FrootVPN Review

“FrootVPN is a overall good VPN”



FrootVPN Review – Should You Even Consider? 

Out of all the VPN providers that utilize various protocols, FrootVPN stands as one with the most options. There are a lot of VPN providers out there in the market, but should you consider FrootVPN to be an option for you? 

Today, we’ll learn everything we can about FrootVPN. This complete and comprehensive review will be what you’ll need to know if FrootVPN is something that you can subscribe to, for the VPN service that you need. 

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What We’ll Discuss

Unlike other reviews, we’ll go and scrape out all information that can help you in choosing. We’ll be talking about the FrootVPN and its founding, the features that they offer, as well as the rates and prices you can expect for it. 

There would really be nothing you’ll ever ask for after you read this entire guide – you’ll have all the answers! 

What is FrootVPN?

FrootVPN is the Virtual Private Network (VPN) founded in the year 2014 by Frootynet AB, which is a Swedish-based company. It’s classified as a high-quality, multi-functional VPN that offers complete and full security and privacy while you are connected to the internet.

Froot VPN Client/App is only currently available on the Windows OS

What’s good about FrootVPN is the fact that it’s not yet a widely used VPN in the market. As of the moment, there are less than 500,000 users of it, making it one of the lesser-known VPNs that isn’t saturated yet. 

Many people adore and admire it because of its flexibility and overall diversity; in addition to that, it will also never fail you when it comes to security. But, that’s just one part of it. Frootynet AB is offering a ton of different features and functionalities for their VPN. 



  • Fast VPN
  • Unblock Netflix
  • 256-bit AES encryption


  • Limited servers compared to other providers

Server Count 

FrootVPN utilizes multiple servers across 34 countries as of the moment, all of which, have been reported to have excellent connection speeds and reliability factors. If you look at their server network locations page, you will see that the uptime of most of their servers is above 95%.

Available servers from FrootVPN

What this means for you is stable, reliable, and concrete connection that you can trust and fully bank on. You wouldn’t have any troubles and problems with your connection if you choose FrootVPN. 

Servers divided into different continents from within the client area

You can use any server and you can expect that you’ll be online 99.99% percent of the time. If ever you want to use accesses in Japan, South Korea, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore – even Turkey and Switzerland, you will never fail! 

Protection and Security 

One of the many reasons why FrootVPN is deemed and considered by its users as the holy grail of cheap VPNs is the fact that it utilizes multiple protocols for protection and utmost security.  You can get encryptions of up to 2048 bits, helping you be protected and be secured with your internet.

We now have an IP address from Venice, Italy!

Whatever internet provider you have, you shouldn’t worry. If you use FrootVPN, they wouldn’t stand a chance in knowing whatever you are up to. Even if you decide to connect in public Wi-Fi areas and in hotspots, your connection will be secured without any trace of your activities being tracked. 

In addition to that, you also have the chance to toggle between various protocols such as the L2TP, PPTP and the OpenVPN. You can freely select whatever support you need for your own private connection. 

So, if internet service providers, malicious websites, and even the government dare to track you and your activities, you can be carefree in using FrootVPN as it wouldn’t allow your information to be shared or to be accessible online. 

Is it Kill Switch Enabled? 

The Kill Switch is a feature in most VPNs that adds another layer of protection for the end-user. It functions as a switch that would automatically disconnect you from the web, in case the VPN goes under maintenance or fails. 

It’s a security feature that would never allow even an inch of chance for people to be able to see what you’re doing. So, does FrootVPN have a Kill Switch? Yes, in fact, you have the option to activate it or not. 

If you have it activated, in the event that FrootVPN malfunctions, or if it’s giving you failures, you’ll automatically be disconnected, further protecting your from whatever threats and risks are over the web. 

FrootVPN’s Kill Switch feature can easily be toggled within the settings of the software. You just need to have the client or the app and you’ll be ready to go. 

No Logs Policy 

Over the internet, a lot of people find it convenient to hit on “Yes” every single time their browser or a specific website asks if they want to remember their login information. I mean, who wouldn’t love it? You don’t have to remember your credentials, you’ll easily be able to log-in with a click of a button.

Information Froot VPN collects

But, did you know that it’s actually dangerous for you if you do so? There might be some information linked to whatever account you have that can be a threat to your privacy and your overall security? 

That saddles on the same boat with how VPNs function. There are some VPN providers that actually store your information, and they have different reasons why they do so. Some just do, while there are others who are required to do so, by law – or for their own business purposes. 

But, with FrootVPN, you don’t have to worry about any of your information being accessible. We deplete, remove, and erase all information that they receive from you. But, as most companies do, only information they will be storing would be your email address (for communication); and your payment information. 

There’ll be nothing more like IP addresses, bandwidths, Log Sessions, even DNS Queries that would and will be stored in their servers or systems. 

Operating System (OS) and Device Compatibility 

Many VPN providers develop and create VPNs that are compatible across all ranges of devices; you can use it for any type of smartphone, tablet, computers – even office-software. With FrootVPN, though, we never expected to get so much more! 

