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Watch the F1 British Grand Prix with a VPN in 2024

As the British Grand Prix 2024 draws near, fans can watch and enjoy exciting races with a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This is because many broadcasters like Sky Sports F1 and ESPN have strict geo-restrictions. However, you can only be guaranteed the best results when using a reliable VPN service.

Thankfully, we’ve researched the best VPN to watch the British GP 2024, no matter your location. Also, this list of VPNs will work perfectly for other Formula 1 events you might be interested in. The best VPN for Formula 1 races, such as the British Grand Prix, is ExpressVPN.

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Pick the Best Formula 1 British Grand Prix VPN

We’ve made a list of three of the best VPN providers on the market based on their server coverage, unblocking ability, security, privacy, and so on. At Techshielder, we don’t just rate these VPNs based on their hype; we test them out ourselves.


ExpressVPN devices


  • Number of servers: More than 3,000
  • Speeds: Unlimited
  • Server locations: 160 in 105 countries
  • Maximum devices supported: 5
  • 24 live chat: Yes
  • 30-day money-back guarantee: Yes


  • Fastest VPN out there
  • Strict no logs policy
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Few discounts
Visit ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the best VPN you could choose to watch Formula One with. This provider offers access to over 3000 servers in more than 105 locations, including the UK, United States, Austria, and other areas where the F1 races are held.

These servers are super fast, so you won’t miss key moments in the races. Additionally, ExpressVPN doesn’t have speed or bandwidth caps. So, you can stream every race of the British Grand Prix 2024 if you want!

You can use ExpressVPN on popular operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. A 30-day money-back guarantee backs its subscription plans, while you can have up to five simultaneous connections.

  • Pros: Fastest VPN out there; Strict no logs policy; 256-bit AES encryption;
  • Lowest price: $6.67

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NordVPN devices


  • Cryptocurrency accepted? Yes
  • Simultaneous connections: 6
  • Dedicated IP-addresses? Yes
  • Servers: 5342 in 58 countries


  • Lots of pricing options
  • Netflix support kept up to date
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Slow app
Visit NordVPN

Another top-rated VPN that can come in handy for watching the 2024 British GP from any location is NordVPN. This VPN operates more than 5000 servers in over 60 countries, including those in which you can watch F1 programs. In addition, NordVPN can bypass tough geo-restrictions. So, you don’t need to worry about error messages you typically get when you try to watch F1 with a VPN.

NordVPN is compatible with multiple devices, which allows you to watch the F1 British GP and other races conveniently. Furthermore, you can use one account on six devices. Lastly, any subscription plan you choose has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Pros: Lots of pricing options; Netflix support kept up to date; 256-bit AES encryption;
  • Lowest price: $3.71

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Surfshark devices


  • Free trial? Yes
  • Simultaneous connections: Unlimited
  • Ad blocking? Yes
  • Servers: 1000+ in 61 countries


  • No footprints
  • Allows torrenting
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Not the fastest
Try Surfshark

Surfshark is budget-friendly and excellent for beginners. This provider offers access to more than 3000 fast servers in 60+ locations. Its server coverage guarantees that you’ll always find a server that can seamlessly unblock the British Grand Prix or other events. 

This VPN works excellently on all devices. One of the best things about Surfshark is that it supports unlimited simultaneous connections. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee on your subscription.

  • Pros: No footprints; Allows torrenting; 256-bit AES encryption;
  • Lowest Price: $2.49

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All About the F1 British Grand Prix 2024

With an exciting and eventful British Grand Prix over, all eyes are shifting from Austria to iconic Silverstone Circuit, which will host the 2024 British Grand Prix just as it has since 1948. The thrill and glamour of Formula One are set to be on full display on Sunday, July 7th. However, fans can also keep up with two days of practice races, sprints, and qualifiers at the Silverstone Circuit on the 5th and 6th of July.

