Can You Get a Lifetime VPN Subscription?

Can You Get a Lifetime VPN Subscription?

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Virtual private networks (VPNs) are currently one of the most vital tools. With a VPN, you can surf the internet privately and escape online security threats. However, the best VPNs require subscriptions that are often pricey. So, VPN lovers constantly seek ways to enjoy VPN benefits at little or no fees. 

This has led to the mass adoption of free VPNs. But free VPNs are fraught with risks and limitations. Therefore, people want to know if they can get lifetime subscriptions to reliable VPNs. Indeed, buying a VPN subscription once and for all time is attractive. However, it’s not really the best idea.

In this article, we’ll explain whether you can get a lifetime VPN subscription, and where. We’ll also see whether these kinds of subs are worth it. 

What Is a Lifetime VPN Subscription?

Before knowing whether you can get lifetime VPN subs, you must understand the meaning of this concept. Sadly, there isn’t a universal agreement on what lifetime VPN subscriptions entail. Some VPN service providers offer the literal meaning of the phrase. 

You buy a VPN subscription once, and its services are available forever. Furthermore, you’ll have unlimited access to these services and wouldn’t have to pay periodic renewal fees. 

Conversely, some other VPN providers call their longest payment plans “lifetime subscriptions.” So, the subscription could be for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or more years. In both cases, the initial payment is usually high enough to justify lifetime access. 

Are Lifetime VPNs Worth It?

Short answer? No, lifetime VPN subscriptions aren’t worth your consideration at all. Running a VPN company is capital-intensive. Providers have to maintain servers in several countries across multiple continents. 

In addition, they must maintain relations with their host country while developing their security architecture to protect their subscribers. All these require significant financial investments, which lifetime subscriptions cannot provide. So, if you’re using these VPNs, you’ll certainly run into some problems down the line.

Let’s see some disadvantages of lifetime VPNs.

“Lifetime” Is Not Really Lifetime 

The first problem with lifetime VPNs is that they may not last for a lifetime. Firstly, some VPNs advertise lifetime subscriptions when the subscription was always meant to last for a few years. 

Furthermore, VPN service providers, like other companies, can go out of business. Not even tech companies last forever. So, when they close down, your lifetime subscription becomes useless.

Poor Services 

In the long run, no VPN provider can maintain quality services with one-time subscriptions. Like other companies, they’ll have to deal with inflation, overhead costs, and financial losses. When they don’t have enough money to cushion the effect of these problems, they’ll inevitably reduce their service quality. 

No Refund Policies 

Another downside of lifetime VPNs is the absence of refund policies. Most such VPNs don’t have any statements on what happens if the VPN service shuts down. Moreover, they don’t address your options if you no longer want the VPN. For example, do you get a refund or forfeit your money? Not having answers to this question is a huge red flag. 

Poor Security and Privacy 

We already established that lifetime VPNs cannot raise enough money for their operations. So, the VPN providers will have to seek alternative sources of funds. They may thus sell users’ data to third parties such as governments and advertising agencies. And this privacy breach can endanger your internet connection and data.

Unreliable Unblocking Features 

People primarily use VPNs to unblock geo-restricted platforms like streaming sites. But these apps and websites like Netflix and Hulu have strong VPN detection capabilities. When they detect an IP address from a VPN, they block it. If your favorite geo-blocked platform blocks your lifetime VPN, the VPN becomes useless, and you’ll have to choose another provider. 

Why Do VPN Service Providers Offer Lifetime Subscriptions? 

So, why do VPN service providers offer lifetime subscriptions? There are several VPNs in the market today. Therefore, new entrants or small VPN service providers with only a few subscribers will do anything to get new customers. The rousing welcome and adoption of free VPN services mean that lifetime subscriptions can entice more subscribers. Hence, some VPNs make these lifetime offers. 

Best VPN Alternatives to Lifetime VPNs

At Techshielder, we don’t recommend lifetime VPNs. This is because there are paid VPNs that offer excellent services at affordable periodic fees. We have tested these VPNs for their servers, speed, security, and privacy. 

In addition, these VPNs all have long-term payment options for up to one or two years. You’ll feel like you have a lifetime subscription, but still know that you’re in the safe hands of a company that is trusted and has been around for a good length of time, and plans to be around for many years to come. Top VPN providers like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark, are three VPNs that don’t have “lifetime” subscriptions but do offer long-term subscriptions that can be renewed annually.

Can I Use Free VPNs Instead of Lifetime VPNs?

Lifetime and free VPNs have similar business models but with distinctions. With lifetime VPNs, you pay a fee for perpetual access to the VPN services. However, for free VPNs, you enjoy all its features without paying any money.

Free VPNs are better than lifetime VPNs to the extent that they make realistic offers. In fact, many free VPNs don’t allow you to enjoy all their features. For example, they tell you upfront that you’ll battle with data caps and even restrict your access to one or a few servers. 

But free VPNs also have the same security and privacy issues that lifetime VPNs experience. Essentially, they’ll also do anything to raise capital for their operating costs. So, it’s best just to get a paid VPN and rest assured that you’re safe and secure.


Lifetime VPNs are tempting. But they are often unreliable and risky. There’s also no guarantee that they’ll actually serve you for a lifetime. So, hopefully, you’ve learned all there is to know about why lifetime VPNs are unreliable. Now, you can ignore those flashy ads and choose better and paid VPNs.