IronSocket VPN Review

“IronSocket offers easy setup guides to help you get up and running fast. Everything is fast and simple with this service.”


Very good!


Very good!

Most VPN providers are based in the west; it could be from any country in Europe or the U.S. Some providers, however, are based off of Australia and other countries opposite of it. But have you ever heard of a VPN provider based in Southeast Asia?

IronSocket VPN is one of the few VPN providers based in Asia, specifically in Hong Kong. They’ve been in the industry for almost two decades and they remain to be the strongest in the region. You may be thinking, why would I settle for a Southeast Asian VPN when there are tons of European ones?

You might just be surprised how well IronSocket VPN is. If you’re using a VPN service right now, you might even consider switching when you find out about the features and functionalities of IronSocket VPN; and this review is going to be all about that.

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IronSocket VPN Story

IronSocket VPN hasn’t been IronSocket during its early days. Back in 2005, IronSocket VPN was still known to be Obviously, HMN is a website that runs on DNS and VPN technologies needed by users to remove censorship filters. HMN is also used to anonymously browse and surf the web.

IronSocket Homepage

HMN then developed new and better ways to provide network solutions to their clients. They were commended before for providing excellent customer satisfaction; they delivered well with their promises.

Come 2013, IronSocket VPN came to life. They were the same HMN people who run it but they re-branded it; adding techniques they’ve gathered in their journey towards becoming one of the best VPN providers in the world.

Server and Network Selections

IronSocket VPN has over 90+ servers scattered around 38 countries. For each service they have, they have different servers. In comparison to other providers, IronSocket VPN has a minimum amount of servers, however, it is better; it’s better because fewer servers mean more time organizing, maintaining, and managing servers.

With the amount of servers they have, users will be able to unblock and access geographically-restricted and blocked websites with ease. For instance, users can connect to a UK server or IP address; then, they can use the VPN service to make BBC iPlayer work.

Take note, though, that US Netflix does not work for IronSocket VPN. It’s not their fault, though; it’s the fact that Netflix was able to come up with ways on determining whether or not an incoming request is legitimately coming from a US IP address or if the request is running through a proxy.

IronSocket has servers all around the world.

Nevertheless, IronSocket VPN can be used to get past internet censorship around the world. With its Smart DNS feature, users can view a comprehensive list of streaming services that can be unblocked using VPN or Smart DNS.

Logging Policy

If you take time to read IronSocket VPN’s privacy policy, you will see that they have zero logs for internet traffic. Although similar to other VPN providers, they keep minimal personal information for payment concerns.

In addition to that, they’re transparent with their bookkeeping of activities. It’s not that they want to “keep” your activities, it’s because they want to protect their users from fraudsters and other information misuse.

Although they keep and collect session information such as the connection/disconnection activities; the IP address that was used for the session; and the total amount of bytes that was used by a user, it’s for the betterment of the service.

These records or logs are kept for 72 hours in normal circumstances. As per them, this is their way of maintaining and managing individual accounts and to prevent fraud. They’re also against sharing information to third-party groups and companies.



  • No Activity Logs
  • HTTP/SOCKS5 Proxy
  • Unlimited Bandwidth


  • No kill switch

You can be carefree in terms of your privacy with IronSocket VPN. Unlike other providers who keep keen tabs on the traffic their clients make, IronSocket VPN won’t care of who you are and what you do over the internet.

Security and Anonymity

When it’s VPN we’re talking about, we should always be aware of the security level a certain provider gives. IronSocket VPN is known to utilize OpenVPN with 1024-bit encryption. Plus, they also use L2TP which uses military-grade 256-bit AES encryption; and a PPTP which utilizes 128-bit GRE encryption. Combine all of them and you get an unbreakable encryption.

In addition to VPN, IronSocket also uses HTTP proxy. This tool is used to mask the IP of the user, making it appear that they’re someplace else. This does not use encryption, though, so be careful. This is best used for streaming media because it has excellent speed.

