UltraVPN Review

“UltraVPN is a very good provider compared to how young the VPN service is”.





UltraVPN is a popular VPN service among many users online. If you want to stay anonymous online, or maybe just remove geo blockings, UltraVPN is a safe choice. The service has been a part of the massive growth the VPN marked has seen over the past few years.

This growth has first and foremost come because of the demand for good VPN services that secures anonymity online. Privacy and concerns in terms of surveillance has never been higher on the agenda. With this issue, UltraVPN seems like a good choice and in this review, we will look at this closer.

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Unlike other marked leaders, UltraVPN has not been in the business for very long. Actually, they were not founded until 2018. Nevertheless, the service has fought their way up to the very best. This is primarily due to the fact that the owner group, Network Connect, has very good experience as they have, among other things, also founded SafeVPN in the past.

Main meny of UltraVPN

In this review we will get a closer look at what has contributed to UltraVPN´s growth to the top amongst the very best in the marked. We are going to look at factors such as anonymity, security, number of servers, speed, stability, pricing, user friendliness and customer service.

If you want to watch American Netflix, or maybe you want access to your home country TV abroad, this is also something we will take into consideration whether or not UltraVPN can handle this. All in all, we will thoroughly go through UltraVPN from top to bottom to determine if this is a VPN service you can be happy with. 

Anonymity and security

Anonymity is mentioned in the introduction as the basis for why services like UltraVPN has had such a massive growth. UltraVPN is localized in the US, which means that some of their services fall under these jurisdictions. Nevertheless, UltraVPN claims to not log your data and this has not been reported anywhere.

This way you can be sure that none of your activity is being logged or sold on to third parties, like some VPN services do. UltraVPN delivers what you can expect from a VPN service – which is that you can surf anonymously without governments or third parties getting a look in to what you are doing at all times.

Also, security is at a very high level. UltraVPN follows the high standard in the marked and they deliver 256-bit encryption. This secures you communication and general traffic online. A so-called Kill switch also makes sure that your connection is stopped if UltraVPN should stop working – in this way your original IP-address is always private!

Selection of servers

UltraVPN offers servers all over the world, so that you can connect to IP-addresses in almost any country you want. Even if the service in no way can claim to have the most servers, they want to be based on quality over quantity.

UltraVPN has a decent server amount, but not the best either.

They deliver over 100 servers with remarkable quality all over the world. In this way you get access to the most important countries you want to connect to. Instead of an overload of bad servers, UltraVPN gives you only the best servers on the marked.

With the selection of servers at UltraVPN you don´t have to look through lists of the best options, as these are already presented to you. Furthermore, with so many different countries on their lists, you can avoid any geo blocking you could want so you can access the content you want to see online.

Speed and stability

The high quality on the servers at UltraVPN does not go by unnoticed. The results come in form of, amongst other things, high speed and stability. This secures specially you that are going to stream in HD or play a few games that you don´t experience any form of lagging, hence you get the optimal experience with your entertainment. 



  • Firewall
  • Apps for all devices
  • 256-bit AES encryption


  • Not as many servers as others

Worth noticing is that all VPN services drops some speed. This is just because the traffic has to be run through an additional server. UltraVPN loses at most 10-15% of the speed, but don´t get frightened – this is very low and not something you will notice, neither with surfing, streaming nor gaming demanding content.

The stability is in a league of its own. This is mostly revolved around the fact that the VPN service delivers servers that are constantly up. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that there won´t be any available servers or that the one you are using stops working in the middle of an important episode or in the middle of a game.

Pricing and trial periods

UltraVPN´s prices land among the cheapest on the marked. Similar to other VPN services, it pays off to choose a longer subscription. UltraVPN gives you the option to choose between 3 different subscriptions: 1month, 6 months or 1 year. The last is without a doubt the best option.

UltraVPN has pretty cheap prices.

1 month will cost you just over $6 per month, which makes UltraVPN one of the cheaper VPNs if you prefer monthly payments. A 6-month subscription costs around $5 per month. A one-year subscription is about $3 per month. The pricing of UltraVPN is therefore very sensible if you look at all the perks you get.

Furthermore, UltraVPN as a 30-day period where in theory everything is free. They offer a money-back guarantee in this period. This means that you get you money back within the first 30 days of using UltraVPN if you ask for a refund.

User friendliness and customer service

UltraVPN offers a great website and a quite easy program. It is a program that even those who does not know what an IP-address is can use. The concept is basically that you pretend like you are on a different server than the one you are actually on, so that your use is anonymous, and you get access to content in the relevant country.  

You get access to UltraVPN on different devices, from computers to cellphones, tablets and gaming consoles even. The software, that has made a big success on computers already, is optimized for these devices too.  

In addition, UltraVPN offers flexible alternatives to customer service. It is up to you how you want to contact them. You can choose between live chat, phone and e-mail, whatever you feel most comfortable with. UltraVPN has invested in a good customer service team, so you are assured and get good and professional help as soon as you search for it.

UltraVPN for Netflix

Where most VPN services ask you to connect to an American IP-address to watch American Netflix, UltraVPN goes a different rout. They have their own category called UltraFlix US. This guarantees you to be able to watch American Netflix and works without reservation.

In this way you don´t have to search in a sea full of American IP-addresses after one that actually gives you access to Netflix. Many VPN services struggles with Netflix blacklisting their IP-addresses, so the fact that UltraVPN can guarantee access is actually a quite big bonus.

Watch TV overseas with UltraVPN

UltraVPN is not only great at giving everyone access to streaming services but is also capable to let people watch TV from their home country while overseas.

This means you can use any streaming service you want when you want it. UltraVPN provides servers with high speed and good stability so you can enjoy all kinds of content overseas without worrying about geo blockings.

Advanced functions

Seen as a whole, UltraVPN is a pretty easy VPN to use, but there are more dedicated servers for P2P to torrents. This is servers that supports up- and downloading of files you would want to share with others.

You can initiate OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols if you want, but it should be mentioned that such settings demand a good understanding of how the advanced functions actually work.


UltraVPN may just have been in the business since 2018, but still feels like one of the strongest contenders for the role of best service.  Their focus on anonymity and security and large selection of fast and stable servers makes this VPN service a great choice for any user.

With UltraVPN you can stay anonymous online and remove geo blockings for streaming services such as Netflix. This is a full-scale VPN service and if you are looking for such a service, UltraVPN can strongly be recommended!


“UltraVPN is a very good provider compared to how young the VPN service is”.