Hide.me Review 2024: Full Guide (Speed, Safety, Netflix, Etc.)

Hide.me Review 2024

“Hide.me is a paid and free service that provides a VPN that gives you good security”
Very good!

Hide.me was created by a group of individuals who believed that the internet was too closed off for the average user. In order to make the internet more accessible, the group launched the VPN service back in 2012. In addition to easing the restrictions, Hide.me was also created to give people privacy online and give them secure connections.

Hide.me believes that internet security is a fundamental human right, and that is why they offer a free version of their service to everyone. This ensures that Hide.me can offer a popular service that does not compromise one way or the other so that all users can get access.  In our experience, the free VPN version is one of the best in the business.

In this review, we write about what you need to know about Hide.me. You’ll learn about the servers, speed, security and privacy of Hide.me, as well as the pricing, user-friendliness, and much more. In general, we can say that we believe Hide.me performs pretty well when compared to other VPNs out there.

Hide.me VPN Review – Selection of Servers

Hide.me is one of those VPNs that offer both a free and paid version.

The selection of servers is important for stability and reliability. With over 2000+ servers spread across 75 locations worldwide, you can rely on that Hide.me delivers on the selection of servers. A large number of servers means that whoever uses the service always can be sure that there will always be a good connection. The amount of servers and locations is more than the average VPN company in the market, which is something that we appreciate.

Hide.me’s European server locations

Also, the selection is important because it gives you access to online streaming services, which is discussed later in this review. Hide.me has, among other things, a range of stable servers in the USA as well as servers on all continents of the world. Whether you want to connect to Africa or Europe, Hide.me gives you the opportunity to do so.

Like most other VPN services Hide.me has most of their servers in the biggest geos. This means you can select between a wide range of servers across countries like USA, UK, Australia, Germany and more.

Hide.me VPN Review on Speed – Is it Fast?

As previously mentioned, a large selection of servers goes hand-in-hand with speed. Due to the fact that the VPN has over 2000+ servers, it makes sense that it offers a fast service, no matter where you are. After all, one of the three guidelines behind Hide.me´s VPN service is that the use of VPN services should not be compromised in any way. Hide.me gives you fast and stable speeds.



  • Has free option
  • No log policy
  • Secure connection


  • Not very cheap

It’s true that a VPN will always make you lose some speed, as the traffic is routed through an additional server. Nevertheless, Hide.me has gone the extra length in investing in some of the best servers around the world, so that you get a lightning-fast speed, even if you do use their VPN. 

While we did not compare the speed of the paid and free services, our experience is that the speed of the paid version is better in most cases, especially since there are usually more servers to choose from. The free version also has a data cap in some instances, which can be a problem.

Security and Privacy – Is Hide.me VPN Safe?

Usually, free VPN services tend to disclose your information when governments search for it, meaning your IP-address can quickly become compromised. With Hide.me on the other hand, you don´t have to worry about this, as neither the free nor the paid service has any form of logging. This means that Hide.me can´t even release information if they are forced to.

Hide.me helps you get a new IP-address easily. This way, websites you visit as well as your internet provider will have no idea who you are. This can be nice in many cases, but in general of course, this is all about privacy, and Hide.me is good at protecting it.

The service also offers very good security with 256-bit encryption. This means you keep all your communication with others completely encrypted and out of sight of others, such as third parties. Security is becoming a growing need for online users as the technology evolves and Hide.me is a very good alternative as a VPN service.

Other safety features Hide.me offers is complete protection against any kind of leaks (DNS, IPv4, IPv6, WebRTC), Uncensored DNS, IKEv2, WireGuard, OpenVPN, SoftEther and SSTP protocols, Kill Switch, Multihop Double VPN, etc. They have also introduced dynamic Multihop VPN, and does not request any activity logs. In other words, Hide.me offers a lot of extra functions, and doesn’t require any additional personal information, something that we appreciate.

Hide.me has recently partnered with the i2Coalition and has become part of the VPN Trust Initiative, a consortium of leading VPN providers focused on improving digital safety for internet users around the world. It was also the first VPN provider that underwent a comprehensive audit and has been certified as the most anonymous VPN service in the industry by the CEO and founder of DefenseCode Ltd, Leon Juaranic.

Geo-block Removal

Although a VPN is first and foremost about staying anonymous online and protecting your privacy, there are undeniably many who use the service to remove geo-blocking. For example, Netflix has a massive selection of shows and movies in the USA that are not available to anyone outside of the country.

However, by using Hide.me you can get access to this content immediately. For example, if you want to watch US Netflix in Norway, you just log on to an American server. The next time you visit Netflix, the streaming service will believe you are in the USA and your Norwegian IP-address is kept completely hidden.

Hide.me VPN Review – User-Friendliness

Hide.me asks you to go through a simple registration process before downloading their program or app if you are using the mobile service. You can get VPN protection on all devices and operating systems with Hide.me, which you should have, since protection on only one device does almost nothing to you. Hide.me can give you protection on up to 10 simultaneous devices with support on Windows, Mac, iOs, Android, and routers. It also supports Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers, with support on Android TV, Amazon Fire OS, and Linux too.

Once the program is downloaded it does not require any kind of technical expertise on your part. All you have to do is choose a country to connect to from the list Hide.me offers. If you click on one of these countries, you are quickly connected to a server there. When you visit a website, the website will believe you are actually in this country!

Functions such as the Kill Switch is also very easy to activate. This means that the VPN service automatically logs off your internet if the server stops working. In this way, your original IP address is not given to any of the websites you visit. The VPN service always protects you in the background.

Hide.me VPN Pricing – Is It Worth It?

One of Hide.me´s biggest advantages is that they have a very good free version. Of course, there are some compromises here, such as a reduced number of servers and limited data, but this is a perfect way to try out Hide.me. The free version also has high speed and good security, so it can be relevant for single use as well.

There are so few free VPNs out there that actually work well, and in our experience Hide.me´s free version is one of the better VPNs in the business.

If you are going to use a VPN more often, you can register for a paid subscription. You can choose between one month, one year and two years. The latter is clearly the least expensive and there are good discounts that can be claimed to help with the monthly cost.

Hide.me gives a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try the paid version without any risks. The best option would probably be to try the free version first and see if you like it. The free version has a 10GB data transfer limit, with just 1 simultaneous connection at a time.

In general we think you get a lot compared to what you pay for when it comes to Hide.me. Our only drawback is that we think that the one-month deal is a little pricey when compared to some other VPNs out there. Even though Hide.me might have an expensive Premium plan, but it does include an abundance of features. For example MultiHop, and even the Bolt feature, which improves the VPN speed (read more here). 

Summary – Our Hide.me VPN Review

Hide.me has got a few advantages in a competitive business. The biggest advantage is probably that you can try their VPN service for free with small limitations. With a high encryption degree as well as over 2000+ servers in 75 locations, Hide.me provides a fantastic service involving anonymity, security, and geo-block removal. They also put your privacy first, something that showed up time and time against in our Hide.me VPN review.

You can keep your IP-address hidden from third parties, as well as grab access to things like American Netflix in a matter of seconds. Also, it is possible and very easy to upgrade to a paid version for unlimited data, and if you don’t like what you see, use the 30-day money-back guarantee. Pick up a free version today and try Hide.me VPN.

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Very good!
“Hide.me is a paid and free service that provides a VPN that gives you good security”
Very good!
Very good!