Best Free VPNs for Brazil (for Brazilian IP address)

Best Free VPNs for Brazil

Brazil has a terrible record of cybercrimes in South America. Therefore, online data security is a significant cause of worry to many Brazilian netizens. In addition, when Brazilians travel abroad, they often cannot access local entertainment and services. These include Brazilian streaming sites like Globo, Record, SBT, and RedeTV.

This is because these services employ geo-restrictions to block foreign users. Therefore, you need a Brazilian IP address to bypass these geo-blocks. Furthermore, it would help if you encrypt your internet connection beyond the reach of cybercriminals. That’s why it’s great news that you can get all these benefits with an excellent VPN.

A virtual private network (VPN) allows you to change your IP address. The VPN will then give you another IP address from any country – Brazil, in this case. With this new IP address, you can access any geo-restricted Brazilian content. Furthermore, VPNs often run your internet connection through an encrypted tunnel. This encryption would be sufficient to keep hackers and data snoops away.

Top Risk-Free VPNs for Brazil

Free VPNs aren’t the best available VPN options. Therefore, it would help to learn about risk-free options. A VPN is risk-free if it offers a money-back guarantee alongside its subscriptions. Consequently, you can always get a refund before the guarantee period runs out. In addition, the money-back guarantees are often hassle-free. Sometimes you don’t need a reason to ask for your money back.

Below are the best risk-free VPNs you can get for Brazil.


ExpressVPN devices


  • Number of servers: More than 3,000
  • Speeds: Unlimited
  • Server locations: 160 in 94 countries
  • Maximum devices supported: 5
  • 24 live chat: Yes
  • 30-day money-back guarantee: Yes


  • Fastest VPN out there
  • Strict no logs policy
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Few discounts
Visit ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the best VPN, according to many industry experts and VPN users. This claim is not wrong if you consider the premium services this VPN offers. For example, ExpressVPN has over 3,000 servers in 160 server locations across 94 nations of the world. Notably, two of these server locations are in Brazil. So, you have many Brazilian servers for unblocking local content or encrypting your internet connection.

Torrenting with ExpressVPN’s P2P-optimized servers would also be great if you’re interested in torrenting Brazilian content. You just have to avoid torrenting copyrighted materials. If you’re as interested in browsing speed as you should be, that’s another reason to choose ExpressVPN for Brazil.

ExpressVPN is also an excellent choice for a risk-free VPN for Brazil because of its security features. It guarantees end-to-end encryption for all internet connections you run through its servers. Furthermore, you get the best privacy while browsing with this risk-free VPN. This is all thanks to ExpressVPN’s zero-logging policy that prevents the storing of users’ information. 

Finally, with ExpressVPN, you can browse risk-free in Brazil on most devices and operating systems. These would include Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux gadgets. In addition, you can simultaneously use one ExpressVPN account on five of these devices. It’s noteworthy that ExpressVPN is pricier than other risk-free VPNs for Brazil. You can trace this high cost back to its standards and features. However, its 30-day refund policy ensures that you can decide whether ExpressVPN is worth its subscription costs.

  • Pros: Fastest VPN out there; Strict no logs policy; 256-bit AES encryption;
  • Lowest price: $6.67

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NordVPN devices


  • Cryptocurrency accepted? Yes
  • Simultaneous connections: 6
  • Dedicated IP-addresses? Yes
  • Servers: 5342 in 58 countries


  • Lots of pricing options
  • Netflix support kept up to date
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Slow app
Visit NordVPN

NordVPN is the second-best risk-free VPN for Brazil. Its features are just as great as those of ExpressVPN. They’re even better in some instances. One instance NordVPN surpasses ExpressVPN is in its number of servers with about 5200+ servers. However, NordVPN’s many servers are only in 60 countries, against ExpressVPN’s over 90 countries.

NordVPN has many servers in Brazil. It has 20+ servers in one server location. Moreover, its Brazilian servers are fast and optimized for torrenting online. So, you wouldn’t have to deal with horrible streaming experiences when you unblock local and international TV content with this risk-free VPN. 

While enjoying NordVPN risk-free for Brazil, you will be safe behind its solid end-to-end encryption. NordVPN’s 256-bit encryption is so reliable that hackers and data snoops can’t get past it. Furthermore, you can rely on NordVPN’s zero-logging policy. That’s because this VPN wouldn’t save or sell any of your online connection logs.

Importantly, you can use NordVPN risk-free for Brazil from any of your favorite desktop or mobile devices. This long list would include macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android gadgets. In addition, you only need one NordVPN subscription for six of these devices.

