How to Set Up and Install NordVPN on Kodi (2021)

Kodi is a top-rated entertainment platform that allows people to turn their TVs to portals that can access collections of engaging content from around the world. You get to stream movies, sports activities, and TV shows. However, it’s sad that many of these contents have geographic restrictions.

NordVPN can help you use Kodi securely and keep you safe from copyright holders and third parties. It is part of the few Virtual Private Networks that can help you cloak your location and access geo-restricted content on Kodi from another country.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you install NordVPN on Kodi.

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Installing NordVPN on Kodi

NordVPN has one of the best encryptions around, with an Advanced Encryption Service (265 bit). Any known physical attack cannot break this encryption.

The top VPN has been around for more than a decade, providing security features and privacy for Kodi media players. With the VPN, you get to connect up to 6 other devices simultaneously to a single NordVPN subscription.

NordVPN also has a 30-day refund policy that enables you to get your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the service. It has a double encryption feature that encrypts your internet connection twice without slowing it down. Besides this, there are many NordVPN servers around the world. So, you can stream any high-definition content from many countries without having to worry about buffering.

Setting up NordVPN on Kodi is a straightforward process if you follow the steps in this guide to the latter.

How to create a NordVPN account

The first step is to open a NordVPN account on the VPN’s official website. Search for NordVPN on your search engine to access the site. On the top right corner of the NordVPN website, you’ll find a menu that displays servers, customer service help, pricing, and other options.

Tap on ‘pricing’ to see the different fees for subscription plans. You can decide to choose between a monthly, yearly, or a 3-year plan. However, it is cheaper to subscribe for an extended period than to pay for the VPN service monthly.

Prices range from $3.49 per month to $11.97 per month.

When you choose a plan, you will be directed to a payment portal. But first, you will need to register, so type in an active email address and your high-security password. You can pay with your credit card or anonymously with bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Check your mailbox for a confirmation email and confirm your payment by clicking the link. You can then use your NordVPN on your devices.

Downloading and installing NordVPN on Kodi

You need to download the correct installer from the NordVPN website or App Store. The version of NordVPN you need depends on the operating system you are using Kodi from. For example, if you have a Windows device, you have to head over to the website to download the file for Windows as it is not on Microsoft Store.

Next, fill in your log-in details and go to the download session of the website. Tap NordVPN for Windows and download the file. After downloading, check your folder for the software. For devices that run macOS, all you have to do is download NordVPN for macOS.

Install the file and launch it. If the software doesn’t open after installation, go over to where you saved it and re-open it. You can also search your app list if you can’t find it and click on the NordVPN app.

If you use an Android or an iOS device for Kodi, you have to download the app from Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for iOS).

Installing the VPN is very straightforward for all Android devices, even smart TVs.

Using NordVPN for Kodi

To start using NordVPN for Kodi on any Windows or macOS, click on the icon. Then log in with the email address and password used to set-up your NordVPN password. The same process applies to iOS and Android for Kodi. Fill in your details and log in.

Once you log in, a map displaying many country pins will be visible on the screen. The next step is to switch on the Smart-play feature on the app. Doing that will allow you to stream content on Kodi without restrictions. This gives you privacy and makes it easy for you to stream from different platforms simultaneously.

You can pick a location to link to each time you use NordVPN, automatically. If you would like NordVPN to start each time your device comes on, go to settings and click the “Start On Boot” key.

You can also connect to a server by clicking a country pin or using the search bar to input whatever location you want. Any server you pick will ensure everything you do on Kodi stays anonymous. You should use “Ultra-fast TV servers” because they have the fast steaming speeds.

Only NordVPN makes provision for TV servers. For other Virtual Private Network providers, you would have to search around for the fastest server. If you use torrents, then connect to a ‘Double VPN‘ server for optimum security.

You can switch on the ‘Kill Switch‘ to make sure you are always protected. And if you need to change any configuration, you can click the configuration tab. You can also switch protocols by selecting “switch protocols” in settings.

All these settings are all you need to stay safe on Kodi. To disconnect, all you have to do is go to the app and tap ‘disconnect.’

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In conclusion

NordVPN is a super-fast, secure, and comfortable VPN to use on Kodi. It has configured servers that help you stream video content and runs industry-standard encryptions and security protocols. So, you don’t have to prioritize security over privacy, as you can have both.

NordVPN is Kodi’s perfect match. As the streaming platform allows you to access lots of entertaining content, the VPN ensures you remain anonymous as you search through Kodi’s media collection.