NordVPN PS5 Review 2024 - NordVPN PS5 Full Tutorial

NordVPN PS5 Review (2024): NordVPN PS5 Full Tutorial

PlayStation offers infinite gaming opportunities. But if you’ll be connected to the internet, you will need to use a versatile tool such as NordVPN on PS5. Among other things, this Virtual Private Network masks your IP address to eliminate the risk of cyber intrusions.

In addition to flawless security, gaming on a PS5 with NordVPN provides you with the fastest connection speeds and plenty of bandwidth. Your PlayStation experience is also enhanced, as you will be able to access content restricted in your region. On the off-chance that you’re not satisfied, NordVPN has a fantastic 30-day money-back guarantee. In this extensive guide, we will show you how to put NordVPN on PS5 and how you stand to benefit.

Download and install NordVPN for PS5 and enjoy an unlimited and secure gaming adventure.

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Find the Right PlayStation 5 VPN

Before you pick a PS5 VPN, consider that gaming console internet connectivity is a bit different from that on your phone or PC. But as with any provider you may pick, you need to know how to setup NordVPN on PS5 correctly to get the best results. With other VPNs focusing on streaming and other features, NordVPN is perfect for PS5 because of the following reasons:

Extra Security

Once you know how to use NordVPN on PS5, you can start enjoying the highest level of security. The VPN features a malware blocker, over 5,00 servers in 59 countries, multi-factor authentication, and other technologies to mask your IP address. Interestingly, when you’re logged onto this particular PS5 VPN, even your ISP cannot detect that you are using a VPN.

Fewer Restrictions on Connection

When it comes to gaming, it is vital that your network allows the highest bandwidth. The newest PS5 games feature stunning graphics with up to 4k frame rates. As such, you’ll need a VPN that doesn’t slow down your internet connection. While many VPN providers have high bandwidth tech, they are typically expensive. When you use NordVPN on PS5, you get some of the best subscription deals on the market. So, even if you also want to stream videos via your PS5, you can save big time.

How to Setup NordVPN for PS5

NordVPN on PS5

Setting up a VPN for your phone or PC is pretty straightforward, but you may need some guidance for gaming consoles. You can’ complete the NordVPN PS5 setup directly on your console. Instead, you must install it on your router or PC.

Before figuring out how to setup NordVPN on PS5, the first thing to do is confirm that your router is VPN-compatible. Different routers generally have a slightly different VPN setup process. Still, you basically need to enter the IP address on your web browser, enter your login credentials, and select the “enable VPN” option. You then need to go to network settings on your PS5 and test your router internet connection.

You can also connect your PS5  via your Windows PC. To complete the NordVPN PS5 setup this way, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Download and install the PC NordVPN app and connect to your desired server.
  • Connect your PS5 with the PC using a LAN cable.
  • In the control panel, navigate to Network and Internet, then Network and Sharing Center, and Change Adapter Settings.
  • Right-click the NordVPN logo and view properties.
  • Check the option to allow other network users to connect via your PC’s internet connection.
  • Complete the setup by entering your IP address and DNS hostname.

How Good is NordVPN?

ThePS5 and NordVPN combination makes a lot of sense, and we will explain why. This brand and providers like ExpressVPN are dominating the cybersecurity industry today. Nord provides high-tech features like multiple-device support, DDoS attack protection, and Split Tunnelling to provide bulletproof security and lightning connection speeds.

These conveniences, however, come with a pricier tag, especially compared to SurfShark. However, Nord enhances your PlayStation experience. The following sections will help you understand why it is essential to use NordVPN on PS5.

Value for Money

To achieve high levels of security while maintaining lighting-fast performance, a provider must invest significantly in developing class-leading innovations. Compared to its most formidable rivals, this PS5 VPN offers users real value. But for between $3.29 and $5.29 in the standard 2-year subscriptions and up to $13.99 monthly, Nord is not for everyone. As you now know how to put NordVPN on PS5, you can take it for a spin, though. If you don’t think the service is worth the price, there is an awesome money-back guarantee.

NordVPN on PS5 - Pricing

Ultimate Security

If you know that you will be dealing with confidential material, getting water-tight security with your VPN is critical. This is precisely what you will get when you secure your PS5 with NordVPN. This means that your network will be safe from third parties that may try to get a foothold while you’re gaming. The provider has a solid no-log policy, meaning they can’t disclose user login data. Your confidentiality is, therefore, more than guaranteed. The network also employs features such as Kill Switch technology and DNS leak protection.