We tested it in different devices, including routers that have VPN capabilities – and we were more than happy that it was integrated into the system and the program of our high-grade and high-speed routers! 

If you’d look at their website, you’ll see that they’re able to support anything from Windows, MacOS X, Linux, even Android, and iOS! Whatever device you have, you will never have any problems with compatibility. 

However, we tested it out in some Apple products and there was a bit of latency especially when switching servers. But that never became a major problem because even if there were some delays, we still managed to get what we need done. 

They’re also a great provider because they allow a total of five (5) simultaneous connections, connecting to the VPN. It’s about 50% more than what most VPN providers offer, which only has the maximum of four (4) simultaneous connections. 

Connection Speeds 

The connection speeds were something that actually surprised us. In their website, you’ll see that most, if not all of their servers reflected 96% and above connection speeds and uptime. However, the speeds weren’t that great.

Speed we had while connected to Stockholm, Sweden

We tested out the Stockholm, Sweden server, and it gave us a 9.12 mbps download speed, and a 9.19 mbps upload speed; which was way below what we were expecting. It was like 17 percent off of the base speed that we have. 

Then, we tried out the South Korea server, and it gave us 9.36 mbps for download and 9.71 for the upload; while we’re expecting upwards of 12 mbps. But, the good thing about it is the uptime. 

Speed we had while connected to South Korea

While connected, never did we experience any type and kind of connection failure, the connections were absolutely stable! 

Does U.S. Netflix Work? 

One of the most exciting things about FrootVPN is the fact that it allows the user-capability of accessing geo-restricted websites and addresses. For instance, if you live in Malaysia and you want to access Hulu on your device, you’ll be able to do so by connecting to any of the servers located in the United States!

We were able to unblock the U.S. Netflix using Froot VPN

So, to answer the question, it does allow the enabling of the United States (U.S.) version of Netflix; you can surf, stream, and access websites and content you never have before! And you can get it through FrootVPN without experiencing any problems! 

We tried accessing the Netflix version of Italy and the connection was flawless; the stream was smooth and we experienced totally zero buffering. 

Germany Netflix – Unblocked via Froot VPN

There were some downsides, though, because when we tried accessing U.S. Netflix, the connection was a bit slower than what we expected. It buffered for about 3 to 4 times in the entire 2-hour movie but it was definitely worth it. 

This might be because we compared it to our experience in watching through the Spain server; but overall, you wouldn’t have any problems with it. Say goodbye to geographical restrictions! 

Subscription Plans and Rates 

If we are to talk about the rates and the prices, you can expect excellent pricing and rates for whatever subscription plan you get. You have the option of subscribing for one (1) month; for twelve (12) months or one (1) year; or for twenty-four (24) months or two (2) years.

Rates and discount promos Froot VPN is offering

You get the most savings if you go with the longest subscription plan, of course, and the current rates they have (because they also fluctuate) are:

  • One (1) Month – $4.99 per month, billed every month 
  • One (1) Year (12 Months) – $2.99 per month, billed $35.88 per year
  • Two (2) Years (24 Months) – $2.08 per month, billed at $49.99 per two years 

What’s the best, in case you’re asking? Well, when it comes to the rates, it’s definitely the 24-month subscription plan or the 2-year plan. It gives you savings of about 58%, which you will never be able to find elsewhere in the market. It’s actually one of the cheapest out of the hundreds of VPN providers and services you can find online. 

However, if you are just starting out in finding about VPNs and what things and features you can get from it; you can pursue the monthly option. You can switch up your subscription plans any time you want, in case you feel you need to change up your payment plans and options. 

Payment Methods Available 

FrootVPN is capable of accepting a wide variety of payment methods like credit and debit cards from Visa, Master Card, American Express (AMEX), and Discover.

Available payment methods for Froot VPN

Alternatively, users can also pay via Paypal, if they do not have credit or debit cards or if credit cards aren’t the preferred payment method they have. 

There isn’t anything wrong with what method you pay, you can choose and based on our experience, Paypal was the faster option as it sealed the deal in less than five (5) minutes. 

Money-Back Guarantee and Free Trial

If you are looking for a testing or a trial period, FrootVPN might unfortunately be not for you. They currently do not offer a free trial to all interested users. However, they offer a solid 30-day money-back guarantee in case you see that the service is not living up to what it says. 

In the even that you find other VPN providers more useful, you can get your money back swiftly! 

Our Final Verdict

FrootVPN is a safe, secure, and a trustworthy VPN option for you. It’s good as it can truly hide and mask your identity, whatever and wherever you are. But, when it comes to the speed, it’s not that great and more than 60% of other providers offer better and faster speeds. 

But, FrootVPN is truly recommendable. If you are the type who really wants their identity to be hidden; if you are in deep care for your privacy and confidentiality, you should consider trying FrootVPN out. 

The company utilizes cutting-edge technology for encryption and for tunneling, plus, you’ll be able to lift restrictions on the geographical location you are in. You can find the security and the safety you are looking for with FrootVPN in less than $5 per month!


“FrootVPN is a overall good VPN”