Does NordVPN Work With BBC iPlayer? (Updated for 2023)

Does NordVPN Work With BBC iPlayer? (Updated for 2023)

Private use of VPNs has been on the forefront of the market. That is opposed to its origins, where only businesses would use the service to encrypt transactions of a sensitive nature. The fact that VPNs are quite efficient at undoing locational barriers on content is a major factor in this surge in usage.

As an example, there exists a number of broadcast programs that have sold exclusive rights to their content in a certain country or region. The networks have had to become more “creative” at restricting material because of the surge in streaming usage. The cheapest way of doing that turned out to be taking advantage of IP addresses.

Needless to say, this trick from the networks has been completely circumvented through VPN services, which affords users different IP addresses. These roadblocks that are set up by online streaming services can be easily dealt with. However, it seems that BBC iPlayer has been able to step up to the plate.

The main trump card of BBC iPlayer has been its banning of IP addresses that it has linked to VPN services. Unfortunately, this has meant that many VPNs have ceased to promote themselves as BBC iPlayer proof. You stand to lose out on countless hours of quality content unless you use a good VPN service. NordVPN is one of the best alternatives for you to use.

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NordVPN Gives You Full Access to BBC iPlayer Content

NordVPN provides complete viewing ability of the entire range of BBC iPlayer content. Contrary to their battle assertions against VPN-linked IP addresses, all tested servers seemed to stream without a hitch. This truly shows users the quality NordVPN has to offer those willing to try them out.

On top of granting complete access to the BBC iPlayer, NordVPN has been successful in replicating its quality across the board. Regardless of where or what it came up against, NordVPN was able to deliver for its customers.

BBC iPlayer worked with NordVPN outside the UK in many of our tests.

Bypassing the IP address firewall set up by BBC iPlayer, or indeed any other service, has proven to be more likely than not with NordVPN. This gives users nearly universal access to what the internet has to offer. It is to be noted that the subscription cost in your country is all you will need to pay.

Gaining universal access to viewing material allows you to choose anything your heart desires. While there can be content streams that are favored, having this universality enables the user to sail through the streaming process in the event of unforeseen contingencies.

Why Use NordVPN For BBC iPlayer?

Across the internet, countless services promise you the moon, but turn out to be completely inept at circumventing the BBC iPlayer firewall, which for some is the whole point of getting a VPN. In the case of free VPNs, their track record has been especially abysmal in this regard.

These barriers have been routinely overcome by a sparingly few lonely providers at the top of their game, of which NordVPN is one of. This is just the first hurdle though. It is one thing to just get past the firewall. Not compromising on the quality of the stream is a whole other can of worms.

NordVPN has extremely many servers in the UK. If one does not work, simply choose another.

Every VPN suffers some lowering in speed, simply because of the more circuitous route the content needs to go through before reaching your screen. Reducing this drawback to nearly negligible levels is however a specialty almost exclusively boasted by a handful of services, including NordVPN.

Whether it is for the casual episode after a day at work or movie night with the crew, this is absolutely non-negotiable. Everybody would like to have their cake and eat it too. As many have said, everything is better in HD. NordVPN is perfectly capable of living up to this saying.

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How to Connect to BBC iPlayer Using NordVPN?

The user-friendly nature of NordVPN is definitely another major selling point. NordVPN has created a very approachable virtual presence that has helped make it one of the most popular VPNs out there. With just a few keystrokes, the entirety of the online world is at your fingertips.

Downloading the app and ordering a subscription are the beginning two steps you must take. Surprisingly, for the nearly unparalleled quality NordVPN provides, the price tag puts competitors to shame. On top of that, installing and opening the program on your device is a breeze.

You are able to gain access to the server of your choice once you are in the NordVPN system. A map will show the servers offered. From here, there are a variety of locales to choose from. Once you have settled on a place, simply connect to it by clicking the UK spot on the map, and that is where you will connect to.

After that is done, websites will simply assume this is your actual location and treat you as such. Most importantly, BBC iPlayer will also assume as much and afford you the virtual privileges of that location. Virtual penetration is almost a given, seeing as NordVPN boasts just about the largest server park around.

NordVPN BBC iPlayer Troubleshooting

While streaming access of any and all sorts is basically a given with NordVPN, no one is perfectly immune to the occasional minor hiccup. If NordVPN is for whatever reason unable to avail you BBC iPlayer, how should you go about it? Usually it just boils down to a matter of switching locales.

1. Connect to a New NordVPN Server

Within the NordVPN user interface, you can easily disconnect from your UK server. Give it a few minutes, and then try to reconnect to the UK server. This time, NordVPN will likely put you on a different IP address, and chances are the BBC iPlayer will work this time. If not, more technical steps will need to be initiated.

