BlackVPN Review

“A great VPN for most occasion; presenting BlackVPN”



Out of all the VPN providers, BlackVPN remained its ground and is still one of the most famous and most used providers in the market. In most critics, they’re ranked at the top 8% of the best VPNs in the market. 

But are they really worth it? Today, we’ll be discussing everything about BlackVPN that you need to know. By the end of this review, you’ll find out whether or not BlackVPN is a service that you can actually count and bank on. 

We’ll discuss its features, what is it, how much it’s priced, what you can do with it, and what you can’t – and so on!

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About BlackVPN: History and Commitment 

BlackVPN was founded in 2009, still owned by the same owners with the same goal. – BlackVPN Ltd. They are from, and still based in Hong Kong as it has no data retention policy and is recognized as a solid international business location. 

Inspired by what Pirate Bay has done, BlackVPN also strives to provide service to its customers with conviction in online freedom and digital rights. As they have also mentioned “It’s not just our duty, it’s our complete passion. We are IT geeks, passionate about Digital Rights and Privacy.”

“Enjoy the service we can give you; but, respect others and do not ever let them take your rights away.”

You got that right! Well, pretty much, BlackVPN only wants one (1) thing; and that is for the users to be able to have freedom in the digital world, whilst being safe and secure from trackers and from cybercriminals. 

As for the website, it is pretty much simple yet elegant. It immediately contains a lot of information and the features they offer, where their servers are located, which device or platform the app would work and many more. 

From here, you can navigate your way to the other sections of the site, learn more about the app or purchase by clicking “Buy Now”.

Privacy and Security 

When it comes to VPN’s, security and privacy are probably the most important features one can offer. BlackVPN provides tight security using OpenVPN with 256-AES encryption; which is considered as one of the best in the industry today.

Successfully connected to the Black VPN AUS server with AES-256 encryption

Also, BlackVPN offers three different VPN protocols. These are PPTP, L2TP/Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) and OpenVPN. Of course, the most recommended is OpenVPN, as it’s the most secured. 

Settings of BlackVPN via its OpenVPN Client

PPTP, on the other hand, is also considered outdated, so the company urges everyone to use and utilize the OpenVPN if you’re using the service in a computer or a laptop.

Protocols offered in the Android version (UDP and TCP)

But what about privacy? Yes, BlackVPN offers a decent offer on your privacy. Like any other application, data is collected from the user. With BlackVPN, these data are immediately deleted once the user logs out. 

There are no legal ways for any country to obtain and store your data. This makes BlackVPN very secure as long as, of course, you are using it where VPN is legal and using it under their terms – you’re good to go.

Zero Logs Policy

Akin to how other VPN services do it, BlackVPN is a service provider that gives all its clients the assurance that no logs are kept whenever a customer purchases or subscribes to the service. What does this mean for you? – Well, many things! 

For one, you can be confident that you wouldn’t be tracked down by websites, pages – using the information you publicly sent online. 

However, it’s worth noting that BlackVPN keeps a few information from you such as your account details, your email address, and the payment info that you have. You can be sure that there’ll be no info on the traffic, security, and the privacy you have! 



  • Fast VPN
  • Kill switch
  • 7 devices


  • No free trail

Kill Switch Enabled

A Kill Switch is a facility that is added to a VPN service to add extra security and protection to the user. It is what it’s called – it’s a switch that would toggle automatically when the VPN service drops.

All the features you can get upon subscribing to Black VPN

As a matter of fact, it’s automatic. For instance, if, say, BlackVPN gets disconnected even for 1 second, the kill switch will activate, putting you at an even better, more secure, and safer position. 

You would never be exposed, not even 1 second of your entire time being connected! 

Multiple Connections

BlackVPN can allow up to seven (7) different connections. This is enough for a family (unless you are in a really big family). You can even invite your friends over and there won’t be any problem!

Seven simultaneous connections is, in fact, one of the most numbers of connections. A wide range of VPN services (you know, those that are really good), only offer up to five (5). This is for them to be able to control the usage and the bandwidth for each user, in case their plan is at unlimited bandwidth. 

That’s not what the case is with BlackVPN. You can use up to a total of seven (7) connections without any problems! Plus, you will be allowed and eligible to use it in a wide range of devices and platforms!

Netflix and Torrenting: Are They Allowed? 

We tried and tested it for ourselves – but unfortunately, we weren’t able to unblock the U.S. and the U.K. library of Netflix. The reason for this might be because of the TCP, SSL, or the UDP of Netflix. Even if you’re tracked to be connected to a U.S. server, the protocols above function on top of the VPN. 

Netflix worked on this issue for quite some time now; which is a killer for VPN providers. But don’t worry, there are other VPN services that are able to bypass this geographical restriction.

Successfully connected to Estonia via Black VPN and enabled P2P (torrenting)

One of the primary advantages of choosing BlackVPN over other service providers is the fact that they allow P2P or torrenting. Many other companies don’t allow this as it’s a type of “user-to-user” connection; which can be lethal and crucial if on the other end is a seasoned programmer. 

