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“Encrypt.me is a good VPN service with fair prices ”



Encrypt.Me Complete and Comprehensive Review

The VPN market is a wide plain, and there are hundreds of companies offering different grades and intensities of security. But where does Encrypt.Me in the flock of all the proividers in the market? How secure and how great is its protection? 

In this review, we’ll be unearthing the factors that make up for Encrypt.Me. We’ll find out if it really lives up to its promises of being one of the best in the industry. Is it something that you should even consider? 

What features would we love about it? What features would give it off? 

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About Encrypt.Me

Encrypt.Me was founded in 2011, but it wasn’t Encrypt.Me before; it was known as Cloak VPN until 2016, and with the name change, are they any better? Cloak VPN sounds like it can hide and conceal you from anything – but “encrypt” is something that can give maximum-level protection, or does it? 

Cloak VPN, or Encrypt.Me now, was founded and created by Peter Sagerson and Dave Peck; two people who loved building resolutions to problems and dilemmas. Their goal was to allow people to have a seamless and a more secure atmosphere of the internet. 

They built a team of engineers, experts, strategists, designers, and managers who can curate the perfect software to increase the level of privacy and security people can have while they’re connected to the internet. 

Currently, they’re owned by StackPath LLC, which is a company whose headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. What does this mean? Well, they’re part of the Five (5) Eyes Jurisdiction; we’ll talk about that later in this review. 

That’s what Encrypt.Me is all about. Being featured in some of the most prestigious and the most famous newspapers and websites, you can, pretty much, say that they’re the real deal. But are they really? 

Let’s head on to the features. 

Zero Malware and Military-Grade Encryption

Encrypt.Me would never fail when it comes to protecting their users’ and their clients’ connections for they use 2048-bit, military-grade DH encryption, as well as a 1536-bit encryption to support it. 

In addition to that, Encrypt.Me also utilizes a wide variety of protocols, including OpenVPN (for a regular Android device and Mac); IPSec or IKEv2 VPN (for iOS and Windows).

Another thing worth noting is that it boasts its services are solid without any threats and dangers of malware being present. However, when we tested out for DNS leaks, based on the test, it mentioned that it might be leaking DNS. 

Possibility of a DNS Leak revealed by software while using Encrypt.Me

That’s one point out of many. 

We tested it out using some program that could see potential virus and malware, and as fast as it can, it gave us results reflecting that no type of virus or malware was present. 

But, we didn’t notice that there’s a specific option to toggle that: 

Option to toggle DNS Leak Protection

After this, we ran the test again and were successful that nothing was leaking.

Zero malware and adware on the downloadables from Encrypt.Me

Their name really lives up to what they’re doing – they’re all about keeping their clients and their users safe by keeping them hidden and concealed while they’re connected. 

What’s even better is the fact that they have a Kill Switch that could even further the protection and the security you’re looking for. The Kill Switch is at an automatic protocol, which will activate in the even that the Encrypt.Me service fails.

General Security Settings offered by Encrypt.Me

You don’t have to worry about penetration, hackers, and the like. 

Do They Keep Logs?

Most of you would think that they don’t, but in actuality, they do. As a matter of fact, Encrypt.Me has been open about the fact that they do keep the logs of their clients, and as per them, this knowledge/data is for them to fix up issues that could happen. 

Part of the data they keep are categorized to be at a “personal session information,” which include:

  • IP address you’re connected from 
  • The bytes or the data received and sent 
  • Period of when you’re connected

They keep it for sixteen (16) days; but after that, the information is officially and completely depleted. 

And as what’s stated in their Privacy Policy, their service is not for the purpose of hiding or concealing activities that might go across legalities. 

Server Count and Country Spread 

Encrypt.Me does a pretty good job of enhancing and developing their server count on a regular basis. Starting out in the industry with just over 40 servers, they’ve now expanded, and as per the latest update back in July of this year, they’re already at 114 servers in over 50+ countries.

Available servers while connected with Encrypt.Me

You might think, “this is not a lot” in comparison to other VPN services, but, one thing that Encrypt.Me can assure you is the fact that all these servers are well maintained, managed, and are checked up on a regular basis. 

This is one of the most common advantages if the VPN provider only has a few servers. 

They’ll be able to manage and to check up on it on a regular basis; they can prevent any leaks, repair it if it’s broken, or develop it in a better and in a more effective way. 

Successfully connected to Lagos, Nigeria via Encrypt.Me

Do you remember what we told you that Encrypt.Me is part of the Five Eyes Jurisdiction? Since it’s headquartered in the U.S., it took an oath of allegiance that intelligent information shall be shared for the purpose of “World Peace.” 

That wouldn’t be a problem if you select a server that’s not within the jurisdiction. But, if you are to connect to any of the five (5) countries, namely: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom (U.K), and the United States (U.S.), there’s a big chance that your data will be available to the governments of the countries part of the agreement. 

This is because the local government of your VPN can ask for data, should they detect anything out of the ordinary. But that doesn’t really happen on a regular basis. However, it’s still worth noting. 



  • Fast VPN
  • Many different price points
  • 256-bit AES encryption


  • Some user activity can be found

Connection Speeds and Reliability 

Encrypt.Me is pretty transparent about what it can or cannot do. For instance, it doesn’t iterate that it has the ability to unblock and bypass Netflix’s geographical restrictions. In fact, they were even honest that it’s not guaranteed to work! 

