How to Use Instagram in China

Instagram is unarguably the most widely used photo-based social platform on the internet. It was established in October 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It boasts of a whopping 1 billion users. It is indeed sad to know that of all the nations of the world represented on Instagram, very few reside in China. No, China is not in the stone age. The problem, however, is that for reasons we will further discuss, Instagram is unavailable in China. Because of our love for China and fellow Chinese internet inhabitants; yet, we have found a way around this. We introduce to you the magic of a VPN.

How to Access Google Play Store in China

China is the most populated country in the world, boasting of a whopping 1.4 billion as of 2017. It is the one single place with the highest consumption of IT. Android is unarguably the most used operating system on mobile phones. In China, of all the applications available, the inherent Google Play Store is not available on Android mobile phones in China. This article teaches you how to bypass this restriction and access Google Play Store in China. Virtual Private Networks are the way!

How to Watch Netflix in China

Few video-streaming sites can battle with Netflix in popularity and number of viewers. There are many versions of Netflix. This makes catching up with blockbusters, and recent releases (if you don't want to go to the cinema) much easier. But there's a slight problem. Netflix has geo-restriction policies, so it's a lot harder to stream its content in China.

Best VPN for Taiwan

Though it’s a small island, Taiwan is a place known for its food, hot springs, and lovely hospitality towards foreigners. In the past few years, Taiwan’s worth as a vacation destination and tourist hotspot has skyrocketed. In a survey conducted by Expat Insider last year, it was even rated as one of the best places to live for expatriates.

5 Best VPNs for Smartphones

There is a big chance that you're reading this article on your smartphone. Nearly half of the world's population own a smartphone, and the numbers are climbing. As of January 2020, over four billion people access the Internet through their mobile phones.

How to Use WhatsApp in China

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app owned by Facebook. Hundreds of millions of people love it around the world and make it their choice for texting friends, family, and loved ones. So much so that several billion messages are sent on the platform, not monthly, or weekly but daily. In addition to helping people communicate speedily and effectively via text, it also offers cheap voice calls and video chats as well. Its security is top-notch, and all messages are encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy.

Best VPNs to Get into China’s Internet Space from Abroad

Residents of China cannot visit Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and lots of other sites that people log on to. However, there are also people abroad that want to get one of China’s IP addresses to gain access to the country's unique content.

Best VPNs for China

Making use of the internet in China is one of the most tasking and annoying challenges that people living in China as well as visiting foreigners face. These challenges are because of the restrictions China has put in place to discontinue access to some websites in China. This restriction is called “The Great Firewall.” Nevertheless, people have managed to bypass these restrictions using one of the surest ways, Virtual Private Networks.

Best VPNs for iPhone

Even though iPhones offer more security than most mobile devices, there is still the need to get a VPN to have a better online experience. For instance, a VPN will help protect your device when using an unsecured public WiFi network. Using such unsecured networks can expose your data to malware, cybercriminals, or eavesdropping.

Best VPN for LG Smart TV

The exponential increase in technology has ushered a new age and in this new age comes Smart TVs. A Smart TV is a combination of a television and a smartphone. Aside from the normal functions a typical television is expected to have, a Smart TV also has the added feature of internet access.

Do VPNs Work?

The wants, needs, and desires of human beings all over the globe are insatiable. This time-tested and proven theory is not only limited to the physical world. It extends very well into the virtual world as well. It is for this reason that there are businesses and solutions that are being set up every day.

How Does A VPN Work?

A VPN provides a secure way to browse the internet. It also gives its users the freedom to access any restricted content at will. Although many individuals and companies use this tool every day, a lot about how VPNs work is still unknown to them.

What Does a VPN Hide?

Before the advent of the internet, it took quite some effort to get to know what people are up to behind closed doors. It required a level of commitment to stick with someone for as long as you need to and get the information that you want. Back then, as long as there are no humans there physically, there was nothing to worry about. You could go about your daily business without fear hanging over you that someone might be watching or listening to you.

Do I Need a VPN at Home?

The short answer to the above question is "yes." Why? Well, we'll get into that in just a bit. When most people think of using a VPN, they think of safety while browsing on public networks. And yeah, VPNs do stop anyone from using man-in-the-middle attacks while you use Wi-Fi. But there are also many more varied reasons to use a VPN, especially within your home.

Best Germany VPN Servers

Germany has one of the best pro-data privacy laws in the world. But it is also one of the 14 eyes countries, and so has data retention laws. For you to use the internet freely in Germany, you'll need not just a VPN, but the best you can get.