SmartDNSProxy Review

“Smart DNS Proxy is one of the originals in the online and the internet privacy game.”



Smart DNS Proxy Comprehensive Review 

Smart DNS Proxy is one of the originals in the online and the internet privacy game. In fact, they’ve been founded by Global Stealth Inc., which is a privacy-dedicated company based off of Seychelles. 

They are the company that headed the unblocking of some websites and services, including uFlix and Getflix. Since millions of people from all across the globe use and trust Smart DNS Proxy, is it something you can also use? Would you be able to use it for your own benefit as well? 

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What is Smart DNS Proxy and How Does it Work?

Smart DNS Proxy is a rather old and seasoned service provider, they’ve been servicing in the industry since 1995 and they’ve been famous and known as they have worked with a ton of a lot of businesses and establishments. 

Back then, they only provided Smart DNS services to help clients unblock websites, bypass geographical restrictions and bans, and so on. Moreover, the founders never thought that they’ll become this big. However, due to the demand of people, they expanded their servers; and they developed their processes and their services.

List of servers you can connect to

In case you’re wondering, they aren’t just a regular VPN provider, they’re a Smart DNS provider with the added benefit and advantage of VPNs linked to their services. But how does Smart DNS Proxy function? 

  1. Unlike VPNs, you don’t need a switch in order to use it; no connection and disconnection is required for you to be able to be secured and protected; 
  2. You just need to change up and modify the DNS IP Address in your device to the IP addresses that Smart DNS Proxy has for you to be able to use it. 
  3. What this does is it redirects all the queries to their DNS Network, which is secure, safe, and free from all the threats of ISPs, the government, and etc. 

It’s that easy! When you get to try it, you wouldn’t even have to worry about setting it up. Plus, they have written and documented guides on how users like you and me can actually start using the service. 

Privacy and Security 

Out of all the services within their niche, Smart DNS Proxy received one of the lowest ratings when it comes to their terms and their security. Why? – Because their actual main goal is to be able to help users and clients to unblock websites, accesses, and other activities over the internet.

You can easily enable the Kill Switch offered by Smart DNS Proxy

When you take a look at their Terms of Service and their Privacy Policy, you will be able to see that they don’t put too much information about how they protect you and your connection. In fact, the company worded it as “selectively private,” when it comes to how they protect and secure their clients’ connections and networks. 

This is one of the major drawbacks that the service has. It doesn’t really specify and educate their clients and readers what they’re able to do with privacy and sensitive information. 

No DNS Leaks 

One of the best and the most remarkable things about it is the fact that it doesn’t have any DNS leaks. You wouldn’t worry about any leak that could happen from the DNS connections that you can get from them.

All DNS servers are from the server location where we were connected to

Our team ran multiple tests, assessments, and evaluations to test if these were true – and as it turned out, they were. That’s probably part of the best and the most useful things you can do with Smart DNS Proxy. 

Do They Log Your Data or Information?

Adding to the fact that they lack the information about security, they also don’t bullet points on what they do not and what they collect from you. Normally, when we’re talking about VPN service providers, they’d be clear about what particular information and data they gather and collect; this is to help their clients understand what is at risk. 

The only thing you’ll see about it within those lines is the statement that they have saying that “they do not share any data with their contractors, partners, and their affiliates;” and the problem with that is people wouldn’t know what information these are. 

One reason why Smart DNS Proxy doesn’t focus on this is because of the fact that they’re actually not all for security – but for the unblocking of websites and accesses, really for the purpose of Smart DNS alone. 



  • Both VPN and DNS service
  • Good for torrenting
  • 256-bit AES encryption


  • No best for security

Speed and Performance 

We can already cross them out in terms of privacy and security; it’s just that, it’s not part of their main focus as a company, you can see that from their name. With this feature or function, are their speeds highly reliable and fast? 

Our team tested multiple speeds to test out the effectiveness and the efficiency of the promising speed that Smart DNS Proxy is claiming. First off, we tested it out in our lowest speed, which just sits at 35 mbps. We tested 6.35 mbps for the download speed, and an astounding 3.04 mbps on the upload speed.

Speed while connected to the Netherlands server

Overall, we can conclude that the speeds that Smart DNS Proxy gives is not that great, but it’s not bad as well. If you’ll be able to seamlessly unblock geographical restrictions and blockages, then you mustn’t worry about how fast it is.

Speed while we’re connected to the Singapore server

It will all depend on your preference, if speed is a major issue; and if you are looking for a provider that can actually give off speeds that would be at 90 to 100% of your base connection. Smart DNS Proxy might not be the best option for you. 

Servers/Server Count

Smart DNS Proxy’s servers are all spread out to over 42 countries. They utilize as many servers because they never want their clients to experience any sluggish connections due to throttling. You can expect this from them because their goal is to be able to unblock websites, right?

Servers available for Netflix content

So, with the server count and the list of servers that they have, there will never be a shortage of where you can choose to connect to.