Since they’re a SaaS company, their priority is to make sure that the connections of their users are protected and secured – not to bypass geographic restrictions on some contents of some websites.  

That’s when it comes to Netflix stream unblocking. But what about the connection speeds? We tried it multiple times and in varying servers. And Encrypt.Me didn’t fail us because all the tests and the assessments we did were near to close the gap between the base and the original connection to what the speeds were. 

Apart from that, we tried the speeds across different platforms, not just by testing it. We tried streaming (both audio only and with video), downloading, as well as initiating games and it all went flawlessly. 

We connected to a server in the France with a test line, having a speed of 30 mbps; the test came out to be at 8 mbps for the download speed and an absolute mess of 0.63 for the upload; overall, it was faster than the previous VPN service we were using.

Connection speed while connected to the France server

That’s with the France server, though, we tried on different lines and it gave us ranges of 25 to 55% of the original line, which was not bad. 

Overall, the speeds and the overall reliability that Encrypt.Me has is something that they can truly be proud of. The speeds were fascinating, and we were able to conveniently watch, stream, and load content. 

Device and Platform Compatibility 

Now when it comes to the platform and device compatibility, Encrypt.Me is one of the VPN services that’s truly versatile and flexible. As a matter of fact, it is compatible with a wide range of devices, including:

Compatible devices and operating systems within your account that you can download
  • iOS Devices 
  • Android Devices
  • Windows Devices 
  • MacOS Devices
  • Amazon-Powered Devices 

Most people would have iOS and Android devices for their smartphones; and most of them would either have Windows or Mac OS for their computers or their laptops. There are some, though, that have the Fire TV or any other type and kind of device powered by Amazon.

What does this mean for you? Well, it basically means that it’s compatible and that it could work with a lot of different devices. 

Unlike other VPN service providers, it’s not picky with the devices it can be compatible with. You can use, access, and take advantage of the VPN service with a wide range of devices! 

Does it Unblock Netflix? 

If we were to base it on other reviews, many of them would say that it doesn’t really have the capability to unblock Netflix – Netflix of whatever country it might be. When we tried it, what other reviews said were real. 

We weren’t able to unblock Netflix, unfortunately. In fact, that’s a part of their FAQs! It was answered by Rob Walker, the Customer Happiness Officer of Encrypt.Me. 

As per his answer, Encrypt.Me is a Security as a Service (SaaS) provider; meaning, it doesn’t unblock Netflix.

Incredible comprehensiveness of the FAQ Page of Encrypt.Me

He even mentioned a VPN provider that we can use if we want to bypass Netflix restrictions! 


Encrypt.Me is not a stranger with the fact that everyday, more and more VPN users are born. This only means that there are more and more people who are studying how they can get aboard the VPN train. 

For most people, that’s something that’s hard to do – but that’s what Encrypt.Me has to offer. The user interface they have – right from the start of the setup, up to the panel where they’d toggle between servers, it’s easy. 

It’s a paradise for beginners and it’s absolutely easy to understand. The “ease of use” that they’re offering is one of the biggest benefits and advantages they have over their competition in the world of VPN. 

Pricing and Rates

The main thing that most people would actually care about – the prices and rates, how is it with Encrypt.Me? Do they offer decent and considerable pricing for their services? 

First and foremost, Encrypt.Me’s price packages aren’t the same as how other VPN providers plan for it. They have packages that are available for individuals, families, and for teams. In addition to that, they also offer passes! These passes are unlimited data for individual people. 

The only difference between passes and a subscription is the fact that subscriptions charge you in automation for a month. With passes, you have to repurchase it again. 

Without further ado, let’s discuss their rates and their subscription plans in detail! 


Pricing plans and packages of Encrypt.Me
  • 1-Week Pass (Unlimited data for 1 week) – billed at $3.99 per pass 
  • Month Pass (Unlimited data for 1 month) – billed at $9.99 per pass 
  • Yearly Pass (Unlimited data for a full year) – billed at $99.99 per pass 


  • Unlimited Plan – (Unlimited data with no commitments) – billed at $9.99 per month 
  • Annual Plan – (Unlimited data for a full year) – billed at $99.99 per year 


  • Encrypt.me For Families Monthly (Unlimited data for your whole family, up to five (5) members with unlimited devices) – billed at $12.99 per month
  • Encrypt.me For Families Yearly (Same as the monthly, just charged for one (1) whole year) – billed at $149.99 per year 


  • Encrypt.me For Teams – Max of two (2) team members (Unlimited data) – $15.98 per month 

Apart from that, Encrypt.Me is also offering a mini plan that costs $2.99 per month. This would give 5GB of data each month; which is perfect for people who don’t usually want to use it, but would want protection and security. 

In case you’re asking, you can try out Encrypt.Me for two (2) weeks for free. The two-week free trial they’re offering is perfect for people who can’t decide which path they’ll take. 

Our Decision

Encrypt.Me is a VPN service provider that is looking to offer great deals and features to its clients; so, is it worth it? In our opinion, yes, it’s absolutely spectacular. For the decent pricing that it’s asking for, you wouldn’t have to worry or think about your security; it’s the perfect VPN package that you can use. 

Complete with protection, it’s a perfect piece. But, it’s not for people who look to conceal and hide their activity; everyone’s going to be protected but in the most appropriate ways possible.


“Encrypt.me is a good VPN service with fair prices ”