But, BlackVPN is a company that isn’t afraid of any hacker. They were able to come up and program the VPN service in a sense that it’ll allow its users to download torrents, engage in P2P transactions and activities, and the like. 

NOTE: It’s imperative to note that torrenting or P2P is allowed, not within the United States (U.S.) or the United Kingdom. Whatever plan you take, it’s not allowed in either countries. But, don’t worry – you can enjoy torrenting in other countries such as Romania, Norway, Luxembourg, and even Switzerland! 

Complexity of Servers

BlackVPN is a small company, meaning; the spread of their services is not as huge and as versatile as other companies.

Black VPN server selection

There are a number of servers in 18 countries worldwide and they are planning to expand. Of course, the more servers they have, the better connection you can get. 

UkraineLuxembourgCzech Republic

To help you decide better, here are the servers currently setup worldwide; although, for us, this is already an excellent spread of servers, which is more than acceptable.

Snapshot of the server selection via Windows

BlackVPN never failed in making sure that their clients are getting the experience they deserve. With all these servers setup, clients can choose wherever they want to connect to; making it appear that they’re physically at a location, but in truth, they’re just using VPN. 

One thing we didn’t like was with how we were unable to connect to some servers; and there were some that took 5 minutes before connecting. 

Unlimited Bandwidth and Connection Speed

One of the major advantages of BlackVPN against its competitors is the fact that it doesn’t have any limits or thresholds with its bandwidth or usage. When you’re connected, you wouldn’t ever have to think about your connection being cut because of usage.

All seven (7) devices that are connected to it can use up all they want so long as they’re batteries aren’t turning off.

Speed and bandwidth are two major interconnected factors. Is speed affected or throttled? Absolutely not! In fact, we were surprised at the speed and the reliability that BlackVPN showed us. It outran other VPN service providers when we tested the connection speed, as well as the stability of the connection. 

During our tests, we never experienced dropping or stopping connection – everything was stable and as clean as a slate! 

We give the connection and the reliability rate a clean 5 – as this neatness is not a common one, especially in the VPN world.

Subscription Plans/Rates and Prices

With BlackVPN, you can choose from three (3) options. It’s quite unique and different from what other service providers would offer.

Prices and rates offered by Black VPN for a 1-year subscription

Basically, you can choose according to what you preferences are,, and pretty much they are different in terms of the servers that you can actually use.

Privacy Plan

The first option contains all servers they have except the US and the UK. It has unrestricted P2P/BitTorent but not available in the US and the UK. It is available for €49 or $56.26. It’ll allow you to connect to whatever server, only except the U.S. and the U.K., which is a pretty good deal if you come to think of it. 

TV Plan

The second allows you to stream TV from the US and the UK but does not allow torrenting capabilities. It is available for €75 $63.43. This is for people who look to use and utilize VPN services for the purpose of unblocking the library of the United States and the United Kingdom for TV shows. 

Hence, the term “TV Plan.” It’s not as versatile and as flexible as the Privacy Plan. 

Global Plan

Last but definitely not the least – the third option is the combination of both. With a global package, it is available for €99 or $113.66

Although the global package allows you to use all the servers, it still does not allow torrenting when connected to the US and the UK. It’s an actual restriction that all interested users need to take note of.  

In case you change your mind, don’t worry. BlackVPN offers a clean, fast, and an urgent 14-day, money-back guarantee. You can consider it as a free trial for fourteen (14) days or two (2) weeks. 

Should you find anything you rather hate in their services, you have this window for you to change up the subscription you’ve taken and you’ve registered for. 

Device Compatibility 

BlackVPN is such a great service provider because the software functions across different platforms. In fact, you can use it freely in the following platforms and operating systems: 

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux; and 
  • A bunch of router brands 

Think that it’s insufficient? Well, that’s pretty much what most people use these days. However, it is still developing its IOS VPN and waiting approval from Apple. You can access the service if you directly contact BlackVPN. 

With Windows and Android, the app looks sleek and easy to use. If you are however, using OpenVPN, you may want to remove it, as BlackVPN is a custom version of the former, to avoid any downloading problems. 

Final Verdict: Do We Recommend BlackVPN? 

Out of all the good and bad, is BlackVPN a worth it VPN service that you should even try? Should you spend time trying the service out? 

In our opinion, BlackVPN is a simple VPN service, but is famous because of the security it offers. It has a Kill Switch that heightens the protection you get from it. But, the main downside is the fact that it’s not easy to connect to servers. Most of the time, it’ll take a while before you latch onto a specific server. 

So, for our conclusion, BlackVPN is quite a solid app that is providing VPN services. 

We definitely recommend the app to all people – even for those who have been lurking in the world of VPN for quite some time now. If you’re looking for a really affordable VPN service provider that matches the best and the most famous providers for security, don’t hesitate to work with BlackVPN! 

Get it and use it for all the devices you have in your home! It’s affordable and you’ll be able to fit in a total of seven (7) devices in one account!


“A great VPN for most occasion; presenting BlackVPN”