List of channels you can get if you choose this particular server

Device and OS Compatibility 

Smart DNS Proxy is an effective tool that you can utilize in a wide range of devices. In fact, you can use the Smart DNS Proxy SmartVPN in five (5) different devices simultaneously, as it utilizes various protocols, which include:

The protocols that you can toggle to or out from using the app
  • KEv1 and IKEv2
  • SSTP
  • OpenVPN
  • PPTP
  • L2TP 

For the Smart DNS Proxy, though, it allows unlimited device access, so you don’t have to think about and worry on the limitations that it has when it comes to access allowance.

You can use it different devices and platforms, including: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, as well as routers. For the routers, though, there are only several brands and systems that can support Smart DNS Proxy; you can check this out through their website. 


A lot of experts, even VPN service providers suggest the usage of OpenVPN as it’s known to be the most secure protocol of all. While that is nothing but true, it’s actually a tough challenge, even a difficult thing to do, especially if you’re just starting out in the industry. 

With Smart DNS Proxy’s OpenVPN protocol, you would need to input the credentials manually. For each server you want to use, you’d need to type in and populate the username as well as the password. 

This is one of the reasons why it’s deemed and considered as the safest and the most secure protocol out of all the options that are present. 

Torrenting and Streaming Capabilities 

From the Smart Proxy DNS, the VPN, and the Smart VPN – torrenting and streaming are two of its main strengths. Well, in fact, it’s what it is for. Smart DNS Proxy, along with its other counterparts, are excellent tools that you can use in order to mask, protect, and completely secure your streaming and your torrenting.

Torrent-dedicated server offered by Smart DNS Proxy

There have been many reports about it being the best when it comes to torrenting. So, we decided to give it a go. Based on our tests, there really wasn’t something special about its speed; the download substantially increased to about 4 mbps, to 16 mbps in high seeding rate. It’s good, and it’s reliable, as we saw no interference on the procedure. 

The best thing that we found out, though, was the fact that it was actually secure as there were not data that mentioned that there have been infiltrations or leaks on the peer-to-peer (P2P) system. 

It’s a reliable and a dependable source, and for the price you’d be required to pay to get Smart DNS Proxy, or any of the subscription packages or plans, it’s all worth it. 

Rates and Prices 

Even if it has three (3) different configurations, Smart DNS Proxy only has one line of pricing. But, unlike other DNS and VPN service providers, they offer five (5) different payment plans and packages.

Don’t have a credit card? Don’t worry! Here are the rates you can get Smart DNS Proxy for!

They offer monthly, three (3) months, twelve (12) months, twenty-four (24) months, and a lifetime package. 

The Monthly package starts at $5.90 per month. This includes everything from the VPN, the Smart Proxy DNS, and the Smart VPN. This is the highest payment you have for monthly. Next on the list would be the 3-month plan. You’ll be billed $15.58 for three (3) months, translating to a $5.19 per month charge, also including everything. 

For the twelve-month (12) plan, you will be billed for a total of $48.14, this means that the monthly charges are only at $4.01. The twenty-four-month or the 2-year plan is billed at $59.47. You’re charged every two (2) years; translating to a $2.48 per month on charges. 

Last but definitely not the least is the lifetime package. It’s a charge of $200, which is at $0.04 per month. 

All of these packages give you everything that Smart DNS Proxy offers, from the encryption, the unblocking of websites and geographical locations ad geographical restrictions, plus the security you have. 

Should you choose any of it, you don’t need a credit card to pay. Smart DNS Proxy accepts Paypal, as well as major brands and lines of credit card! If you’re not comfortable paying with a card, you can use your Paypal account for it! 


When it comes to setting up, Smart DNS Proxy’s team is clear about how users and members can actually set it up. From their website, it provides clear information on how it can be setup in different devices, which include: 

  • Computer or Laptop 
  • iOS or Android Device (Smartphone or Tablet)
  • Television
  • Set-Top Box (Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, etc.) 
  • Console (Playstation, XboX , Wii, etc.) 

It also has the option for you to set your whole network up! It lists down a bunch of router brands and systems that you can actually set it up for! 

Don’t worry about how you can set it up, it’s easy – and Smart DNS Proxy has a guide to it! This actually is one of the best things that we found about their service; it’s like they’ve spoon fed us on what we need to do so that we can set the service up and use it. 

Free Trial? 

The company also offers a free trial for the Smart DNS Proxy service that they have. However, it is worth noting that the Smart VPN and the VPN aren’t part of the free trial. So, if you’re looking to try and test out their VPN capabilities, you would need to get the paid subscription.

VPN app is only available to subscribed customers

In case you’re already doubting it, do not! Smart DNS Proxy offers a clean and a seamless 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with what you are receiving, you can get your money back, so long as it is within their timeframe, which is 30 days! 

Final Verdict

Smart DNS Proxy is both a DNS service and a VPN service. While many people think that it’s already the answer to their problems, you might be dulled and disappointed with the protection and the security they give. 

They’re the best when it comes to torrenting, streaming, and in accessing geographically blocked and restricted websites; but they’re not the best service provider you can trust when it comes to security. 

We, therefore, recommend it, if you’re looking at using it for streaming, accessing, and for tunneling. 


“Smart DNS Proxy is one of the originals in the online and the internet privacy game.”