VPN prices are a deal-breaker for many Brazilian internet surfers. That’s why it’s excellent that NordVPN doesn’t charge exorbitant fees for its subscriptions. Instead, it has various payment plans – monthly, annually, and bi-annually. The longer your subscription, the less you have to pay. Finally, the money-back guarantee applies to all these payment plans.

  • Pros: Lots of pricing options; Netflix support kept up to date; 256-bit AES encryption;
  • Lowest price: $3.71

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Top 4 Free VPNs for Brazil

Now, let’s look at the best free VPNs for Brazil.


ProtonVPN devices


  • P2P support? Yes
  • 30-day money-back guarantee? Yes
  • Country of origin? Switzerland
  • Servers: 600+ in over 40 countries
  • Simultaneous devices: 5


  • Professional support
  • Modern interface and apps
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Lesser known provider
Try ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN may well be the best free VPN for Brazil and other countries. It isn’t just a free VPN. Instead, you can choose to pay for its services or use the VPN free. However, if you use ProtonVPN free for Brazil, you won’t access all its premium services. For example, the provider has over a thousand 10GBps-capable servers in 55 countries worldwide, including Brazil. 

However, as a free user for Brazil, you can only enjoy 23 of these servers in just three countries. These countries include the US, Netherlands, and Japan. This option isn’t too terrible if you consider that the US has lots of great entertainment content. Unfortunately, though, you cannot unblock local Brazilian content for free. ProtonVPN’s free servers also operate at medium speeds without advanced features like P2P and BitTorrent support.

Notably, though, you can rely on ProtonVPN’s security when using it free for Brazil. That’s because it will protect you with AES-256 while processing key exchange using a 4096-bit RSA key. In addition, you can trust that ProtonVPN won’t store your internet connection logs. This is because it has a reliable no-log policy like the risk-free VPNs above.

Finally, you can use ProtonVPN free for Brazil on several devices and operating systems. However, you cannot get multiple simultaneous connections on the free plan. Instead, you’ll enjoy ProtonVPN on only one personal gadget.

  • Pros: Professional support; Modern interface and apps; AES-256 encryption;
  • Lowest price: €4

Get 20% off now devices


  • Number of servers: 2000+
  • Server locations: 75 locations
  • Maximum devices supported: 10
  • 24 live chat: Yes
  • 30 day money back guarantee: Yes


  • Has free option
  • No log policy
  • Secure connection
  • Not very cheap

After ProtonVPN, is the next best free VPN for Brazil. It has some of the best VPN features you can get without pay. Furthermore, this VPN also has a paid option like ProtonVPN. It has 2000+ servers in 75 countries across four continents. Interestingly, has a server in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Sadly, you cannot access this Brazilian server as a free user. Instead, you get only five servers in the US, Germany, and Canada. You can, at least, bask in knowing these servers won’t throttle your browsing speeds. In addition, they all have P2P support.

Another merit of is its encryption. This VPN will protect your privacy with 256-bit encryption while surfing the internet. It also has a zero-log policy. So, is a privacy-friendly free VPN. It takes security a step further by blocking ads, malware, and trackers from malicious websites.

Unfortunately, only gives free users 10GB of data monthly. This data may look too small, but it may serve for a considerable period if you manage it. Another downside to’s free plan is that you don’t get multiple simultaneous connections. Instead, you can only use free for Brazil on a single device. Fortunately, this gadget can be any of the popular ones using the major operating systems. All you need to use freely is to sign up with your email address.

  • Pros: Has free option; No log policy; Secure connection;
  • Lowest price: €4.99

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield devices


  • Unlimited data? Yes
  • Simultaneous connections: 5
  • Military grade encryption? Yes
  • Servers: Over 3200 in 80+ countries


  • Unlimited HD streaming
  • Blocks malware
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Unreliable support
Try Hotspot Shield

There’s another excellent free VPN for Brazil – Hotspot Shield. Hotspot Shield is definitely a great choice, with over 115 virtual locations in 80+ countries and 35+ cities. What’s more? Hotspot Shield is even present in Brazil. So, you can get a Brazilian IP address to unblock local Brazilian programs like Netflix Brazil and DAZN Brazil. 

Unfortunately, free users can only access one US server location. It gets worse, though. Hotspot Shield will only grant you 500MB daily data if you’re using it free for Brazil. If you calculate that this rounds up to around 15GB, which is better than what many free VPNs offer. 

Browsing with Hotspot Shield free for Brazil isn’t dangerous. Instead, you’re safe because Hotspot Shield will secure your connection with military-grade encryption. You also enjoy Hotspot Shield’s zero-logging policy that guarantees online anonymity. Sadly, you can only enjoy these benefits on one personal gadget. Paid subscribers can simultaneously connect five devices. The free browsing speed is also slow at 2Mbps.