2. Clear the Cache

In most cases, the issue is not actually that you are using a VPN-linked IP address rather that you paying them visits from really far flung places. How is it that they know this you ask? The thing is, most of you unknowingly accept their cookie policy when you check them out. By using this information, red flags can be raised if your visiting locations change too fast. Clear your browser cache to avoid this.

3. Contact Customer Support

Ultimately, calling the help desk might be your last resort. Those people generally have the answers, and you did pay to have them there. On top of traditional email and 24/7 phone service, the help desk can also be accessed via live chat. Sometimes, it really is a job for the experts so do not feel bashful about reaching out to them.

Alternatives to Gain Access to BBC iPlayer

Now, if all that tinkering still does not cut it, you might have to shop around for something else. As it happens, NordVPN has a 30 day money back guarantee that you can take advantage of if worse comes to worst. Very few other services like this are confident enough of what they have to offer this.


ExpressVPN has extremely many UK servers that you can use to access ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one such alternative. ExpressVPN is paraded by many as top of the line in all sorts of VPN tests. ExpressVPN somehow always works with BBC iPlayer which is what people want to hear. Every day, millions of online netizens take advantage of this service to penetrate the streams that they desire most.

ExpressVPN is also one of those few services that is able to maintain high streaming speeds. Unlike your run of the mill VPN that gives you the decent drop in streaming quality, with ExpressVPN you notice almost nothing different , which is exactly what we want. ExpressVPN is truly one of the select few that is as good as it seems.

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Another industry vanguard, SurfShark is also a market alternative. This service has a globally reaching network of servers that users can tap for their viewing pleasure. On top of assuring compatibility with streaming services, SurfShark also allows customers the ability to use it internationally should that need arise.

But what really matters is that SurfShark passed the test in connecting to BBC iPlayer. As always, people want to their cake as well as to eat it and SurfShark is another one of those jewels that offers users both satisfactions whilst keeping streaming speeds up to par.

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How Does BBC iPlayer Know You Are Using a VPN?

You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy” is a message we’re all familiar of doubting when it pops as we’re trying to access certain content, and that’s completely natural. How does BBC iPlayer get wind of your plans? Again, the main factor is that they were able to fish out the IP addresses you were trying out.

IP addresses constitute the main channel computers use to interact. Ever been confused at how foreign websites know which language to translate into for you? Now the website does not know exactly who you are, but with the IP address they pick up they will be able to make some logical guesses and usually end up pretty close.

Not all of NordVPNs servers worked with BBC. Here you can see BBC iPlayer has discovered that you are using a VPN.

Using a VPN service however can throw a wrench into that operation. The basic idea of a VPN after all is to make it look like you are from somewhere else using IP addresses. So when you are watching locational content, you really just using NordVPN to pretend that you are there so they will let you watch what you want to watch.

As far as getting past the virtual wall, most free VPNs and even some paid ones will not cut the mustard. In fact, accessing BBC iPlayer, usually the main point of getting a VPN, is something most VPNs are not able to offer. This is where NordVPN comes in to save the day, with a reliability that is second to none.

BBC iPlayer Streaming Issues With NordVPN

When using NordVPN for BBC iPlayer, certain streaming hiccups might pop up. Starting the initial video might come into problems, for example. There is always the refresh button if a disconnect happened. This is usually because the mock VPN was not used and you ended up signing in with your real IP address.

NordVPN is famous for having the quickest guns around, but with so many server parks it is only a matter of time before you run into a downtime. So if you are experiencing one of those, you might need to change up your IP address.

Then again, the problem might be BBC iPlayer or simply your internet connection. Seeing that NordVPN has a solid reputation, it is very possible that they might not be the issue.

Use NordVPN to Watch BBC iPlayer On Tablet and Phone

NordVPN’s veil of protection goes beyond your computer. Although the bulk of VPNs limit their services to PCs, NordVPN goes the full regalia and offers services on our portable devices as well. This puts real meaning into giving the customer whatever they want and wherever they want it.

Compatible with both Android and iOS, very important for today’s market, you have total freedom to pick as you desire and the app is extremely user-friendly. On top of that, you don’t experience the cringe of mobile version madness with this app, a massive relief for many to be sure.

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NordVPN Works With BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is definitely one of the best streaming services on this side of the channel. That being said some people want a little more wiggle room for themselves. Unless you live in a prime hotspot, you might not be content with what you have.

NordVPN and the few like it offers a way out. Many in the industry promise the moon, but NordVPN is one of the few who can actually get you there. And it can do this all the while giving you the quality imaging that makes watching so enjoyable in the first place.

By letting you have your cake and eat it too, NordVPN has gained the props of many for giving the consumers what they want rather than make them feel like they are trading off. By doing this, NordVPN lets you have a free reign online without the hassle so many other VPNs make you put up with.

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