Watch the T20 Cricket World Cup - Everything You Need to Know

Watch the T20 Cricket World Cup With a VPN

With the 8th edition of the T20 Cricket World Cup upon us, fans can enjoy unparalleled coverage of the popular sporting event. Watched by over 500 million cricket viewers worldwide, this is an iconic cricket tournament featuring some of the biggest names and teams in cricket. Curious about where to watch the Cricket T20 World Cup?

Over 10,000 hours of live coverage of the event will be streamed by various digital and TV platforms across the globe. You get to decide how and where to watch the Cricket T20 World Cup. Do you prefer to stream, cable, or satellite? But if none of the streaming or TV channels are showing the event in your area, downloading a VPN is your best bet. It allows you to watch the tournament from anywhere in the world!

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Everything You Need to Know About the T20 Cricket World Cup

The T20 Cricket World Cup is the pinnacle of cricket entertainment. The ICC established this international cricket championship tournament in 2007, with the first game played in South Africa. Since then, it has been held every two years and the latest edition is underway in Australia.

T20 cricket world cup VPN
Credit ICC Cricket

The Format

Cricket fanatics get to revel in explosive cricket entertainment during the T20 Cricket World Cup, an epitome of the gentlemen’s game’s shortest format. You can follow the two rounds; the Qualifying Stage, also known as Round 1, and the Super 12s.

8 teams will participate in Round 1 to establish the 4 qualifier teams going through to the Super 12s. Australia, the winner of the T20 World Cup 2021, and the ICC top-7 ranked teams automatically qualify for the Super 12s. The four winners of the Qualifying stage will join the 8 teams to complete the Super 12 participants. The knockouts follow shortly after, leading to the semis and finals.

The Tournament

Round 1 of the T20 Cricket World Cup has already kicked off on 16 October at the Kardinal Prak Stadium and has already seen a huge upset in Namibia beating Sri Lanka. The final will be held on 13 November 2022 at 4:00 AM ET at Melbourne Cricket Ground. A total of 45 matches will be gracing your screens across 7 venues in Australia.

The Teams

16 teams from around the world will be gunning for the Cricket T20 World Cup title.  Netherlands, Sri Lanka and United Arab Emirates West Indies, India, South Africa, and Bangladesh are some of the competing teams hoping to emerge victorious.

India is among the favorites to win the Cricket T20 world cup. England and host, Australia, join India as the top three contenders for this year’s championship. Though not part of the early favorites, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have their hopes up of going all the way to the top. But no need for guesswork, you get to see the winner for yourself regardless of where you are! And a VPN will ensure you don’t miss a beat.

How to Use a VPN to Watch T20 Cricket World Cup

Quite a number of TV networks and streaming channels will show the Cricket T20 World Cup 2022. Sky Sports, Star Network, Fox Sports, PTV, and ESPN are among the official major broadcasters.

Follow these steps to access any of the streaming channels if not available in your country:

  1. Sign up with a VPN

Select a reliable one to sign up with. Here, we’re going with ExpressVPN.

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  • Download the VPN and Log in

Download ExpressVPN onto your device. Use your new sign-up details to log into your VPN account.

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  • Connect to a server

Connect to a VPN server in the country you want to stream the Cricket World Cup T20. For example, you connect to a UK server if you want to stream using Sky Sports.

Watch Cricket T20 World Cup with VPN - choose server location
  • Sign up with the TV channel

Sign up with the TV channel if you don’t have an account. Pay the necessary subscriptions to access streaming services.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch the T20 Cricket World Cup?

Though not as popular in the US, cricket is very much revered in certain parts of the world, including the UK, Sri Lanka, India, and Australia. A few USA networks like ESPN+ will show the tournament but might not carry all the games. Also, even though several streaming channels will show the game, not all of them may be accessible in your region. This is largely due to being bound by TV broadcasting rights and licensing laws. A VPN bypasses these geo-restrictions to grant you access to legal streaming channels.

Pick the Best VPN to Use for The T20 Cricket World Cup

You have part of the Cricket T20 World Cup schedule and know how to watch Cricket World Cup with a VPN. The next step is to pick the best VPN. You can trust our experts at TechShielder to give you detailed and objective reviews of the standout VPNs that outclassed the rest.


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The T20 Cricket World Cup

Below is a quick guide to everything you need to know about the T20 World Cup. Here, we’ll include everything from the teams to the T20 Cricket World Cup schedule, and everything in between.

Round 1 Group Teams

Group AGroup B
Sri LankaScotland
NamibiaWest Indies

Super 12 Teams

Group 1Group 2
New ZealandSouth Africa
Group A WinnerGroup B Winner
Group B Runner UpGroup A Runner Up


DateMatchTime in ETStadiumVenue
16-Oct-2022Sri Lanka VS Namibia12:00 AMKardinia ParkGeelong
16-Oct-2022UAE VS Netherlands4:00 PMKardinia ParkGeelong
17-Oct-2022West Indies VS Scotland12:00 AMBellerive OvalHobart
17-Oct-2022Zimbabwe VS Ireland4:00 PMBellerive OvalHobart
18-Oct-2022Namibia VS Netherlands12:00 AMKardinia ParkGeelong
18-Oct-2022Sri Lanka VS the UAE4:00 PMKardinia ParkGeelong
19-Oct-2022Scotland VS Ireland12:00 AMBellerive OvalHobart
19-Oct-2022West Indies VS Zimbabwe4:00 PMBellerive OvalHobart
20-Oct-2022Sri Lanka VS Netherlands12:00 AMKardinia ParkGeelong
20-Oct-2022Namibia VS the UAE4:00 PMKardinia ParkGeelong
21-Oct-2022West Indies VS Ireland12:00 AMBellerive OvalHobart
21-Oct-2022Scotland VS Zimbabwe4:00 PMBellerive OvalHobart