Finally, Hotspot Shield has a free trial that’s different from its free plan. This free trial lasts for seven days. Furthermore, within these seven days, you can use all Hotspot Shield’s excellent VPN features. However, after the free trial, what you enjoy depends on whether you subscribe or continue using Hotspot Shield free for Brazil.

  • Pros: Unlimited HD streaming; Blocks malware; 256-bit AES encryption;
  • Lowest price: $6.99

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Trust.Zone devices


  • Complete anonymity? Yes
  • Unblocking of all websites? Yes
  • Pricing options: 4
  • Servers: 164 in 80+ zones
  • Free trial: Yes


  • Military grade encryption
  • Bitcoin accepted
  • App for mobile devices
  • Lesser known provider
Try Trust.Zone

Finally, you can use Trust.Zone free for Brazil. Although Trust.Zone is a free VPN, you cannot use it for free forever. Instead, you can only enjoy its services free for Brazil for three days. Within these three days, you’ll have access to most of Trust.Zone’s offerings, with minimum exceptions.

For example, Trust.Zone has many servers in many countries across four continents. Importantly, Trust.Zone has a South American server in Brazil. Therefore, you can both unblock Brazilian content and services from many other countries. In addition, Trust.Zone would encrypt your internet connection with military-grade encryption. This way, you can stay safe from hackers and data snoops while browsing.

You also get additional security with Trust.Zone’s reliable VPN protocols including OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec.  Trust.Zone also has a strict no-log policy. Consequently, within your three-day free trial, in or outside Brazil, it won’t store your internet logs. Furthermore, since it doesn’t save your data, this data cannot leak to unscrupulous third parties. 

The major downside of this free trial is that it comes with a data cap. Free users for Brazil and other countries only get 1GB of data to browse and download. However, you’ll get better data offerings with the paid plans. Finally, Trust.Zone allows you to sign up for  free with your email address or social media accounts.

  • Pros: Military grade encryption; Bitcoin accepted; App for mobile devices;
  • Lowest price: €3

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What Should I Consider When Picking a Free VPN? 

Choosing a VPN is serious business. You must be more focused if you’re choosing a free VPN. Therefore, you must know what to look out for in a free VPN. The necessary features include:

  • Number of servers
  • Unblocking capacity and torrenting support
  • Privacy and security features
  • Pricing and presence of a money-back guarantee

However, it’s also crucial to note what you’re giving up on by using a free VPN for Brazil. Free VPNs always cut some features to make their services free. For some, it could be ridiculously low bandwidth caps. Other free VPNs may have very few server locations, be incompatible for torrenting, or have poor security. Therefore, you must find out what you lose by going free. Then, check whether that feature is dispensable for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Free VPNs for Brazil

Is it legal to use a VPN in Brazil? 

Yes, it’s currently lawful to use a VPN in Brazil. There aren’t any laws that restrict or prohibit VPN usage within the South American country. However, if you use a VPN for illegal activities, the law will come after you. This will be the case if you commit financial crimes online with a VPN. It’s also important to check the VPN laws of other countries. If you’re trying to unblock Brazilian services abroad, it’s the law of your resident country that matters.

How do I get a Brazilian IP address from a VPN?

Getting a Brazilian IP address is pretty straightforward. You don’t even need to be a techie to get one. All you need to do is sign up for any of the VPNs above. Then, check their server locations and choose Brazil. Once you connect to a server, you’ll automatically get a Brazilian IP address. However, if the VPN’s free version doesn’t have Brazilian servers, you can get an IP address from another country. After getting the IP address, you can then browse securely. You can also access any previously restricted platform.

Are free VPNs worth the hassle?

No, free VPNs are often not worth the risk. This is because they come with many shortcomings. For example, free VPNs have very few servers. With the number of people using free VPNs, these servers are usually crowded. Such overcrowding can lead to reduced browsing and streaming speeds. Frequently too, free VPNs sell their users’ data to third parties. These third parties can now use this data for unscrupulous purposes. Therefore, it’s best to use the risk-free VPNs above. However, if you must use a free VPN, you can choose the ones above.


The Brazilian government and the banking sector are fighting the persistent rise in cybercrimes. But, unfortunately, they aren’t recording many wins currently. Therefore, you cannot leave your online security in the government’s hands. Taking active steps to protect your online data with a good VPN is necessary.

The current security level means that you must carefully select a VPN. Consequently, a risk-free VPN would be best for Brazilian users. However, if you cannot get a risk-free VPN, the free options above are best. This is because we made sure to choose free VPNs that don’t have many downsides.