VPNSecure Review

“VPNSecure provides VPN server locations in 48 countries and is frequently adding to the list.”


Very good!


Very good!

In need of a VPN provider that is extremely secure? Well, does VPNSecure sound safe enough for you? Unlike your regular top-rated VPN providers, VPNSecure is priced a lot less than the others; with the same amount of offers.

Is VPNSecure the right VPN for you and your needs? In this review, we will be detailing some of the most important functions and features VPNSecure has. Also, we will be giving you a brief background about it and how it came to be one of the most underrated VPN providers in the market.

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What is VPNSecure?

VPNSecure main menu (free Version)

Part of the newer players in the market, VPNSecure is an Australian-based VPN provider. Founded by VPNSecure Pty Ltd., they carry the same mission and vision they’ve had up until today – to provide optimum security while giving freedom and flexibility to clients.

They’ve been operating and providing security to people and businesses since 2010. From humble beginnings of operating only on local servers, they’ve grown and amassed Gigabit servers from 48 different countries. These global Gigabit exclusive servers are regularly maintained and managed, keeping them at their best condition.

They’ve grown and expanded exponentially gaining the trust of their clients. Their simple services have outgrown other providers in terms of flexibility; they promote security and anonymity plus unlimited bandwidth to their users.

Since then, they’ve been praised and regarded by many to be one of the top contenders in the industry. With their competitive prices and relevant features and functionalities, it’s difficult to tell apart the cheap ones from the expensive ones.

Privacy and Security

VPNSecure advanced settings

Similar to most, if not all VPN providers, they promise to stay away from your activity. They never keep or record logs of your internet traffic. In fact, in their logging privacy policy, they purge the history the moment they receive it.

In terms of security, VPNSecure really is as secure as its name. It uses the basic AES 128-bit encryption partnered up with the military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. The latter encryption is the protection used by the military, government, and other banking institutions for their sensitive data.

It’s also backed up with the DES-CBC which covers another layer of security for your devices. The DES-CBC is so secure that the process is layered into eight (8) multiple octets. Not even the greatest hackers can go past these protections.

For people who have little-to-no knowledge about malware, VPNSecure utilizes an HTTP Proxy. Thisfeaturefully examines all incoming and outgoing traffic for suspicious and malicious content; you can think of this as some sort of automatic firewall. Although it doesn’t offer encryption, it offers IP masking which is also safe.

If anything else goes wrong, don’t worry because VPNSecure offers a Kill Switch. A Kill Switch is a feature that disconnects you automatically when a server gets compromised. So, you have an automatic plan B if you encounter any issues.

Safety-wise, I could not commend VPNSecure more with the level of security they have. With high-quality levels of unbreakable encryption, it’s really something to look forward to from a VPN provider.

Internet Censorship

With VPNSecure, you don’t have to worry about internet censorship. Do you want to watch movies and TV shows that aren’t available in your location? Well, with VPNSecure’s Smart DNS feature, you can connect to any server available and access content geographically blocked or restricted.



  • Mobile VPN for iOS & Android
  • No logs ever
  • HTTP Proxy
  • Smarter DNS


  • Few discounts

The good thing about this is you don’t need a proxy! It all comes with the service provided by VPNSecure. Get access to more than 6,500 IP addresses in 40+ countries!

During testing, we were able to find out that only two (2) out of five (5) servers worked for Netflix. Upon skimming, we found out that the service worked with Netherlands and Canada Netflix. It’s not the fault of the VPN, it is Netflix’s security and copyright concerns because they’re coming up with new ways of detecting IP address relocation.

US East and West Coast, as well as UK, did not work with the VPNSecure service. But, all other countries were accessed.

P2P and Torrenting

Most VPN providers don’t recommend using P2P or torrenting while in VPN. However, VPNSecure is quite the opposite. In fact, more than 90% of the servers of VPNSecure allow P2P to pass through. It is also worth mentioning that it’s blocked in the following servers:

  • United States 10
  • United Kingdom 1
  • United Kingdom 2

One main advantage of using VPNSecure for torrenting is that you get heightened security while engaging in P2P activities. Your IP address will well be hidden; no one will be able to trace and track all incoming and outgoing requests and internet traffic.

