“ is a cheap and effective VPN service”



Seed4.Me Review: Is it as Secure as They Say?

Seed4.Me is one of the VPN services that is decent when it comes to features; also, absolutely cheap for the pricing, considering the overall effectiveness and efficiency of their services. 

But is Seed4.Me as secure as what most people and its users say? Today, we’ll be discussing about Seed4.Me, as well as some of its features. We’ll unearth whether or not the claims of it being one of the best is true! 

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Seed4.Me History & Background

Seed4.Me is a VPN service that has been founded back in January of 2013. It’s been founded a Taiwanese company, and they’re still the one operating this until now. This year was also when the website was first launched, and two (2) VPN servers in the United States, and the Netherlands have been built and established. 

Through the years, they improved, developed, and they slowly integrated their services to be operable and capable of being used in various devices and platforms. 

In 2014, they’ve setup another location or server in the United Kingdom (U.K.), as well as in Hong Kong; this was also the year when they launched the iOS application for Seed4.Me. In 2015, they released their application in the Google Play Store. 

Those were the founding and the pillars of Seed4.Me; and the rest is history. 

Servers and Locations 

Now, there are more than 150 different servers in over 30+ countries, all of which are capable of being utilized and used for the purpose of securing, protecting, and for conserving privacy.

Server list of where you can connect to using the client (inside the account).

With these servers, users and those who want to utilize the VPN service they’re offering can switch and toggle through different locations and servers to heighten and increase the security and the protection that their clients are having. 

In case you’re wondering, here’s the list of the countries where their servers are currently located: 

UkraineRussiaHong Kong
United States of AmericaRomaniaGermany
The United KingdomMoldovaFinland

So, if you’re subscribed to Seed4.Me, you can toggle between all these servers, and connect to whatever type of server you wish to connect to. 

If you’ll look at the bottom part of this list; you will also see that Seed4.Me is open to building and establishing new servers in different countries. You just have to contact them and their support team to request for it. 

Privacy and Security 

Akin to how other VPN providers had it established, Seed4.Me is a VPN service provider that supports a wide range of protocols for various devices and platforms. They’re offering PPTP, L2TP or IPSEC, as well as OpenVPN for all devices that their clients might have. 

In addition to that, they also utilize military and bank-grade encryption, which runs at a 2048-bit encryption, which is also is responsible for the keeping and the protection that they offer and they promise. 

Furthermore, Seed4.Me is also known to cache DNS of their clients in their own servers from all across the globe. This does not just mean privacy for its users, but speed and reliable connections as well. 

Zero Logs Policy 

As many VPN providers do, Seed4.Me is a provider that does not keep logs for the sake of their own business or benefit. The team is known to be respective of their clients’ activities, and therefore, no known issue has blown up regarding any data or logs being spread. 

And just like any other VPN provider, they ‘might’ also keep information such as the email address, the payment details, and communication channels so they can market other products and services to you.

Installation client for the program to be installed on Mac

However, they’re transparent with the fact that they tend to keep logs of their clients for a total of seven (7) days or one (1) whole week. According to the team, these logs and records of activities are actually for the purpose of straightening and improving the experience of clients. 

They keep it to help them resolve issues and problems that could have transpired within the network. But, rest assured that everything is scrubbed and eliminated after a week. 

So, it’s a good thing that they’re transparent with how they handle their client’s information.  But, if you want total and complete anonymity while you’re connected to the internet, Seed4.Me might be something that’s not within your tastes; it’s great for protection, but they keep logs for technical reasons and purposes. 

Does Seed4.Me Unblock Netflix? 

One thing that we loved the most about Seed4.Me is the fact that it was able to stream and load up the U.S. Netflix Library, which is something that even bigger and more popular VPN services aren’t capable of. 

If you’re already growing tired of finding the right VPN service provider that can help you unblock U.S. Netflix, Seed4.Me might just be the perfect provider for you. It works seamlessly in accessing the Netflix library of the U.S., but in terms of other libraries, that’s a challenge to do. 

We tried accessing the Netflix libraries of Italy, Spain, even Singapore. We were able to access them great, but it’ didn’t come off as easy as how we tried accessing the U.S. Netflix library. 

So, if you’re all in accessing geographically restricted websites like the streaming juggernaut and big player, Netflix, you can use Seed4.Me in accessing it. 

Does Seed4.Me Allow P2P and Torrenting? 

Good news to all people who still can’t get enough of torrents – Seed4.Me is actually capable and qualified for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and torrenting! Meaning, you can still seed torrents seamlessly, without all your activities getting traced back to you.

However, it’s worth noting that only two (2) countries out of the 38+ country server locations they have are torrent-friendly – which is Sweden and Switzerland. So, if you’re looking to push torrenting and all your other P2P activities and transactions, you can use any server located in these two (2) countries. 

