it is kill switch-enabled, you can expect little-to-no dropped connections. This simply means that their servers are always monitored and checked at a regular basis.

Customer Support and Knowledgebase

Tech-savvy people tend to label StrongVPN to be “overrated” in terms of their price. However, considering the fact that they offer tremendous connection speeds, Netflix compatibility, and an excellent customer service, you’ll definitely see what you’ve been paying for.

StrongVPN is one of the best VPN providers with excellent customer service. We tested their “24/7, 365” customer service promise and we were amazed at how fast their response was. In literally less than five (5) minutes, they were able to address my question correctly.

They had a team of professionals in their support group and we absolutely love it. With StrongVPN, you’ll have no questions left unanswered; as much as possible, they’ll be resolving your concern with a concise and direct answer.

You can also utilize their chat support utility tool in their website. Although we suggest sending an email instead of chatting for documentation purposes, you can use their chat facility if you’re in a hurry. Don’t worry because they’ll respond faster than you expect them to.

Pricing and Trial Period

StrongVPN is among the VPN providers who offer fewer options for their plans. You can choose to pay monthly, and that would be $10 per month. However, subscribing to them and paying on an annual basis would bill you for just $5.83 per month, giving you monthly savings of $4.17, $50.04 a year.

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Unfortunately, StrongVPN does not offer trial periods before you get started. They believe so well with their products that they think reading about it from other customers’ experiences and to know what they can offer is enough.

Good thing, though, is that they offer a solid 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not at all amazed with what they have to offer, you can choose to get a full refund. Otherwise, they’ll either bill for a monthly fee or an annual one, depending on what you choose.

Would we recommend StrongVPN?

We would highly recommend StrongVPN to customers who care much about their online privacy. Not just that, StrongVPN is among the VPN providers who have tons of Netflix libraries available; and other streaming services, too. They were not wrong in proclaiming that they are “the best streaming VPN service” out there in the market. They singlehandedly beat other providers in the market in terms of bypassing internet censorship.

With the military-grade encryption tool and firewall they use, you can careless about who sees your activity. With StrongVPN, the only thing you will be worrying about is how much devices you have because it allows 12 device connections under one subscription.

So if you’re looking for a VPN that is “strong” and reliable, StrongVPN is the one for you. Like we just told you, their name is not just for show.


“StrongVPN is your fast and easy solution for navigating a truly open internet.”


Very good!