IronSocket VPN utilizes multiple layers of protection and encryption so the connection speeds might be a bit disappointing, but you’re sure of your security. They’re so secure that even internet service providers (ISPs) won’t be able to detect your traffic.

The encryption levels they have inculcated in their system are similar to how government agencies, the military, and banking institutions protect their sensitive data. So, you know that all outgoing, incoming, and stored traffic won’t be accessed or seen by anyone else.

One drawback of IronSocket VPN is the fact that they don’t have a kill switch. Having a kill switch, in my opinion is highly important because when a server shuts off (due to any reason), your IP will be exposed even for just a short amount of time. Having a kill switch can warn you that “hey, the server’s down and if you’re still going to connect to the internet, your IP will be exposed.” A kill switch is some sort of Plan B when something comes up.

Device Compatibility

One thing that lifts IronSocket VPN among the rest is its compatibility with a wide range of devices. It works well with Windows, MacOS, iOS, even Android. For a number of devices, you can easily mount and install it and it’ll work flawlessly.

Also, IronSocket VPN allows three (3) simultaneous device connections under one license. This is on top of three (3) authorized IP addresses that can be used for other IronSocket services (e.g. HTTP Proxy, SOCKS5 Proxy, Smart DNS, etc.) So, if you have three (3) devices for the VPN service; you can also have more devices under IronSocket’s extra services.

IronSocket is compatible with many devices.

IronSocket VPN is among the providers who are extremely flexible in terms of device compatibility. Without complications and complex setups, it really is a relief to know that almost all of your devices are compatible with it.

Customer Service and Knowledgebase

Online reviews about IronSocket VPN commend how their customer service is. By that, we tried it ourselves. We tried inputting a query and waited how long the first response is going to take. We were surprised that we got a response – a concise and direct response relevant to what we have asked them.

If you have questions that you think is asked frequently, you can refer to their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. It’s a comprehensive list of the most common questions asked; you might just find the answers to your questions here.

The 24/7 chat support is extremely well and properly executed. No questions were left hanging and unanswered and we were satisfied by how they handled our queries.

Pricing and Trial Period

IronSocket VPN’s monthly plan is not the most expensive. They offer three (3) ways of subscription and all of it has the same features. All features are available in whatever plan you choose so it wouldn’t have any differences in terms of what plan you subscribe to.

IronSocket pricing

In fact, the monthly plan is only priced at $6.99 per month; and that’s only a month-to-month basis. Paying the subscription for six (6) months, would bill you $35.95 for six (6), saving about $1 per month. The annual plan would bill you $49.95; it’s going to come out as $4.16 per month, which is pretty cheap considering the services you will be getting.

IronSocket VPN, however, does not offer a free trial or a trial period. They do offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. Say, you’re not happy or contented with IronSocket VPN’s services, you can request for a full refund within seven (7) days of purchase.

IronSocket Review Conclusion

Being one of the few VPN providers who don’t offer a kill switch can be a major downside. However, with the promising protection and encryption levels they have, it can totally cover it up. IronSocket VPN is probably one of the cheapest but the best VPN providers out there.

It’s underrated because a lot of international western VPN providers get the spotlight; but IronSocket offers a great deal of privacy and security to its users. Consider the price – it’s one-of-a-kind. Nowadays, you won’t be able to find a deal that strikes as good as IronSocket VPN.

The service, including how the support team handles requests is worth every penny. You will never be left hanging; all that you have to ask will be answered in a manner that you will feel fulfilled and satisfied.

With the flexibility of services, it truly is something that would compete well in the international market. From the security, the privacy, the flexibility, and the connection speeds, it’s all worth it. So if you’re shopping around, trying to get the best VPN deal possible, you might just have read about it now.


“IronSocket offers easy setup guides to help you get up and running fast. Everything is fast and simple with this service.”


Very good!