Best Free VPN Downloads For Windows

There are plenty of VPNs to choose from. In this article we will look at the best free VPNs for your Windows.

Windows is undoubtedly the most popular operative system there is. It provides for easy and secure computer activities. However, not even an operative system such as Windows can protect you from the great dangers that might arise online, specifically in terms of your privacy and security. This is where a VPN service will come in handy.

The market for these services has increased significantly over the recent years, and for Windows users there are great news as most VPNs are designed to work with the software. Some VPN services are even free today, whereas paid ones also offer theoretically free options through trials and money back guarantees.

As a Windows user, there is a vast selection of VPN services available to you, which can allow for a more safe and private atmosphere online. However, with many services available, there is also a difficult choice to be made. In this article, we will investigate what the best free VPN downloads for Windows are, saving you time in researching this big market.

Recommended Free VPN Downloads For Windows

As mentioned earlier, there are many options out there in terms of VPN downloads for Windows, both free and paid. An interesting point to notice is that many paid VPN services have alternatives that can make them free, and actually much longer so than many services that claim to be completely free.

Supposedly fully free VPN services for Windows will provide you only with the data capacity to surf online for a few hours at most, and less if you enjoy streaming. In contract, the free trials and money back guarantees of paid VPNs will provide you with anywhere between a few days and a whole month of free access to the paid version of the service.



  • Number of servers: More than 3,000
  • Speeds: Unlimited
  • Server locations: 160 in 94 countries
  • Maximum devices supported: 5
  • 24 live chat: Yes
  • 30 day money back guarantee: Yes


  • Fastest VPN out there
  • Strict no logs policy
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Few discounts

Among the best free VPN downloads for Windows, we find the money back guarantee included with ExpressVPN. Technically, this is a paid service. However, since you can freely ask for your money back and be credited right away, the service can in theory be free, although you have to deposit money upfront.

A prominent benefit of utilizing ExpressVPN as your VPN service for Windows is their great concern for privacy. The service operates from the British Virgin Islands, an area that does not have data retention laws. ExpressVPN does in no way track your traffic or use of their IP address, and even if they wanted to share the info, they would simply not be able to.

With over 3,000 servers in over 94 countries, it is no doubt that ExpressVPN fronts an impressive selection of servers. If you are looking to stream shows or movies that are only available in select countries, this vast server park is perfect news for you. The big selection also ensures consistently reliable connections, as well as high connection speeds.

ExpressVPN deserves to be ranked among the best free VPN downloads for Windows due to its generous money back guarantee. With a period that spans over 30 days, you can partake in all the features and functions from the paid version, and you are free to request your money back. Contrary to free VPN services, you will not be restricted to a few hours of surfing.

  • Pros: Fastest VPN out there; Strict no logs policy; 256-bit AES encryption
  • Lowest price: $8.12



  • Cryptocurrency accepted? Yes
  • Simultaneous connections: 6
  • Dedicated IP-addresses? Yes
  • Servers: 5342 in 58 countries


  • Lots of pricing options
  • Netflix support kept up to date
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Slow app

NordVPN reminds of ExpressVPN in the sense that they are both originally paid VPN services, but with more or less the same money back guarantee. Furthermore, NordVPN is a great asset in both protecting your privacy and giving you access to content online by unblocking sites such as Netflix.

The service is located in Panama, a country wherein there are no data retention laws. In other words, NordVPN does not store any of your activity, and you can be ensured that your privacy is kept intact. Online privacy is increasingly becoming an issue, and NordVPN`s focus on this matter makes the service one of the best free VPN downloads for Windows.

Another prominent perk of NordVPN is their massive amount of servers. Few VPN services can compete with their over 5,500 servers in over 60 countries. This gives you flexibility to log onto a vast amount of different countries, thereby gaining access to their content online. Many high quality servers also means that the connection speed is high at all times.

When looking for the best free VPN downloads for Windows, a service such as NordVPN probably does not strike most people as an alternative. While you do pay upfront, this money can easily be requested back if you are not satisfied, or simply if you want the money back. This makes NordVPN free in theory, as long as you ask for the money back.

  • Pros: Lots of pricing options; Netflix support kept up to date; 256-bit AES encryption
  • Lowest price: $2.99



  • IP cloaking? Yes
  • Unblock streaming? Yes
  • Locations: Over 35 countries
  • Devices supported: All major ones.
  • Browser extension? Yes, Chrome and Firefox


  • Live sports streaming
  • Over 2600 servers
  • Anonymous IP
  • Limited customer support

If you would like to avoid paying money upfront, then Zenmate is a great option. This VPN service offers a free trial version of its paid services. Notice that it does however last quite bit shorter than the abovementioned money back guarantees. Regardless, Zenmate is a great option for a free VPN download for Windows.

Operating from Germany, this service does fall in under certain data retention laws. Their policy for instance states that they do not store any data, with the exception of instances where you use certain servers. It is unclear what exactly this means, but if you are abiding by the law, you will probably not need to worry about your privacy here.

In terms of servers, Zenmate gives you the possibility to connect with over 30 countries. While this is less than the aforementioned services, this number includes the most important countries. After all, most individuals look for the U.S., UK, Australia, Canada, and other nations with English speaking content.

Whereas money back guarantees normally last up to 30 days, the free trial with Zenmate is only 7 days. However, one should consider the fact that you do not need to pay anything upfront. Even if you get the money back eventually, some people simply prefer completely free alternatives, and therefore Zenmate is one of the best free VPN downloads for Windows.