In addition to that, with the HTTP Proxy that VPNSecure has, you can be assured that no malware or suspicious software will be penetrating your system. Because P2P is known to be the largest distributors of malware, you’re definitely safe from it.

So make sure that you check the servers first before you use torrents because the three (3) servers we mentioned have it blocked.

Device compatibility

It is easy to navigate the apps

Many people enjoy VPNSecure because of its wide-range of device compatibility. It is actually compatible with most devices such as Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. Not only that, it can also work with Tor through OpenVPN (OVPN).

Furthermore, it’s also seen to be working with Tomato, DD-WRT, and OpenVPN routers so long as they don’t have specific configuration to be blocked.

So, in terms of flexibility and compatibility, VPNSecure is highly recommendable. If you own multiple devices and you want to fully protect and secure them, then VPNSecure might be the best option for you.

Under a single account or license, a total of five (5) devices can be simultaneously connected. This is one of the few greater advantages of VPNSecure from its competitors.

App is User-Friendly

If you’re tired of just trying to understand what the VPN provider wants, worry no more, VPNSecure has an easy-to-use app that would definitely be easy even for beginners. Most experts recommend this because the User Interface (UI) is easy to comprehend unlike other complicated web models and applications.

The app, overall, is perfect for beginners who know a thing or two about VPN services. Using it constantly will keep you well-versed and will train you on how VPN services work and how they’re projected to the public.

In comparison to other apps and services, The VPNSecure app is the least complicated of all. It doesn’t’ require you to be technically-knowledgeable in terms of VPN services; plus it’ll teach you some of the basics of VPN.

Don’t worry about being a newbie in VPN; don’t think about you not being able to get it all in an instant! That’s what the VPNSecure app is for!

Customer Service and Reliability

We’ve all heard about the story of having a “24/7 customer support but the response takes hours.” Well, VPNSecure is better, if not best, from the rest. We tried it out and were surprised that the response didn’t take five (5) minutes!

Their promotion of their chat support team to have swift responses is actually legitimate. Not only that, their chat support team is actually knowledgeable; they’ve provided us with concrete and straight answers we found to be helpful.

Other than that, they have a knowledgebase or FAQs section that is filled with relevant information. Most of the questions you’ll be asking with the support team will solely be about billing, payments, and other technical stuff. I can guarantee that you will be able to find what you’re looking for in their FAQs and Forums section.


VPNSecure is regarded by many to be one of the cheapest but reliable and effective VPN services out there. Similar to other providers, they have a pricing that is good for one (1) month; six (6) months; and 12 months (1 year).

VPNSecure has pretty cheap prices

Choosing to pay the one (1) month option will bill you $9.95 per month; the six (6)-month option, though, is cheaper, making it only $8.32 per month. Of course, if you get the annual payment scheme, it’s going to be the cheapest at $6.66 per month or a savings of $3.29 per month or $42.77 in a year.

It is actually the cheapest option to go with especially if you plan on using the VPN service heavily. Although they have no bandwidth limits, it’s still better if you look at it at a financial perspective, right?

Selecting a package would provide the inclusion of all services offered by VPNSecure. Meaning, there are no tiers in the membership subscriptions; whatever you choose, you’ll get everything.

Unfortunately, VPNSecure doesn’t have a trial period for potential customers. However, they have a 7-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their services.

Final Verdict

Would we recommend getting VPNSecure for your VPN needs? VPNSecure is not only known for the security it provides, but also the freedom and flexibility that goes with it. With its Smart DNS functionality, users will be given the chance to access restricted websites without having to use a proxy.

Furthermore, for a monthly cost of $6.66, you wouldn’t ever worry about protection and online privacy; VPNSecure will be doing all of those for you!

So if you are a beginner and you’re looking to have head start in the VPN industry, going with VPNSecure might be the best option. Why? Because its easy-to-use application, along with effective customer service representatives, you’ll learn about the trade in no time.


“VPNSecure provides VPN server locations in 48 countries and is frequently adding to the list.”