Here is the schedule of the 2024 British Grand Prix:

  • Practice 1

Friday, July 5th, 2024, 13:30-14:30 CET

  • Practice 2

Friday, July 5th, 2024, 17:00-18:00 CET

  • Practice 3

Saturday, July 5th, 2024, 12:30-13:30 CET

  • Qualifying

Saturday, July 6th, 2024, 16:00 – 17:00

  • British Grand Prix Race

Sunday, July 7th, 2024, 16:00 CET

What to Expect During the 2024 British Grand Prix

The F1 British Grand Prix 2024 is set to be an exhilarating event, with the spotlight on the sport’s top drivers as they battle it out at the iconic Silverstone Circuit. Max Verstappen, fresh off his recent victories, and the legendary Lewis Hamilton, racing on home soil, are expected to deliver a thrilling competition.

Max Verstappen’s Pursuit of Victory

Max Verstappen, the reigning World Champion, continues to showcase his exceptional driving skills and strategic acumen. His recent performance at the Canadian GP solidified his position as a dominant force this season. Verstappen’s mastery of the Silverstone Circuit will be under scrutiny as fans speculate whether he can secure another win and extend his lead in the championship standings.

Lewis Hamilton’s Home Advantage

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time World Champion, will be racing in front of his home crowd, which always adds an extra layer of excitement. Hamilton’s familiarity with Silverstone and his remarkable track record at this circuit make him a formidable contender. The British fans are eagerly anticipating whether Hamilton can leverage his home advantage to challenge Verstappen and claim a victory.

Rising Stars and Competitive Teams

The British GP is not only about the veterans. Young talents like George Russell and Lando Norris are also in the spotlight. Russell’s impressive performances with Mercedes and Norris’s consistent showings with McLaren are expected to add to the excitement. Additionally, teams like Ferrari and Aston Martin are pushing hard to disrupt the dominance of Red Bull and Mercedes, making the competition even more intense.

The Challenge of Silverstone

The Silverstone Circuit is known for its fast corners and demanding layout, requiring both precision and skill from the drivers. The British weather can be unpredictable, adding another layer of complexity to the race strategy. Teams will need to optimize their car setups and tire management to navigate the challenges of this historic track effectively.

A Celebration of Motorsport

The British Grand Prix is more than just a race; it’s a celebration of motorsport. The atmosphere at Silverstone is electric, with passionate fans, vibrant fan zones, and various entertainment activities. The combination of high-speed racing and enthusiastic support makes the British GP a highlight of the F1 calendar.

As the 2024 season unfolds, the British Grand Prix promises high drama, fierce competition, and unforgettable moments. Whether Verstappen continues his winning streak, Hamilton rises to the occasion, or another challenger emerges, the Silverstone Circuit will once again be the epicenter of Formula 1 excitement.

Watching F1 with a VPN

Typically, you will need to subscribe to online sports streaming platforms or paid TV services to watch Formula 1 events like the British GP, Bahrain GP, Monaco GP, Spanish GP, British GP, and so on. Even with subscriptions and payments, access is still restricted based on location.

However, the trick to avoid these restrictions is using a VPN. A VPN allows one to connect to secure virtual servers in multiple locations worldwide. This connection spoofs your IP address to make it appear like you are elsewhere. So, a VPN allows you to watch live F1 races or highlights on platforms like RTBF, ServusTV, ABC, ESPN, ESPN 2, Sky Sports F1, and more.

Using a Free VPN to Watch F1

Free VPNs allow users to enjoy all the benefits of a VPN at no cost. You can connect to servers and stream conveniently.

However, there are also downsides to using a free VPN to watch F1. For example, some services tend to log user data and sell it to pay their service bills. Additionally, most free VPNs have limited server access which may not be able to bypass the geo-blocks. Other issues include overcrowding and bandwidth caps.

We recommend you only use premium VPN services to stream F1 races. However, if you must use a freebie, you are better off taking advantage of free trials or money-back guarantees. Free VPNs are helpful, but you must be cautious about using one.


So, there you have it! A VPN is the best way to watch F1, and with the British GP starting soon, you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the action. All you need to stay connected is a top-tier VPN service.

We’ve highlighted a few of the best choices. However, the best VPN provider for F1 is ExpressVPN. It is reliable, fast, safe, and private. In addition, it offers a variety of subscription plans and great bonuses. So, subscribe today and get ready to stream amazing races!

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