Network Technical Support

Customer service is a critical component of any service in case you encounter some disruption. The support team has to be available, professional, and competent enough to effectively address all concerns that customers may raise. Nord is ideal as a PlayStation VPN since players can use the handy troubleshooting articles on the help page.

No problem is too big or too small. Additionally, you can always contact one of the friendly representatives over the phone or by using the live chat service. Whatever happens, you will be able to get back to your games in a few moments. The support team can even walk you through the process of how to put NordVPN on your PS5.

Works with All Your Devices

NordVPN on PS5 - does Nord work on PS5

You may still wonder—does NordVPN work on PS5? This top provider made substantial technological to ensure availability on a wide range of devices. So, you don’t have to choose which device to keep protected—connect your smartphone, TV, PS5, and up to 3 other devices simultaneously to more than 5,000 servers in nearly 60 countries. Now, that’s just convenience. The quality and advancement of technology on this network ensure the best connection speeds. So, you can play all games in High Definition and even access VR gaming platforms with ease.

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Reasons for Using a VPN on a PlayStation 5

Gaming consoles no longer come with pre-installed games that are stored on a drive and ready-to-play. The latest PlayStation console is a fantastic high-tech tool that heavily relies on the internet for content. So, you will need to get a VPN for PS5 to enjoy your gaming with peace of mind. But there are plenty of other reasons you’ll want to use a VPN on your PlayStation 5.

NordVPN on PS5 - Why Use NordVPN

Early Access to Games

Plenty of game titles and other products are on offer for PS5 consoles. However, in many cases, some games are only available in specific regions. For instance, some countries or areas may not allow games with violent narratives. And if a game is set to be released on a particular date at midnight, US players could use the NordVPN PS5 setup to mask their IP to New Zealand and get the game much earlier.

Protecting Your Personal Info

Your privacy remains a prime concern. As technology advances, cybercriminals are figuring out new ways to exploit networks. So, while you may have a VPN on your phone and PC, hackers may access your network via your PS5 and listen in on the console mic. With NordVPN on your PS5, you can use the anti-malware feature to block such exploits.

DDoS Protection

While participating in multiplayer games online, other players can attack you in different ways. One typical attack is the use of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). Your competitors can flood your network, so you cannot continue playing, especially where some form of prize is on the line. So, if you’re looking to become a pro gamer, you need to learn how to setup NordVPN on PS5 pronto.

NordVPN on PS5 - internet security

Maintain Fast Internet Speeds

When you use NordVPN on PS5, you may be able to prevent your ISP from capping your bandwidth. This means you get to enjoy smoother gameplay throughout. You can also use your PS5 to watch TV shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime. This requires a high-speed Internet highway as you will be streaming HD and 4K video.

The Importance of Online Security

We can never overstate the importance of online security. While many cybersecurity organizations work overtime to keep you safe, many others are restlessly trying to identify backdoors and new exploits. Data encryption is critical, and learning how to put NordVPN on PS5 keeps you protected in an often-overlooked area.

A real danger comes if your personal data can be linked to your email, social media, and other accounts. You can become the victim of cyber fraud. Your computer is at stake as well. At the very least, you may have to pay a couple hundred dollars to shed off a malware attack. Chances are, the devices on your network contain documents, images, and other private content. Knowing how to connect NordVPN to PS5 is an excellent first step to thwarting identity theft, blackmail, and other predicaments.

Can I Use a VPN for PS5 Legally?

Criminals use VPNs, too, so you may wonder—Can I use NordVPN on PS5? Well, the answer is yes. There is nothing illegal about using a VPN network to protect your personal data and improve your gaming experience. However, consider that installing NordVPN on PS5 with the intent to commit piracy or other activities deemed illegal in your jurisdiction is a different ballgame.

There could be some grey areas in certain countries that do not have comprehensive cyber security laws in place. Your responsibility as a player is to ensure that your actions do not contravene the laws in your country or region and that you will not breach the user agreement set forth by Sony Interactive Entertainment or NordVPN. Otherwise, there is nothing that would legally prevent the use of NordVPN on PS5.


Does NordVPN work on PS5? Yes, you can also use providers such as IPVanish and Private Internet Access. But if we must recommend a single option for PlayStation VPN, it would have to be NordVPN. This particular provider offers the highest level of security for less than $4 a month. Having NordVPN on PS5 ensures you experience premium quality game features with virtually no lag.

The network also grants you access to stream Netflix and Amazon geo-locked or highly censored content. Setting up Nord on PS5 may seem complex, but it’s worth your time. This high-tech network has unique features that prevent DDoS, DNS leaks, and ISP bandwidth throttling. NordVPN is simply the brand of choice for gaming internet security.

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