Why is Internet Security a Necessity? (2024 Edition)

Why is Internet Security a Necessity?

The need to shore up internet security is at an all-time high. This applies both to huge corporations and even regular citizens. In this discussion, the focus will be on why it is necessary for you to pay attention to internet security.

What is Internet Security?

Internet security is a loose term used to refer to all the strategies employed to improve and protect one’s security. The strategies employed here are to prevent malicious or accidental loss of data during internet use. The goal of internet security is to keep legitimate internet users secure. Some of the strategies employed here include the use of strong passwords, strong encryption, and even the use of a VPN.

Why is Internet Security a Necessity?

Here are some of the reasons internet security is very important:

1. Rise of Cybercrimes

It is almost impossible to find any adult who doesn’t use the internet. For millennials and Gen Zers, the likelihood of that is almost next to nil. Cybercriminals understand this, and this explains the rise in cybercrimes. This is because the possibilities of reward for them increase with the increase in the number of internet users.

These individuals come up with schemes solely aimed at stealing data and information relating to internet users. For instance, a hacker could gain access to your account and copy your credit card information. This could then be used to wipe out all of your savings and investments.

Alternatively, they could use such information to swindle others of hard-earned money. These criminals mostly prey on the ignorance of internet users. The individuals who fall prey to their schemes are those who are unable to identify or guard against such plots.

You must realize the cybercrimes permeate every facet of society. You can run into challenges whether you run a company or use the internet solely for private purposes. This is the reason you should be paying attention to internet security.

2. Prevention of Government Censorship

If you live in a country where there is some semblance of government censorship, you need internet security. Government censorship can be in the form of limiting access to certain content. Thus, some governments restrict access to some videos on specific platforms. This is the reason you cannot access Netflix libraries from some countries.

Additionally, censorship can be in the form of limiting access to social media. Some countries ban citizens from making use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. This results in a massive curtailing of free speech. It is usual to find massive breaches of human rights laws in these countries. The ban on these for platforms is then a measure to prevent dissent by citizens.

With the law in place, it makes it a crime for anyone to make use of any of these platforms. As a citizen, you may want to protest the activities of such governments. What better way to do so than through social media? However, you cannot do that without internet security tools. Tools used in internet security will make it possible for you to by-pass government blocks on these sites. Hence, you will be able to make use of social media. Whether you want to make use of it for personal use or to protest, you can.

Furthermore, if you ever get found out, these internet security tools will keep your identity hidden. Your government may be able to locate your account, but it won’t be able to know that you are the one behind it. If you live, work, or intend to travel to any country with government censorship, you need to pay attention to internet security.

3. Prevention of the Infiltration of Malware

Internet security is also important to prevent malware from attacking your device. Malware refers to programs with concealed malicious content. It can be used to infiltrate any programmable device. Thus, malware could infect your personal computer, mobile phones, or other devices. Internet security helps detect and prevent these.

Additionally, strong internet security will protect you from viruses and Trojan horses. A virus is a self-replicating malicious program. When it penetrates a device, it gets attached to the existing files and then spreads over time. A virus is designed to alter the actions or data of the host computer. One common action it takes is deleting or corrupting the files of the host computer.

Trojan Horses are also problematic. They usually appear innocuous when downloaded. However, they subsequently cause problems for the host device, leading to loss of files or slowed network speed.


There is a burning need to pay attention to internet security in these times. You may feel that you aren’t affected in any way, but you are wrong. As long as you have an internet-enabled device, you stand a risk of being compromised. Arm yourself with the requisite knowledge in this area, and then proceed to do the needful. Read our in-depth VPN reviews here that can provide enhanced privacy and security.