Super 12s

DateMatchTime in ETStadiumVenueGroup
22-Oct-2022Australia vs New Zealand3:00 AMSydney Cricket GroundSydneyGroup 1
22-Oct-2022England vs Afghanistan7:00 AMPerth StadiumBurswoodGroup 1
23-Oct-2022A1 vs B212:00 AMBellerive OvalHobartGroup 1
23-Oct-2022India vs Pakistan4:00 AMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourneGroup 2
24-Oct-2022Bangladesh vs A212:00 AMBellerive OvalHobartGroup 2
24-Oct-2022South Africa vs B14:00 AMBellerive OvalHobartGroup 2
25-Oct-2022Australia vs A17:00 AMPerth StadiumBurswoodGroup 1
26-Oct-2022England vs B212:00 AMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourneGroup 1
26-Oct-2022New Zealand vs Afghanistan4:00 AMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourneGroup 1
27-Oct-2022South Africa vs Bangladesh11:00 PMSydney Cricket GroundSydneyGroup 2
27-Oct-2022India vs A23:00 AMSydney Cricket GroundSydneyGroup 2
27-Oct-2022Pakistan vs B17:00 AMPerth StadiumPerthGroup 2
28-Oct-2022Afghanistan vs B212:00 AMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourneGroup 1
28-Oct-2022England vs Australia4:00 AMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourneGroup 1
29-Oct-2022New Zealand vs A14:00 AMSydney Cricket groundSydneyGroup 1
30-Oct-2022Bangladesh vs B111: 00 PMThe GabbaBrisbaneGroup 2
30-Oct-2022Pakistan vs A23:00 AMPerth StadiumPerthGroup 2
30-Oct-2022India vs South Africa7:00 AMPerth StadiumPerthGroup 2
31-Oct-2022Australia vs B24:00 AMThe GabbaBrisbaneGroup 1
1-Nov-2022Afghanistan vs A112:00 AMThe GabbaBrisbaneGroup 1
1-Nov-2022England vs New Zealand4:00 AMThe GabbaBrisbaneGroup 1
2-Nov-2022B1 vs A212:00 AMAdelaide OvalAdelaideGroup 2
2-Nov-2022India vs Bangladesh4:00 AMAdelaide OvalAdelaideGroup 2
3-Nov-2022Pakistan vs South Africa4:00 AMSydney Cricket GroundSydneyGroup 2
4-Nov-2022New Zealand vs B212:00 AMAdelaide OvalAdelaideGroup 1
4-Nov-2022Australia vs Afghanistan4:00 AMAdelaide OvalAdelaideGroup 1
5-Nov-2022England vs A14:00 AMSydney Cricket groundSydneyGroup 1
6-Nov-2022South Africa vs A28: 00 PMAdelaide OvalAdelaideGroup 2
6-Nov-2022Pakistan vs Bangladesh12:00 AMAdelaide OvalAdelaideGroup 2
6-Nov-2022India vs B14:00 AMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourneGroup 2

Semifinal and Final Schedule

9-Nov-2022Semifinal 14:00 AMSydney Cricket GroundSydney
10-Nov-2022Semifinal 24:00 AMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
13-Nov-2022Final4:00 AMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne

Using a Free VPN to Watch the T20 Cricket World Cup

When choosing a VPN to watch Cricket T20 World Cup, you can go with a free or paid VPN. Both do the job, but with a free VPN, you enjoy a couple of benefits without spending a dime. This includes browsing in private and protecting your identity. However, free VPNs aren’t without their drawbacks. You’re likely to experience endless annoying ads and connection problems. That’s because providers don’t put as much effort into handling traffic efficiently with free VPNs as they do paid ones. Most of these caveats could be eliminated if you use a trial VPN, but it won’t last forever.


The cricket T20 World Cup is around the corner, and several platforms will be streaming the event live. Unfortunately, due to broadcasting limitations or lack of interest from certain countries, the event won’t reach all corners of the globe. However, there’s no reason to miss any of the ball-to-ball action if you simply download a VPN. The right software will help you access an official broadcaster from anywhere in the world. Just be sure to pick a fast, secure, and reliable VPN that keeps you in the loop from start to finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to watch the Cricket T20 World Cup

Multiple legal streaming channels across the globe will televise the T20 World Cup and carry exclusive broadcasting rights. These include ESPN+ for US fans. Super Sports has UK cricket lovers covered. Other major official streaming platforms include Star Network, Gazi V, Super Sports, Fox Sports, and PTV.

When is the next T20 Cricket World Cup?

The next T20 World Cup of 2022 is scheduled to start on the 16th of October up to the 13th of November. 45 matches will take part in this event. This will be the 8th edition of the international championship event that’ll take place in Australia.

How Can I watch the T20 Cricket World Cup?

To watch the T20 World Cup, you’ll have to access the legal streaming channels showing the games. However, they may not be available in your area due to restrictions on broadcasting rights.  When this happens, you’ll need to download a VPN like ExpressVPN to grant you access to the blocked sites from wherever you are.

Which team is the favorite to win the T20 Cricket World Cup?

India is an early favorite as fans of the sport pin their hopes on the popular cricket team. The team has won five major ICC tournaments and once bagged the T20 World Cup title in 2014. England and Australia are also among the top favorites in this year’s competition.

When does the T20 Cricket World Cup start?

The T20 World Cup started on October 16, with the first match between Sri Lanka and Namibia. However, the warm-up matches started a bit earlier, on the 10th of October. The final game will be streamed on the 13th of November.