Must-Have Apps For Optimum Mobile Phone Security

Must-Have Apps For Optimum Mobile Phone Security

In today’s world, mobile phone users are slowly overtaking the number of computer users worldwide. Because of the flexibility and the features modern and advanced smartphones offer, consumers look more into using mobile phones. That being said, cyber-criminals and hackers develop ways on how they can prey on smartphone users.

You can’t just wait and let these bad guys infiltrate your personal space, right? So what do you need to do?

There are a couple of smartphone apps that can inhibit cyber-criminals from gaining access to your system or network. In fact, these mobile apps can heighten your smartphone’s security better than you can imagine it.

Without further ado, here are the must-have apps for your smartphone to be extra-secure.

Sophos Antivirus

When we speak of antivirus, there are various well-known programs for PCs, right? When it comes to smartphones, Sophos is one of the best and yet, free antivirus apps you can download on Android. It has a simple UI but feature-wise? It will blow you away.

Some of the features that it includes are:

  • Locate the device if it gets lost or stolen
  • Storage and application scanning
  • Spam blocking
  • Web material filtering to be free from external threats

Sophos takes pride on detecting malware 100 percent of the time. With Sophos, you’re sure that your device is at its best state.

Secure Call

A hacker can tap into your mobile device and listen to your calls. That being said, developers and white hat hackers were able to come up with an application for that reason. Secure Call is the perfect Android app for encrypting all phone calls you made and you received.

Don’t worry because the app will utilize the default phone app of your mobile. It boasts its end-to-end encryption which blocks all intruders who will try to infiltrate your privacy.


Unlike regular WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Telegram is a must for privacy enthusiasts. Its one-of-a-kind feature encrypts all communications sent and received by you. What’s good about Telegram is that all data is stored on the cloud; and having it synced with the cloud allows you to access it across all devices.

If you think that your privacy is being compromised, you can choose to self-destruct. It’s fast, easy-to-use, and more importantly, it’s for free.


Are you one of the people who have tons of passwords to remember? If you need a secure and safe password manager app, LastPass is here for you. Don’t’ worry about it being breached. Why? Because every time you save a password, it adds an extra level of security to it.

You have the chance to access your sensitive data of your choice. You would need, however, to remember your LastPass password to access all of these. That’s all you have to do and your passwords, no matter how difficult they are, you’ll remember them.


If you’re a fan of the Tor project, Orbot might sound familiar to you. Orbot is one of the few apps that promote anonymity. It operates similar to the Tor browser – but in smartphone style.

When you use Orbot, all of your internet traffic goes through the Tor network. It’s safe because every time it passes a node, it gets re-encrypted; thus, making the sender to leave no trace behind.


Are you constantly on the hunt to see which of your apps are consuming your data? If you’re not sure how you can do this with your phone’s manual settings, you need GlassWire. The app is fundamentally good if you want to find out what’s happening with your data.

With this, you can locate strange activities happening on your device. With GlassWire, every bit of data, internet traffic, and activity is monitored.

Resilio Sync

Do you need want to create your own app cloud storage? That’s what Resilio Sync is for. This app will allow you to synchronize your files from your PC to your phone/tablet. How it’s different from other cloud storages is the fact that you know where all of your files are at all times.

If you have confidential information to store, you can rely on the Resilio Sync app to keep it for you. It’s easy-to-use, it’s UI is simple but sophisticated-looking, it’s free.

CM Security

If you aspire to have complete protection of your phone, you need to download CM Security. This app can lock specific apps as well as mobile data, wi-fi, even your phone’s settings. If you misplace your phone or if you lose it, you can bank on CM Security to make everything inaccessible.


If you want to be anonymous while connected to wi-fi, Pry-Fi is the perfect app you need. This app would generate a random Mac address for you, keeping you anonymous while you’re connected to wi-fi. The importance of pry-fi is the fact that your internet traffic won’t be traced back to you directly.

What type of security do you want for your mobile phone?

All these apps have one thing in common: they’re trying to keep you safe from bad things on the web. How you’re going to be protected will depend on the type of protection you want. If you want to be anonymous, you can go and utilize the anonymity apps we mentioned above.

If you want your device to be free from malware, you can search for software that does scans. The apps are here and were developed to help you be safe. If your idea of being safe is complete anonymity plus no malware, all apps above are for you.

These applications are the things you need on your mobile device for better security. Nothing beats being secured, in fact, almost everything now is public. More and more people are becoming victims of identity theft and people still think that “hacking” and cyber-criminals are myths.

Do you aspire to be protected even when you’re using your mobile phone? Do you want to be protected from all kinds of threats online? If so, then you better start protecting yourself. And the first step is to download these applications for the best security you’ll ever have.