We tried torrenting and it went seamless and smooth – it’s as if our connection was faster compared to the regular connections we have! 

Platform and Compatibility

Similar to all other VPN service providers, Seed4.Me is able to support platforms and devices that have the following operating systems:

Devices that are compatible with the client/app
  • Mac OS
  • iOS 
  • Android Devices 
  • Windows 
  • Chromebook 
  • Linux

When it comes to simultaneous connections, Seed4.Me is clear about the fact that if the application is used, there’s no limit on the number of connections. In fact, they allow sharing the connection to a friend. 

What’s not allowed is to share information in public locations such as forums, social media, etc. For their L2TP and PPTP manual settings, they’re strict about giving three (3) simultaneous device connections.

However, that’s not the end of it – as a matter of fact, you can send their team a message or a query if you think you would need more PPTP / LT2P connections. They’re all about assisting and helping their clients make the most out of the services they get. 

Speed, Reliability, and Performance 

In many other reviews and opinions of VPN users, Seed4.Me is one, if not the most reliable when it comes to speed and connection. So, we couldn’t help but to try it out ourselves. 

We were successful in finding out that it’s speed is reliable because of the torrenting and the P2P activities that we did. But, how would the speeds of other servers be? Our team was able to determine the connection speeds of Seed4.Me by doing a test run. 

At first, it gave us speeds that were about 40% of the base connection that we have – and we tested it at a 50mbps speed. We then tried testing it at the speeds where it was intermittent and constantly dropping – we were surprised that it gave us an 89% percent rate off of the base and the connection was more stable. 

This was one of the best tests we’ve had and we can’t thank Seed4.Me for it enough. We never expected that it would be as fast as how it went, but it’s something we’ll definitely remember. 

Kill Switch Enabled? 

Yes, in fact, the company just recently added a Kill Switch on the Mac and Windows devices clients. In case you’re not aware, a Kill Switch is a facility that is automatically enabled during an instance where the VPN drops or fails.

Settings page that allows you to toggle through different settings

What it does is it disconnects all devices that are integrated with Seed4.Me, to add as an extra layer of protection. 

Seed4.Me never failed with their Kill Switch. It was fast, ruthless, and it was something that users really needed. For all people– even companies who want their stuff completely secured and protected, the Kill Switch would be something you’ll never be tired of working with. 

Customer Support and Service

Seed4.Me never gives their clients any shortage of information and data that would help them have better and easier experiences in using the service. 

Their FAQ page is complete with all the guides that people need; so, it would absolutely work even for people who aren’t at all well versed and knowledgeable when it comes to VPN services. 

The guides that they offer are complete, for whatever platform or operating system a user might utilize. It has all the guides for Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, even Ubuntu on their website.

Servers you can switch and toggle to

For their support team, we tried and tested the response rate that they have. We sent them an email, asking them that we needed help because one of the VPNs in our Macbook Pros weren’t activating or enabling. 

We were surprised to receive the email/response that they had for our concern! It was quick, and though it was outside of their office hours, we received it in less than a day! We tried it again for the second time and their response reflected faster. 

One thing that we might suggest to the team is the fact that they could try adding a chat support. While the email support team they had was more than outstanding, it would be better and helpful to have a chat support for more urgent and emergency-type of queries and concerns. 

Rates and Prices 

The VPN subscription package they’re offering is quite within the normal. They offer the regular 1-month, 3-month, 1-year, and 3-year plan to their clients. To note, all subscription plans offer the same type and kind of features; nothing’s different.

Rates and prices offered by Seed4.Me!

What is would be the savings you get for the plan you decide onto, as well as the date of when you’d have to pay for and settle. 

  • 1-month plan – billed at $5.00 every month
  • 3-month plan – billed at $10.00 every three (3) months or $3.33 monthly
  • 1-year plan – billed at $35.00 ever one (1) year or $3.00 monthly; and 
  • 3-year plan – billed at $107.55 every three (3) years or just at $2.99 monthly 

Seed4.Me offers a wide range of payment methods and plans available, as you can pay using a prepaid card or a voucher, Paypal, and all the major credit card companies that are world-renowned. 

Final Verdict

We never really expected Seed4.Me to perform the way we found out. In fact, with its price, you wouldn’t look at it as an all-around type of service that you can actually use and utilize for many purposes. 

While its protection isn’t as detailed as how other VPN service providers narrate it, it’s still reliable. It’s clear to see that their main focus is in customer service and experience, as well as the ability of people to access blocked and restricted content, geographically. 

Do we recommend Seed4.Me? Yes – and we recommend it even to moderate-to-expert- level knowledge in VPNs. Our team never regretted trying it in the first place, in fact, some of us would even stick to using it for personal means. 

Its unblocking feature is unbelievable and it’s definitely worth every penny you have!

“ is a cheap and effective VPN service”