OVPN Review (2024) | How Safe is OVPN?

OVPN Review 2024

“Removing geo-blocks is becoming more and more important, and OVPN stands as a good candidate to help you with that.”
Very good!

OVPN is a Swedish VPN service that was created back in 2014. It is one of many newer services that has been created with the intention of giving users what VPN services to best – giving users full anonymity and security online. At the same time, OVPN comes with many other benefits.

Among other things, the service is available to most devices and operating systems you can think of. It is easy to use and in addition to anonymity and security is also gives you many other benefits. For example, you get a wide variety of servers, good speed and the ability to remove geo-blocks. Read on for more information about OVPN.

Selection of servers

The home page of OVPN.

OVPN owns servers in 15 different countries. Although this is less than many other prominent actors, it is worth noticing that OVPN actually owns these. In contrast, many of the other large services uses hired servers in various countries. The advantage of owning is full control and continuous updates.

In addition, OVPN has servers in the most important countries. This includes Germany, USA and United Kingdom. In addition, many large European countries is on the list of servers. This wide selection allows you to access quite a lot of content in these countries.

It is also worth mentioning that a good selection of VPN servers allows the service to offer very good stability. If you combine the large selection with the fact that OVPN owns all their own servers, it is no surprise that this is one of the most reliable services available in today’s market.

Anonymity and security

Anonymity has obviously been at the center of why VPN services have become so popular over the years. To begin with in fact, VPN services were an idea of keeping larger transactions between companies completely anonymous. Today, services such as OVPN is used by private individuals because privacy has really been put on the test in recent years.

OVPN is a VPN based in Sweden. Here connected to a Swedish server.

OVPN keeps no log of your traffic, and by logging into one of their many IP-addresses, you can hide your original identity. In addition, OVPN owns so many different IP-addresses that it is virtually impossible to be connected to the same one more than once.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that OVPN encrypts all your traffic. This includes not only your Internet traffic, but everything you do online such as in-house programs and applications. Thus, you are absolutely sure that your information is kept completely secret, no matter where you surf. 


Not only does OVPN offer stability, but speed is also important to mention. Did you know that all VPN services leads to a small reduction in speed? This is because all traffic is routed through an additional server before it reaches its destination. However, OVPN does this in an excellent way, so that majority of the speed is kept.

OVPN connecting to a VPN server.

This is very positive for you who are browsing a lot, and especially if you are interested in watching movies or play video games overseas. Then your connection will require a certain speed, and this speed OVPN can offer you.

Geoblock removal

Perhaps the most important thing about being able to connect to another country is geoblock removal. If you just want to stay safe and secure online, you can log on to a VPN server in your own country. But if you want to watch international Netflix, for example the American one, you will need to log in to a US IP-address.

Netflix has become quite good at discovering the IP-addresses of VPN services, thus blocking them. Still, OVPN is one of the services still coming through this protective layer, which means you can watch American Netflix through OVPN.



  • Easy setup
  • Kill-switch feature
  • Very good encryption


  • No free version

Remember, OVPN can be used in 15 different countries, so content from these countries´ Netflix and also many other websites, such as online newspapers and other video services will be available for you. You can even access YouTube and Facebook on blocked networks at school and work via VPN.

User friendliness

It is also worth noting that OVPN is very easy to use. Like many other modern services, registration only takes a few seconds before you download the program. Inside the program, you don´t have to do much more than just click on an IP-address or a country you want to connect to.

OVPN customer support.

In seconds, your connection will be routed through the new IP-address you have selected. Thus, no advanced IT knowledge is required to hide either your old IP-address or to show that your computer is connected to a new and artificial IP-address in another country.

If you want to reach out to customer support it is pretty easy to connect with the OVPN staff. In the app OVPN has a function called Support. You can just send a message there and you will get a reply pretty fast. Normally we prefer Live Chat, but this options works pretty well.


OVPN has a reasonable price ratio, and for the price you pay here, you get more than enough value for your money. The best advice you can take with OVPN is to choose a longer subscription, just like other VPN services. You can save as much as 36% on choosing a one-year subscription.

OVPNs prices is quite normal compared to most other VPN services.

Also, you should note that OVPN also has money-back guarantee. The period runs over a total of 10 days, giving you more than enough time to consider whether OVPN is a suitable service for you. In practice, you get OVPN for free for 10 day, as you can ask for your money back any time.

Compared to other VPN services OVPNs prices is as normal as it gets. It is quite hard to get a decent VPN service with monthly plans for under $10 these days.


OVPN is a relatively new VPN service from our neighbors in Sweden. This service has the capacity to meet your needs in a variety of areas. First and foremost, it is well suited to provide you with both an anonymous and secure online experience.  

In addition, OVPN is known to be among the VPN services that also provides American Netflix. Geoblock removal is becoming more and more important and OVPN stands as a good candidate to help you with this. All in all, OVPN is a very good service that you should give a try.


Very good!
“Removing geo-blocks is becoming more and more important, and OVPN stands as a good candidate to help you with that.”
Very good!
Very good!