Does NordVPN Work with AbemaTV?

Does NordVPN Work with AbemaTV?

AbemaTV is a Japanese media streaming platform restricted to customers in Japan. It has a wide range of content types, from news and sports to entertainment and anime, amongst others. This streaming platform is similar to Android TV, ChromeCast, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. Also, it is available for various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Why Do You Need a VPN for AbemaTV

Just like other video streaming services, AbemaTV has the right to air only in specific regions. In this case, only people in Japan can access the content this streaming service has to offer. If you’re out of Japan on vacation, you will not stream media on AbemaTV. Your IP address will give your location away; hence, you will be locked out of AbemaTV.

The essence of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) becomes evident here. VPNs help you mask your IP address with a virtual address that makes your traffic appear to AbemaTV like you’re browsing from a region in Japan. As a result, you get access to the initially restricted content. VPNs that offer fantastic speed, security, and privacy features are of high priority to make your connection wholesome, keeping intruders out. See different VPNs for AbemaTV here.

Does NordVPN Work With AbemaTV?

Being one of the very best VPN services in the world, NordVPN works effectively with AbemaTV. To start with, NordVPN has 84 servers dedicated to Japan alone. That gives you the luxury of 84 options to get the best server connection possible. These servers are well-optimised for streaming activities and are very compatible with AbemaTV since they’re in Japan. Having so many options comes with a high probability of getting a server close to you even if you’re not in the capital city of Tokyo.

NordVPN unblocking AbemaTV.

Also, NordVPN has very intentional security and privacy features in a bid to make your streaming experience as seamless as possible. This VPN service uses the “uncrackable” military-grade encryption and has the Double VPN feature that double-protects your streaming traffic by routing it through 2 different Japanese servers. NordVPN gives you the freedom of streaming AbemaTV with any Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Android TV, and Linux devices. It is also compatible with Chrome and Firefox browsers.

With NordVPN, you get unlimited bandwidth of data to stream media on AbemaTV when you’re connected to those ultra-fast servers. It’s a perfect all-rounder as it offers all and doesn’t compromise on any of its features.

How to Set Up and Use NordVPN for AbemaTV

Here, we go through the step-by-step procedure of setting up NordVPN on your device.

  1. Create an account or sign in with your email address and password if you have an account already.
  2. NordVPN has several subscription plans, all with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Select one of the available plans to advance.
  3. Get the NordVPN app installed on your device. You can either install it from your device’s app store or download the file from the NordVPN official website and install it directly.
  4. Launch the app and sign in. Then go to the list of servers and choose any of the servers under “Japan.” You must select a server in Japan so you can get access to AbemaTV.

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Why Use NordVPN for AbemaTV?

In this section, we review the pros of using NordVPN, especially for AbemaTV. The features are as follows:

1. Security and Privacy Features: NordVPN offers fantastic features to make your Abema stream experience secure and anonymous. These features include military-grade encryption, double protection, a no-logs policy, kill switch, leak protection, and an advanced Onion Over VPN encryption.

2. Access to Geo-restricted Content: With NordVPN, you can effortlessly stream as many videos as you want on AbemaTV. The VPN service has over 80 servers in Japan alone optimized for seamless streaming, making it a top-class choice for AbemaTV.

NordVPN has extremely many servers for giving you a Japanese IP address.

3.  Multiple Device Connections: With your single subscription, your friends can also access media content on AbemaTV while you’re outside Japan. Up to 5 other devices can connect to NordVPN and get protected alongside.


This article emphasizes how NordVPN can grant you full access to AbemaTV even while you’re outside Japan. Despite that, you get protection from cyber crooks and remain anonymous. Follow the highlighted steps to set up NordVPN, and you can be sure to have a fantastic AbemaTV experience.