  • Pros: Live sports streaming; Over 2600 servers; Anonymous IP
  • Lowest price: $1.09



  • Complete anonymity? Yes
  • Unblocking of all websites? Yes
  • Pricing options: 4
  • Servers: 164 in 80+ zones
  • Free trial: Yes


  • Military grade encryption
  • Bitcoin accepted
  • App for mobile devices
  • Lesser known provider

Trust.Zone is another VPN service with a free trial on offer. Similarly to Zenmate, this service originally markets a paid service. However, you can gain full access to the paid version for free through their trial. That means full privacy, fast servers, and a great selection of countries to connect to, all for free during the trial.

The Seychelles is the home of Trust.Zone, ensuring you full privacy, as the region does not have any data retention laws. Trust.Zone does not store any of your data, meaning that it cannot be accessed by third parties or authorities. This perk is great to have during the free trial as well, considering few free VPNs can offer full privacy.

With Trust.Zone, you can pick between over 160 high speed servers in 87 countries. This leaves you flexible to access pretty much the whole Internet in terms of contents and websites that are restricted based on geographical location. Furthermore, the high speed connections ensures you are left with a good experience, whether you are streaming, gaming, or simply surfing the web while connected to the VPN.

A minor downside to Trust.Zone is that their trial only lasts 3 days. For instance, you can rarely watch a full TV show in that time. However, you can utilize the service for testing, one-time use, or simply to watch a few important events that require you to be online in a different country. Trust.Zone is one of the best free VPN downloads for Windows.

  • Pros: Military grade encryption; Bitcoin accepted; App for mobile devices
  • Lowest price: $2.33



  • Browser extension? Yes
  • Unblocking of all websites? Yes
  • Pricing options: 3
  • Locations: Servers in 60 countries
  • Free trial: No


  • Military grade encryption
  • Available on all major platforms
  • App for mobile devices
  • Lesser known provider

Among the best free VPN downloads for Windows listed here, Windscribe is the only service that is completely free. There are paid versions of this service as well, however the free version is not based on trials nor money back guarantees – it is pure and simple free, with the perks and downsides that brings about.

One of the limitations of Windscribe is its relation to privacy standards. Considering the service is based in Canada, you are not likely to stay fully anonymous here. That is, you probably will be anonymous, but the instant the authorities want to look into your activity, regardless of whether you did something criminal, the government will gain access to your traffic data.

On the brighter side, Windscribe`s free version comes with servers located in 10 different countries. These are among the most popular countries to connect to, ensuring you not only good servers, but opportunities to access good content online. A vast amount of servers also means you can optimize connection speeds by choosing the best server at all times.

While you can gain access to a good amount of quality servers, there is unfortunately quite the downside. The monthly data usage is limited to 2GB, and even if you provided you provided your email address and got the 10GB limit, that still does not amount to much data. If you stream a considerable amount, this would only last a few days, leaving Windscribe behind the free trials and money back guarantees of paid VPNs.

  • Pros: Military grade encryption; Available on all major platforms; App for mobile devices
  • Lowest price: $4.08

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Free VPN

With a vast selection of VPN services to consider, it is tough to pick out the best free VPN downloads for Windows. However, there are certain factors worth looking into, such as privacy, server selection, connection speed, and data usage.

Is My Privacy Protected With a Free VPN?

Free VPNs unfortunately come with certain limitations, one of which is the privacy standards. While most free VPN services promise to keep your online activities, whether it be in the browser or one of your Windows applications, they could transfer the data to the authorities at a request.

While you probably did not do anything illegal, this is still a breach of your privacy, and it should not be taken lightly. Many free VPN services are also rumored to sell off user data to third parties, as they do need a source of income eventually after all.

Look Out For Server Selections

Not everyone seek VPN services for Windows solely due to privacy concerns. Some individuals also want to gain access to content online, such as American Netflix for instance. By simply connecting to an American server, you will in theory be able to do so. However, free VPN services normally struggle bypassing the Netflix VPN ban, and even some paid ones do too.

A good tip is also to look out for the server selections in free VPN services, as these are rarely good. Oftentimes, countries that will be of importance to you in terms of content access might be excluded in the free version. It is also worth to mention that servers might be flooded over, causing slow speeds.

Connection Speed Determines Your Experience

Whether you are streaming content in HD, or simply just surfing the web, connection speed should matter to you. Far too often free VPNs slow your speed down to a point where the compromise of connecting through a VPN simply is not worth it. The connection speed directly affects your experience.

This is regardless of how fast your computer is and how many Windows updates you have partaken in. A free VPN service will slow down your traffic online regardless of how great your Internet connection is also. Be therefore mindful of this when choosing your VPN service.

Is The Data Usage Limit Sufficient For You?

Data usage limits can be detrimental for your free VPN experience. Many oversee this point, simply because they do not know how much data is involved in activities such as streaming. While streaming undoubtedly is the extreme, it is also very popular and should be considered when you pick out the best free VPN downloads for Windows.

For instance, many free VPN services only offer between 1 and 2GB of data per month. That is most likely just about enough to stream one HD movie on Netflix. Following, a free VPN service is for instance certainly not a reliable source to watch restricted content online.

Use Free Trials and Money Back Guarantees For What They Are Worth

If you are looking for the best free VPN downloads for Windows, the matter of the fact is that you likely will not be satisfied with a fully free VPN service. These normally leak your data to authorities, come with fewer servers, slower speeds, and have great restrictions on the data usage per month.

The best free VPN downloads for Windows comes in the shape of free trials and money back guarantees with the best paid VPN services in the market. A free trial for instance usually allow you to test out the VPN service completely free, without any form of payment required, for up to a whole week.

A money back guarantee could also theoretically be free for all paid VPNs that offer this practice, as long as you remember to ask for your money back within the period, which is usually around 30 days. Truth be told though, most individuals settle on their VPN after the trial period or money back guarantee, simply because VPN services normally are cheap anyways.